The Weird News Podcast

The Dead Piett Society Podcast was actually the brainchild of Kitty Galpin. Knowing that her husband, Al, had an interest in radio, and having been involved in various radio projects at University, she suggested he make use of his unused skills and enthusiasm by starting a podcast. Shortly afterwards Al put a plan in place and the first episode was recorded, with Kitty roped in as a co-presenter (much to her dismay).

The podcast took a look at the oddest news stories of the week, the best and/or worst things that the team had seen, the latest from geek culture and a general look at what was going on in our lives and in our heads.

The show started in November 2015 and ran regularly until July 2017. By then the hosts had started having children and finding time to record became difficult.

an July 2020 the show was brought back with new co-hosts as a live video podcast on GetVokl, a featured part of their Tickle-Me-Tuesday lineup. The show ended in January 2021.

Meet The Team

Al "Bear" Galpin

Host & Producer

Kitty Galpin


"The Man" Ed Sharples


JP O'Hare


Darren Saunders

GetVokl Co-Host

Lloyd Collins

Get Vokl Co-Host

Katy Jales

Guest Co-Host

Doctor Squee

Guest Co-Host

Matt "Hitman" Lees

Guest Co-Host


While the show is no longer active, it is still archived on Spotify, so go and take a listen to all the episodes there.