Women’s Title Match:

Vamp (champ) Vs. Aphrodite

MB: This match is set for one fall. It is a regular match for the EWF Woman’s Title! Making her way to the ring is our challenger. She is a member of Fire ‘N Ice and the master of the Heart-Breaker, Aaphrooodiiite

Aphrodite makes her way to the ring to great cheers from the crowd.

MB: And now, the current EWF Women’s Champion, a member of the Gravediggaz and master of the Bloodsucker, she is Vaaamp!

Vamp makes her way to ringside as “Teardrop” by Massive Attack plays over the PA system.

Scott: The referee for this match is Martin Rumsey and he’s calling for the bell…

Vamp was furious with Aphrodite for the backstage attack on Rumble and she channelled her anger into some mean right hand blows to the head of Aphrodite. Vamp followed up with a flying head scissors and a legdrop. Aphrodite started to use some of her kick-boxing skills as she got back into the match, taking Vamp to the mat with a well executed standing side kick. The match went from side to side for a while until Aphrodite managed to execute the Dream Weaver on Vamp. She made the cover, 1…2…NO! The referee had been kicked in the head by Suzie Blaze!

Font: What the hell is she doing here? She has nothing to do with this match.

Scott: Referee Martin Rumsey has called for the bell, he’s thrown this one out! And Suzie’s got a microphone!

Suzie: I have decided to leave the EWF do to a new career in the porn area, I will miss all the millions and millions of SOB fans out there. Now as for the puppies situation, VAMP, APHRODITE. I have decided that since this is my last time here I will not show the puppies, but I have another surprise, hit the music boys.

Suzie is a stripper and starts to do erotic dancing in the ring, her skirt falls down to reveel her blue undies and her top is lifted into the air, her lace like bra is blinking red and pink colours on it!

Font: What the hell? She’s flipped!

Aphrodite waits until Suzie is turned to face the crowd before executing the Heart-Breaker. She then takes Suzie’s mic…

Aphrodite: I’m so sorry you’ve decided to leave! NOT!

Aphrodite picks up Suzie and executes the Dream Weaver before walking out.

Scott: I guess Aphrodite’s going to win this one by DQ. Which means that Vamp retains her title!