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the worlds #1 cover version radio show

We play a range of cover versions, from those which are hits in their own right to hidden gems, foreign language covers, songs you didn’t realise were covers and more. We focus in on one or two songs a week and bring you the story of the song (The Cover Story), as well as creating a new “Cover Chain” each week, where we try to link different cover versions together.




Just wanted to say I think your show is brilliant, some fantastic covers in my humble opinion. A great and different show for listeners!
Phoenix Radio, Lanzarote
Got to say it's my favourite show on the station.
Top Cat Radio, Catalonia
This is a great show and highly recommended.
WNYC-DB, New York



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the voice behind the covers

Hi, I’m Al, aka Al Bear.

As well as SecondHandSongs I’m also host of The Bear Cave Radio Show. I’m also the founder of SuperPod: The Charity Podcast Festival.

I got my radio start at Southampton Hospital Radio before studying Radio Production at University, helping to set up a new student radio station and presenting on local commercial radio in the North West of England. In 2020 I launched my own radio station, The Bear, an alternative online community station for Southampton.

Cover versions have long been a musical passion of mine, and getting to bring you my favourites and discover new covers through this show is a real delight.


The show is available for free syndication to any radio station around the world.

Each new episode will be sent out via a WeTransfer link as a high quality 320kbps MP3 complete with track listing, and the show will also be available in a Dropbox folder for those who prefer to use that method.

There are 3 versions of the show available:

  1. 55 minute version in 3 segments to allow for local content or advertising, plus an additional bonus track for stations who require a longer 59 minute show to just add local imaging to.
  2. 59 minute version as one file.
  3. 60 minute version as one file.

If you're keen to broadcast SecondHandSongs then please complete the below contact form. By submitting this form you agree to abide by the terms of Syndication as outlined below:

  1. The SecondHandSongs Radio Show, Bear Cave Studios, and all associated persons take no responsibility for your station music licenses and agreements, including any copyright issues. Please make sure your station has adequate licensing to cover the broadcasting of this show.
  2. Stations must be approved before broadcasting any of our shows.
  3. Pirating/Reproducing shows or using SecondHandSongs branding for purposes other than promoting the show on your station is strictly forbidden.
  4. We may terminate or suspend our agreement at any time without notice if any part of our terms are not adhered to.
  5. Download format will be high quality MP3. Should you require the show in an alternative format please make us aware so we can try and cater for your request.
  6. Your syndication licence allows for three broadcasts of each episode within 4 weeks of receipt, unless otherwise agreed.


    SecondHandSongs is a database of originals, cover songs, sampled songs and sampling songs.

    It’s an advanced database which stores the data in a reusable and maintainable way, and which is interconnected to many other online databases.

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