DS: Enough of this looking forward crap, let’s get to the now! It’s time to get this show on the road, Mayo. Over to Jenny Starr…

JS: Ladies and Gentlemen, the opening match of this evening is the Triple Threat, Hell in a Cell Match! Making his way to the ring at this time, from Hong Kong. He stands at 6’5″ and weighs in at 289lbs. He is the master of the Ice Breaker…. DON MEGA!!

One Step Closer by Linkin Park starts playing as man wearing a black cloak walks down to the ring. As he enters black smoke fills the arena.

DS: Here comes Don Mega… and he wants to shed his “victim’s” blood! What a nice chap.

SM: Mmm, quite.

JS: And the second man in this match hails from….

Jenny Star can’t finish the introductions as Shane Pinex knocks her down as he leaps into the ring. He rushes right for Don Mega and begins to brutally beat him.


SM: I guess this match is starting!

DS: But… where the hell is Ray Stanford?

SM: Didn’t he say something about not wanting to be in this match? Maybe he’s pulled out!

DS: I wouldn’t blame him, Mayo. Would you want to be in that cage right now?

Shane takes Don down with a swinging neckbreaker. Shane goes for an armbar, but Don squirms out of the hold and locks in a leg lock. Shane is in the ropes, and referee Matt Slater forces the break. Both men get to their feet and Shane Pinex goes to whip Don into the ropes, but Mega reverses and sends Shane into the ropes. And as he bounces back The Violent One takes Shane down with a quick belly-to-belly suplex. Shane bounces back to his feet, and hooks up with Don, who takes him down again with an Inverted DDT. Don heads to the top rope, and looks for a Guillotine Leg drop, but Shane Pinex rolls out of the way and Don lands hard on his ass! Shane makes the most of this advantage, sticking the boots into his opponent. He pulls Don to his feet and pushes him into the corner, setting him up on the turnbuckle. He takes Mega down with a Frankensteiner before heading to the top rope again. Shane goes for a diving head-butt, but this time Don rolls away and Shane Pinex lands hard on his face! Shane gets up fairly quickly though, having a pretty tough head, but is met by a flying cross body from Don. Don makes a cover, but Shane kicks out quickly. Don whips Shane into the ropes, and looks for a spinebuster, but Shane slides under the legs of his opponent and nails a reverse DDT.

SM: Nice start to the match, Dan. But still no sign of Ray Stanford!

Both men are up, and Shane has a sleeper locked in on Don Mega. Don swings back an elbow, into the gut of Shane. He then swings back a few more elbows, forcing Shane to release the hold. The IoD boss spins Don round and goes for a Hurracanrana, but Don reverses it into a powerbomb! He makes a cover,



DS: Kick-out from Pinex!

SM: Nice reversal from Don Mega there.

DS: This match sucks, Mayo. They’re not getting extreme enough!!

Shane powers his way back to his feet, laying in some big right hands to Don. He goes to whip Don into the corner, but Don spins round behind Shane and seizes his chance for a reverse DDT! He hauls Shane up again, and tosses him out of the ring. He then smashes his head into the ring apron, before scraping his face along the wall of the cage.

SM: That better?

DS: It’s a start.

Suddenly Ray Stanford appears on the top of the entrance ramp.

DS: Would you look at that, Mayo! Ray Stanford’s finally showed up!

SM: Ray said earlier in the week that he wasn’t going to show up to this match. I wonder why he’s changed his mind?

Ray Stanford makes his way slowly to ringside, smirking at the two in the Cell as they trade blows. Shane now has the advantage, and is ramming Don Mega’s head into the ring post. Stanford walks to the announce table and takes a seat, picking up a headset and putting it on.

SM: I thought that you weren’t going to be involved in this match, Ray.

RS: And I haven’t. I just felt like watching the match with a couple of friendly guys like you!

DS: I’ve seen this before, Mayo. Stanford’s going to get involved later, aren’t you, Stanford?

RS: Shhhhh. I’m trying to watch the match.

The two men inside the cage are back inside the ring, and Shane Pinex has a leg lock tightly on Don Mega. Mega reaches the ropes, but being Hell in a Cell there is no DQ… there is no rope break. Mega struggles to withhold the pain, and eventually manages to get a few punches in on Shane, who then lets go of his opponent. Mega rakes the eyes of Shane, and nails a big lifting DDT. HE makes a cover,



SM: Thr… no! Kick-out from Pinex.

RS: The guy’s showing he can actually wrestle a little here, I’m impressed!

DS: He’s not as good as you though, right?

RS: Well, that’s not for me to say…. but…. yeah.

Shane struggles to his feet, his head busted open from earlier in the match. Don Mega charges for Shane and Mega goes down from a big punch. Mega is bleeding profusely now, and doesn’t seem to be moving. Shane throws down a chain as he smiles wickedly. Ray Stanford has left his position at the announce table, and has opened the door to the cell. He climbs in and goes for Shane, who has seen him coming. Shane nails a massive superkick! He pulls Ray up again, only to nail a double arm DDT! Stanford is down and seemingly out as Shane returns his attentions to Don Mega. Mega is still out from the chain shot to the head, and Pinex makes a cover,





JS: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner…. SHANE PINEX!!

Shane proceeds to help Mega back to his feet, and shakes his hand. He walks out of the ring as he spits on Ray Stanford.

DS: Well, how do you like that? A win for Shane Pinex… and the IoD have a mark in the win column for the night, taking first blood in the battle for supremacy here in the BWA!

SM: And you called it right, Dan, Stanford did get involved. Not that it did him any good, mind!