The scene cuts back to ringside. “Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor….”

SM: Uh-oh, here we go!

DK: It’s main event time and here comes the team of Psico, Loco and Malice!

SM: It’s the Tag-Team Champions and the Internet Champion.

DK: And they look in a mean, mean mood!

Linkin Park’s “Papercut” fills the arena.

SM: That there is Alliance music!

DK: And here they come…

SM: Hardcore Champion, Freek.

DK: European Champion, Firestarter.

SM: And the BWA Champion, Vindicator!

DK: What a match this is going to be, I can’t wait.

SM: Tension between these six men has been building all month, and before for some of them.

DK: And with this being a no disqualification streetfight… anything could, and probably will, happen.

SM: And not only that, but each one of those championship belts that you see over shoulders and around waists… they’re all on the line!

DK: They’re being very well behaved, no action before the bell!


SM: All that is about to change, here comes the chaos!

DK: It’s set to be Freek to start out against Loco.

SM: But Freek is pointing to Malice!

DK: He wants his revenge, and he wants it now!

Freek has his trusty kendo stick in hand as Loco agrees to tag out to Malice. Malice leaps over the rope and rushes for Freek, who nails the Internet Champion with the Kendo stick. Freek continues to lay a beating on Malice with the stick until Malice is on the mat, protecting his head. Freek tosses the stick out to Firestarter before pulling Malice to his feet and taking him right back down with a snap suplex. Freek locks on an ankle lock, but Malice is in the ropes.

SM: Freek doesn’t have to let go, this is a no DQ match.

DK: And referee Andrew Woodford is reminding Malice that!

Psico slips into the ring and boots Freek in the head, breaking the hold. Firestarter tries to get in to force Psico back but Andrew Woodford stops him. Malice is back to his feet and hooks up again with Freek… BRAINBUSTER! Malice takes Freek down and quickly tags out to Loco. Loco comes in and grabs Freek, who is now trying to tag out to Vindicator. Freek is close, real close, but Loco pulls Freek away from the Alliance corner and whips him back into the Los Rudos corner. Loco puts the boot in to the gut of the Hardcore Champion before tagging in Psico. The Clowns double team Freek, taking him down with a double suplex and following up with a legdrop / elbow drop combo. Loco steps out of the ring as Psico whips Freek accross the ring, but Freek reverses it and takes Psico down with a huge belly-to-belly suplex. Freek manages to get back up and tags in the BWA Champion, Vindicator. Vinnie pulls Psico to his feet and pushes him back into the corner, a nuetral corner. He charges in several times with his shoulder before pulling Psico out of the corner and taking him down with a big flip suplex. Psico is reeling, and tries to get back to his own corner. Vinnie cuts him off and tosses the clown back into the Alliance corner, setting him up in the turnbuckle. Vinnie takes Psico down with a Superplex!

SM: Nice move from Vindicator, it seems that he’s working over the back of Psico.

DK: It’s as good a strategy as any, especially as the three Los Rudos men have all had their backs weakened in recent weeks by the Agent of Vengeance himself!

Vindicator has now climbed the turnbuckle himself, where he tags in Firestarter. Vinnie then launches himself and connects on Psico with a huge splash before sliding out of trhe ring. Now Firestarter is on the top rope and he connects on Psico with a Moonsault into a cover.

SM: A cover from Firestarter,



DK: Broken up by Malice.

Firestarter looks up at Malice and mouths something about the Internet Title. He grabs Malice and trips him up, although Malice slides out of the ring to escape whatever Firestarter had planned. Psico uses this distraction to his advantage as he tags out to Loco. Loco comes in, without Firestarter seeing him and grabs him from behind, taking him down with a Russian Legsweep. Loco signals to Malice, who’s nodding at him. Loco tags right back out again, to Malice. Malice comes in and hooks up with Firestarter, taking him down with a face-first piledriver. Malice celebrates before pulling Firestarter back to his feet and whipping him into the ropes. As Firestarter comes back off the ropes Malice connects with an elbow to the face, with Firestarter dazed the Internet Champion then takes him down with a Wheelbarrow suplex. Malice heads to the top rope as Firestartre slowly gets back to his feet. Firestarter turns around and Malice launches himself with a Missile dropkick, which Firestarter manages to sidestep. Firestarter quickly grabs the leg of Malice and locks in an STF.

SM: Malice struggling not to tap out here, the speed in which Firestartre locked in that move caught him off guard.

DK: Malice has help though, Loco in to break up the hold.

Freek now comes into the ring and knocks Loco right out of the ring again. Firestarter tags out to Freek and allows the Hardcore champion to continue the work on Malice. Freek pulls Malice up and whips him into the ropes before connecting with a big savate kick to the face of his arch rival. Freek knocks both clowns off the ring apron before making a cover,

SM: Smart thinking from Freek…


Only a two.

DK: Malice not out of this one yet.

Freek pushes Malice back into the Alliance corner where he tags Firestarter back in. Firestarter heads up the turnbuckle as Freek holds Malice. Firestarter leaps and connects with a Missile Dropkick. Freek slides out of the ring as Firestarter again heads for the top rope. He signals to the crowd before connecting with a Senton Bomb! Firestarter gets the crowd pumped up even more as he pulls Malice back to his feet and tosses him into the ropes. Firestarter then tags in Vindicator.

SM: Lots of quick tags from The Alliance, this is good strategy.

DK: They’re really working well as a team, isolating Malice and making him pay!

Vindicator climbs the turnbuckle too, while Firestarter whips Malice accross the ring. As Malice comes back… FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Vinnie takes Malice down hard and follows up by putting the boots to the Los Rudos man, who is reaching out for the tag even though he is stranded on the wrong side of the ring.

SM: Malice really is in trouble here, he needs a tag badly.

DK: But it doesn’t look as if he’s going to get one as Vindicator pushes him into one of the neutral corners.

Vinnie applies a 3/4 facelock… RUNNING PAYBACK!! Vindicator nails one of his signature moves and begins to trash talk Malice. Just then the two clowns come in and attack Vinnie from behind, knocking him down to the mat. Firestarter and Freek come in and grab the clowns. Freek nails Loco with a swift DDT while Firestarter grabs Psico and takes him out of the ring with an Exploder Suplex! Firestarter heads out after Psico and Loco, who has slid out of the ring. Vindicator has also climbed out of the ring and The Hellraisers brawl with the Killer Clowns on the arena floor.

SM: The Hellraisers taking out the Clowns as Malice and Freek go at it inside the ring.

DK: Malice looks to be regaining the upper hand now.

Malice has grabbed a chair from his corner and is assaulting Freek with it. He smashes it over Freek’s head before making a pin,



Kickout from Freek! Freek tries to get back to his feet but Malice nails him with the chair again. Freek falls back to the mat and Malice heads to the top rope, with chair in hand. He signals for the Descent into Madness and launches himself….

SM: NO! Freek got his feet up and kicks the chair right into the chest of Malice!

DK: Freek was playing possum there, and Malice fell for it!

SM: Freek lays the chair on the mat as he pulls Malice back up…

DK: He’s looking for the Freefall!! Onto the chair?

The Clowns have broken free of Vindicator and Firestarter and they slide back into the ring, stopping Freek from nailing his move. Firestarter and Vinnie come in after them, both men a little pissed off. Vindicator yells out to the Clowns and when they turn around he nails a double spear!


DK: Both Clowns taken out in one swoop from Vindicator…. THAT is why this man is a deserving BWA Champion!

Vinnie hasn’t finished yet though because he pulls both clowns back to their feet…. DOUBLE CHOKESLAM!! Both Clowns are out now and Vinnie kicks them both out of the ring. Malice is in one corner of the ring now and The Alliance stand together, looking towards him. With Malice getting back to his feet, Freek and Firestarter are flanking the BWA Champion. Vindicator spins around, grabs both Alliance men by the throats and plants them with a double chokeslam as well!





From there, he whips Firestarter into the ropes and take him down with a spine bomb slam, while Malice places The Freek up on the top rope. With Freek prone, Vindicator then nails him with the top rope powerbomb, deliberately dropping Freek atop a prone Firestarter.



Vindicator makes a cover on Firestarter while Malice pins Freek…

SM: ONE…..





SM: What the hell does this mean?

DK: It means that Malice has won back the Hardcore Title, and Vinnie is the new European Champion!

The Clowns are back in the ring and are celebrating alongside Malice and Vindicator, as the ring is being completely littered with trash, thanks to Vindicator’s actions.

SM: The fans showing their dissaproval at Vindicators actions here.

DK: And I’m not surprised!!

Malice goes to the outside, apparently to retrieve the Title Belts. Instead, he sets up two tables atop each other on one side of the ring, then slides chairs inside the ring. Vindicator grabs Firestarter and tosses him out of the ring…

SM: Oh no, this is too much, now he’s going to put Firestarter through a table!

DK: This is too much, did I say that this guy was deserving of the BWA Title? I take that back!

Freek is placed at a distance necessary for The Descent Into Madness by Malice. Vindicator suddenly grabs Loco and choke slams him hard to the mat. From there, he picks him up and nails him with a series of 5 Hangman’s DDTs. With him being dead weight, Vindicator picks him up once again, applies a standing head scissors, hoists him in the air, then runs across the ring….


Malice has grabbed Psico and nails him several times with the chair before climbing the turnbuckle….


DK: This is becoming a bloodbath! These two men are unstoppable!

SM: And we’re out of time! Everyone make sure that they tune in to UpRising this Monday night!

The show fades as Vinnie and Malice celebrate in the ring with their four title belts!