We can offer a range of services, primarily to help make your podcast better and make your podcasting experience easier. Check out the below to see if what we can do is right for you.

Also, If you're brand new to podcasting, we can give pointers on equipment and online hosting, offer help with networking with other podcasters and generally put you on a sound footing as you start your podcast.

Plus there's our graphic design service, available to help you with any project.


Show intros and outros, jingles, voice overs... we can provide all kinds of audio branding. We can also process your audio, making it sound as professional as possible, and also we can help edit your shows to make them flow better.

You can hear our demo here, full of trailers and intros to give you a taste of our sound. To hear more of the shows in question, check out our show pages.


We can help put together a website for your project, whether your aim is for people to come and listen to your podcast,  read about your sports team or buy your products.

It can be a simple landing page with links to your podcast, your social media information, contact information and a brief description and bio.

Or it can be more involved, with pages for hosts/players, full blog posts for each episode/match/product and much more.

Check out our websites for Southampton Podcast Festival, The SecondHandSongs Radio Show or the Dead Piett Society to see some examples.


We are able to come up with engaging Podcast branding and team logos.

Our Podcast art is always eye catching, providing a perfect reason for someone to stop scrolling and pay closer attention to your podcast.

And our logos are fun, clear and completely unique.

We'll create various other versions of your artwork too, for website headers, social media profiles and more.

For specific details about Baseball-related graphics check out the Friends of British Baseball site.


As an experienced podcast and radio host, I am happy to join your podcast if required.

Need a guest to discuss podcasting, radio, cover versions, Private Medical Insurance, parenthood, Southampton FC, British Baseball or just general chat? Then I’m happy to come on your show. We can also put you in touch with a number of people from the podcasting world who would make great guests.

Also, if you have an emergency and need a stand in co-host, just let us know.


Bear Cave Studios is an independent and amateur production company. For us this is a hobby, not a job. Therefore there is no charge for the majority of our services.

Currently the only services we charge for are our Baseball Card designs, via Friends of British Baseball, and designing logos for Businesses. For details of our fees for this, please reach out to us.

Because this is not our main job we cannot take on every project that is put before us; we just don't have the time. We will only work with projects that interest us, are willing to be featured in our portfolio, and are keen to work together on other projects in return for our help (such as appearing at our Podcast Festival or promoting other projects).


If you've read all the information above and are wanting to work with us then simply fill in the contact form below.

Please provide information about your project (with links to be able to listen and see your web presence where applicable). And also outline what it is you're most looking for help with.

If we like your project we'll reach out to arrange a time for a more in depth chat and come up with a plan that works for both of us.


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