This match was originally aired on the HKW show “HKW vs. The World”. The original show can be viewed in full here.

WHISPER VIPERI: The following is a 30 minute ironman match and it is for the GFC WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

Let’s get it on
From City to City
The Future looks bright
But it ain’t lookin’ pretty (C’mon!)

The intro to Powerman 5000’s “Riot Time” filled the building as Jinzai ran out onto the stage, fired up and ready to compete. He places a hand on his hoodie and looks around at the crowd, before flipping it back, revealing a confident smirk on his face.

Now here comes the problem
Here comes the joke
The more that you breathe
And the more that you choke (C’mon!)

The choices are many
Will add up to none
The feeling’s severe
And the rest just run (C’mon!)

WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing first, he is the challenger! Representing HKW, from New York City, New York…

Big pop from the audience.

WHISPER VIPERI: Weighing in at 194 pounds, he is JINZAI!

Wasting no time, he sprints down to the ring and dives through the bottom and middle ropes, immediately running to the nearest top rope and posing for the crowd. He smiles as he begins singing the chorus of his entrance music along with the crowd.

What’s mine is mine
What’s yours is mine
You must understand
That this ain’t a crime
No turning back
When you cross the line
People c’mon

He hopped down off of the top rope and tosses his hooded vest out of the ring, before he began bouncing off of the ropes, getting ready for the match.

BRIAN MASON: Jinzai is fighting in his first world title match tonight…and it’s in front of his hometown.

ALEXA CORRA: Ya know, I’ve been thinking long and hard about who to root for in this match. In the end, I chose Jinzai…because it will be funny as hell if this hyper Asi-

RANDY THE PILOT: Alexa making some stupid predictions. Go figure. Jinzai about to get crushed with this pressure, bruh.

As Jinzai’s theme fades out, “Burn Bright” by Landsdowne begins to play and the audience slightly simmers down as Sean Sands, the GFC World champion and iGNITE general manager, steps through the curtains. Sands stands on the stage for a second, dressed in his ring gear with the GFC World championship around his waist. Slowly, he begins making his way down the ramp, eyes locked on the ring and Jinzai and a smirk on his face.

WHISPER VIPERI: And his opponent, from Cincinnati, Ohio; weighing in at 220 pounds, he is the GFC WORLD CHAMPION….SEAN SANDS!

Sean slaps hands with some of the fans before reaching ringside. He quickly hops on the apron and enters the ring via middle and top rope before removing his belt from around his waist. Sands makes sure to stare at Jinzai for a few seconds before turning around and climbing the close by corner up to the middle turnbuckle, where he proceeds to raise his title high in the air. After a few more seconds up there, Sands drops down onto the mat before handing over his title to the ref and making his way over to his corner. The ref raises the title high up in the air before handing it over to Whisper to take with her as she exits the ring.

BRIAN MASON: Sean Sands is now a two-time World champion. He obviously has taken a big risk by asking to defend his newly won championship here tonight. Can he pull off the victory?

ALEXA CORRA: You want the short or the long answer? Fuck it, I’ll give you the short one. No.

RANDY THE PILOT: Ay, look. Sean Sands got some experience inside of that ring. Dude knows what it means to go inside of it with your all. I just think he’s got more to give tonight than Jinzai.

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After the ref calls for the bell, Sean and Jinzai slowly begin to circle the ring. Sean, trying to show a sign of good sportsmanship, steps forward and extends out his left hand, looking for a handshake from Jinzai. The former tag team champion doesn’t even hesitate to move forward and shake his boss’s hand. After a small staredown and nod, the two men break their handshake and take a few steps back before circling the ring once more. Once they get to a 180 turn, Sean and Jinzai make their way to the center of the ring. Sean attempts to go for a standard lock up, but Jinzai isn’t like a lot of technical wrestlers Sean has faced in the past and moves out of that, slipping behind Sean before kicking him in the back of the ring knee, forcing that to buckle. Jinzai quickly runs to the ropes that Sean is facing, obviously trying to go for some maneuver, but Sean has quickly shaken off the kick to the back of the knee and catches Jinzai with a clothesline that knocks him down onto the mat.

Jinzai leaps to his feet after the first clothesline and is met with a second one from the champion. But, Jinzai gets to his feet again, looking to not give up just yet, before being met with a third clothesline. Instead of getting himself up this time, Sean grabs Jinzai by the head and slowly gets him up to both feet before performing a rare move in lifting the young man up, then dropping him on his back with a powerslam. Sean then follows that powerslam up with a standard leg drop to the young man’s neck, his weight advantage certainly causing more impact than a leg drop from a lighter wrestler would.

BRIAN MASON: Right now, Sean Sands is hitting some moves not many people really see in his arsenal.

ALEXA CORRA: Sean Sands is old as hell. His knees are probably worse than D. Rose’s, so he can’t do those kicks he used to do in the past anymore.

RANDY THE PILOT: Old dogs pick up hella lotta tricks, Alexa. And Sean probably knows more moves than his brand’s roster combined. And yes, that’s a cheap shot at iGNITE, somewhat.

Sean gets to his feet and grabs Jinzai by the head before slowly getting the young man from New York up to both feet. He then proceeds to irish whip his challenger towards the nearest corner. Jinzai hits the corner and hits it hard before stumbling forward, allowing Sean to catch him with a dropkick that sends him falling to the mat and hitting his head off of the bottom turnbuckle. Sean grabs Jinzai’s legs and drags him closer to the center of the ring before hooking both of his legs for the cover.



Sean doesn’t seem to disappointed by that kickout, realizing that it’s going to take more than that to knock Jinzai down and out. The veteran gets to his feet and grabs Jinzai while he does that. Once both of them are up to their feet, Sean hooks Jinzai’s head slowly turns him around, then goes for a neckbreaker, only for Jinzai to catch him with a wild elbow to the face, forcing Sean to let go of that neckbreaker maneuver. Sean hold his face and shakes his head for a second before turning back around to see Jinzai running straight at him. Sean spins and goes for a spinning heel kick, but Jinzai ducks it and finds himself behind the GFC World champion.

Jinzai wrapped both arms around Sean’s waist and hoisted him high, before dropping him on the back of his head with a german suplex. He tried for the bridge as the ref slid into position to count the pin, only for Sean to kick out right before the count of one. Both men scramble back to their feet, and Jinzai manages to catch Sean right on the jaw with a dropkick. Getting back to his feet and shooting towards the ropes, Jinzai leaps and hits a running shooting star press. Hooking both legs, he goes for the pin once again as the referee goes for the count.

BRIAN MASON: Jinzai has taken Sean Sands off guard with this speed of his!

ALEXA CORRA: Like I said, Jinzai’s a much faster guy than Sands.

RANDY THE PILOT: This the exact reason why Sean been hitting powerslams, bruh.



Jin drags Sean back up to his feet and goes for an Irish Whip, only to be countered as Sean sends him flying into a corner. Sean charges forward and catches Jinzai with a hard clothesline in the corner, dropping him onto the mat with a hard thud. The vet doesn’t waste any time, grabbing Jinzai by the legs towards the middle of the ring and trying to lock both legs as he went for the sharpshooter. Jinzai realizes what’s happening and goes to fight out of it, struggling as he tried to crawl back towards the ropes to avoid the submission hold. Sean dragged Jinzai right back towards the middle of the ring and turned him over, locking in the sharpshooter as the crowd cheered loudly. Jin screamed out in pain as he felt Sean rear back on the hold, nearly dropping down to a knee as he told Jinzai to tap out. The crowd grew louder as Jin tried to claw his way towards the bottom rope, pushing himself off of the ground as he moved closer to the ropes. Sean saw this and released the hold for a moment, going to pull Jinzai away from the ropes, only for Jin to quickly roll him up with a small package!




BRIAN MASON: Damn, a close count there!

ALEXA CORRA: That was such a rookie move by Sands. Jinzai’s going to blow this fool out.

RANDY THE PILOT: Even the best make the rookie mistakes.

Both get back to their feet quickly and charge at one another, and Sean levels Jinzai with a hard clothesline, turning the young upstart inside out. The audience lets out an “ooh” sound as Sean quickly goes on the attack, lifting Jinzai up to both feet before irish whipping him into a corner. Jinzai hits the corner back first and leans up against it, allowing Sean to charge forward and connect with a corner splash that shows Jinzai falling to his knees after Sean steps back before falling flat onto his face. Sean grabs Jinzai by the head and gets him up to both feet before hitting a quick snap suplex that sets Jinzai up in the exact place where Sean wants him.

Sean motions over to the close by corner, preparing to go airborne, especially after the audience gives this motion a loud cheer. Sean steps out through the ropes and walks on the apron towards the corner. He then proceeds to climb up the turnbuckles before getting to the top one, getting a loud cheer from the audience. Sean stands atop of the top turnbuckle, ready to leap off as he extends his arms. But Jinzai seems to find a surge of energy big enough to where he gets to his feet (Rock style), and quickly knocks one of Sean’s legs over, forcing Sean’s family jewels to hit the top turnbuckle as he falls down. Jinzai takes a step back and then charges forward, scaling the turnbuckles quickly before wrapping his legs around Sean’s head and sending him flying in the air with a hurricarana!

BRIAN MASON: What a beautiful hurricarana by Jinzai!

ALEXA CORRA: Lot of action and it’s been less than ten minutes only.

RANDY THE PILOT: This match about to be nasty as fuck.

Jinzai quickly gets to his feet and motions for Sean to get to his. Sean holds his back in pain as he gets up to both feet, letting out small groans to show the pain that hurricarana just caused him. Jinzai quickly spins around, raising up his right leg as he goes for a roundhouse kick, but Sands blocks the kick and spins Jinzai to the point where the youngster’s back is facing him, allowing him to leap up, hook Jinzai’s head, then drop him onto the mat with a jumping reverse bulldog! The audience cheers at the familiar move as Sean goes for the cover.

BRIAN MASON: Sand Attack connects! Jinzai could very well be out of it.

ALEXA CORRA: Ah, damn.




RANDY THE PILOT: And that’s one!

Jinzai: 0
Sean Sands: 1
20:39 remaining

Sean quickly gets to his feet after getting the first fall and the ref asks him if he is willing to give Jinzai 30 seconds to recuperate. Sean, obviously having the lead, gives him this time and steps back as he waits up in the corner for Jinzai to shake off the Sand Attack. Jinzai doesn’t even take the full 30 seconds as as soon as he realizes that he’s down one to nothing, he springs to his feet and turns to face Sean.

Jin shakes out the cobwebs as he goes on the offensive, sprinting forward and going after Sean and sending him into a nearby corner with a flying dropkick. Rolling back to his feet, Jinzai walked over and continued the attack with a series of hard kicks to the midsection of Sean, each kick echoing throughout the arena. Sean blocked one of the kicks and turned it around on Jinzai, tossing him into the corner and stomping away at Jinzai. Yanking at Jinzai’s arm, he went for a clothesline out of the corner, only for Jinzai to duck under it at the last second. Sean caught himself in the corner before turning around, and Jinzai blasted him right in the jaw with a hard thrust kick, causing him to fall backwards and slump back down in the corner. Seeing this, Jinzai smirked before shouting out something to the crowd, causing them to roar loudly as the hometown wrestler ran towards the opposite corner. Jinzai darts forward and and vaulted himself onto the top ropes, looking for modified corner dropkick, but Sean brought both boots up right into Jinzai’s stomach right as he came down!

BRIAN MASON: Jesus Christ!

ALEXA CORRA: That does not look fun at all, Mase.

RANDY THE PILOT: That oughta knock the wind out of him for the next few minutes.

Jinzai staggered out of the corner, clutching his midsection in pain and dropping down to a knee as Sean slowly gets back to his feet. Taking advantage, Sean charged forward and leapfrogged over Jinzai, dropping his leg right across the back of Jin’s head for the Fame Asser! The crowd popped loudly for the move as Jin’s head bounced off of the mat hard from the impact, causing him to roll out of the ring and drop down to the floor, seemingly out of it. The referee saw this went to count Jinzai out.





FI – Sean breaks the referee’s count by rolling out of the ring, walking over to Jinzai and pulling his limp body off of the floor. Sean rolls Jinzai into the ring and slides in after him, and wastes no time in trying to put Jin away as he tries to go for a pin. As the referee goes to make the count, Jinzai wisely places his boot on the bottom rope, breaking the pin before a count is made. Instead of rolling Jinzai back into the ring, Sean slides back, setting up for another Sand Attack as Jin tried to pull himself up using the ropes.

BRIAN MASON: You know what could very well be coming next!

ALEXA CORRA: Why didn’t Sands just let him get counted out? Stupid.

RANDY THE PILOT: He was going to enter that ring before the ten count, Alexa. You know that.

Just as Jin made it up to his feet Sean struck, going for the Jumping Reverse Bulldog but Jinzai countered, holding onto the ropes as Sean rolled backwards! Sean got back to his feet and Jinzai ran forward, hooking Sean’s head as he went for the Jinzai Cutter, only for Sean to retaliate with a counter of his own and send Jinzai to the ropes. Jin bounced off of the ropes and ducked under the Bicycle Kick attempt as he came back on the rebound – Sean catches him and goes for the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker – Jinzai goes around the world with the headscissors, getting Sean with the small package pin!


ALEXA CORRA: Why are you talking about your junk, Mase?





BRIAN MASON: He got him!

Jinzai: 1
Sean Sands: 1
15:28 remaining

ALEXA CORRA: Sean got caught by Jinzai’s speed! Like I said he would.

RANDY THE PILOT: We got some popcorn or nah?

The crowd cheered and applauded loudly at the sequence at the end of the second fall as Sean looked over at Jinzai in mild surprise, not expecting to be caught by the quick high flyer’s version of a small package. Jinzai, in response, gave a small smirk and held up one finger, signaling that they were all tied up with one fall a piece. Sean shakes his head and nods before letting out a smirk and getting to his feet. Once the ref gives them the go, they begin circling the ring again.

Sean charges forward and attempts another clothesline, but Jinzai is too fast for him as he ducks underneath it. Sean turns around, ready to continue this fight, but is caught off guard as Jinzai charges forward and catches him with an enziguri that knocks him down onto the mat. Jinzai goes for the cover, but the ref tells him that Sean’s right leg is under the ropes, so the fall doesn’t count. Jinzai shakes his head as he gets to his feet and grabs Sean and slowly drags him towards the center of the ring. Jinzai slowly picks up Sean to both feet and hooks his head before connecting with a corkscrew neckbreaker! The audience cheers as Jinzai turns him around and hooks both of his legs for the cover!

BRIAN MASON: What a corkscrew neckbreaker!

ALEXA CORRA: That’s it! Fall number two right here.

RANDY THE PILOT: Oh, hell nah.




Jinzai shakes his head as he gets to his feet. Sighing, he makes sure that Sean’s got his back onto the mat and nods his head before leaping up, flipping up in the air before landing right on Sean with a standing moonsault! The audience cheers as Jinzai quickly gets to his feet, but clutches his midsection in pain. The hometown wrestler then points to the nearest corner and the audience lets out a cheer in approval. Jinzai begins heading off towards the corner and steps out onto the apron before climbing the turnbuckles all the way to the top. The audience just gets louder and louder and it seems to reach its loudest point when Jinzai stands on top of the turnbuckle and nods his head. Pointing out at the audience and nodding his head, Jinzai then turns his attention back to Sean and leaps off, looking to connect with Riding The Shooting Star! But Sean moves out of the way!


ALEXA CORRA: God dammit!

RANDY THE PILOT: He just crashed and burned, bruh!

Jinzai hits the mat hard after missing the last maneuver and Sean quickly rolls to his feet behind Jinzai. Sean motions for Jinzai to get to his feet and the young man slowly does, holding his ribs in pain as Sean moves forward, hooks his head, and plants him onto the mat with a jumping reverse bulldog! The audience explodes as Sean goes for the cover.

BRIAN MASON: Sand Attack connects again! Jinzai certainly has to be out of it!





Jinzai: 1
Sean Sands: 2
12:09 remaining

Sean gets to his feet and stumbles back towards the nearest corner before leaning up against it, breathing heavily. The ref checks on Jinzai, who shakes his head before slowly getting up to both feet with the ref’s help. Looking over at Sean, Jinzai nods his head before slowly walking over to his corner. After the ref checks on both men again, he lets them get back to their match and starts it up once more. Sean charges forward, obviously feeling slightly more fresh and less dazed, and hits a dropkick on Jinzai, forcing his back to hit the corner. Sean gets to his feet and sees Jinzai stumble forward, allowing him to kick Jinzai in the gut and hook his head before lifting him up and quickly dropping him onto his head with a brainbuster! The New York audience cheers as Sands goes for the cover.

BRIAN MASON: Brainbuster connects!

RANDY THE PILOT: Sands about to make it three-one right here!

ALEXA CORRA: You put money on Sands, didn’t you?





Jinzai manages to shoot his right arm right before the three count, surprising Sean Sands. Sean looks over at the ref, who tells him it was a two count. Sands shakes his head before slowly getting up to both feet, letting out a sigh. He grabs Jinzai by the head and slowly gets him up to both feet before irish whipping him hard into the corner. Jinzai hits the corner hard chest first and stumbles backwards, allowing Sean to drill him with a forearm to the back of the head that knocks him down on all fours. Sean then kicks Jinzai in the ribs, forcing him to roll onto his back. Sean then proceeds to drop an elbow onto Jinzai’s chest, calming the audience with this slow attack.

Sean then gets to his feet and motions over to the corner, getting the audience hype again. He walks over there, back turned to Jinzai, and climbs the turnbuckles as fast as he possibly can, the wear and tear of his body having a bit of an effect on him. Once at the top, Sean stands on the turnbuckle, back turned to Jinzai, and points out at the audience before flipping off, looking to connect with a moonsault! Unfortunately for him, Jinzai manages to roll out of the way at the last second, forcing Sean to hit the mat with a thud, crashing and burning!

BRIAN MASON: Sean crashes and burns!

ALEXA CORRA: One of the only high flying moves he attempts throughout this entire match and it doesn’t even work. HA!

RANDY THE PILOT: Swear this dude better win…

Jinzai goes to pull himself up on the ropes as Sean lays in the middle of the ring, clutching his ribcage from the violent crash after his failed moonsault. Looking up at the clock and seeing it ticking down past the 10 minute mark, Jinzai’s expression becomes desperate as he gets back to his feet and makes his way over to Sean. Picking the older wrestler up and latching onto his head, Jinzai drags Sean over towards the ropes and goes for a suplex, only to drop Sean abdomen first across the top rope. Wasting very little time, Jinzai shoots towards the ropes and rocket’s back towards Sean, before driving both boots right into the side of his head with a hesitation style dropkick! Sean falls back into the ring from the force of the blow as Jinzai hooks both legs for the pin.




-KICKOUT! Somehow, some way, Sean gets his shoulder up right before the count of three! Jinzai is in shock as he backs away from Sean, gripping at his hair as he wonders what he has to do in order to put the other man away. Clearly a little shaken up, Jinzai immediately tries to go for another pin, only for Sean to kick out right before the one count. Jin backs away, sliding under the bottom rope and standing on the apron as Sean tries to regain his bearings.Shakily making it back to his feet, Sean turns around as Jinzai leaps onto the top rope and springboards back into the ring – and is caught in mid flight by Sean with a Spear, bringing him down right in the center of the ring as the crowd erupts at witnessing the move!

BRIAN MASON: Good God, what a spear by Sean Sands!

ALEXA CORRA: You can just feel the desperation he’s oozing. He’s using a move that he rarely ever uses!

RANDY THE PILOT: It don’t matter if it works, bruh! So shut yo ho ass up, Alexa.

Both men are down in the center of the ring as the referee looks between the two to make sure that they’re uninjured, before going to count both out.





Both men begin to stir at the count of four, with Jin crawling towards the ropes and Sean rolling onto his stomach as he struggles to stand.


Jin grabs onto the middle rope to pull himself up as Sean gets back to a knee.


Both men are standing and move towards one another, physically exhausted from the match. Sean strikes first, hitting Jinzai with a hard right hand that sends him stumbling back towards the ropes. Jinzai returns the favor seconds later, bouncing back and hitting Sean with a left hand, sending him back down to a knee. The two start trading blows right in the middle of the ring with neither man backing down, before Sean gets the better of the exchange and begins teeing off on Jinzai with right hand after right hand, backing him towards the ropes. He goes for the irish whip to the ropes, but Jin counters and sends him off – Jinzai goes for the high arm drag, but Sean counters it and traps Jin’s arm, before hitting the spinning neckbreaker! Sean drops down and hooks both legs for the pin.

BRIAN MASON: Spinning neckbreaker by Sean Sands! Jinzai could be in trouble here!

ALEXA CORRA: He better not be!





Jinzai just barely gets the shoulder up at the count of two! Now it’s Sean’s turn to look stunned as he stares down at Jin, wondering how he had managed to kick out after all he’s been through. Sean looks up at the clock, seeing that it’s now down to just under 7 minutes left, before looking back down at Jinzai as he goes to pick him up by the arm. He doubles Jin over with a back kick to the midsection, before spinning him around and going for the backstabber. Jin realizes what’s about to happen and tries to put up a fight, reaching out for the top rope as he throws his head back and catches Sean with a headbutt to the nose. Sean stumbles backwards and clutches his face, allowing Jinzai to charge at him for the clothesline – Sean ducks under and leaps at the ropes, springboarding off as he goes for the flying chuck kick he calls The Lip Buster – Jinzai catches him in mid air and manages to hit The Jinzai Cutter in mid flight!

The crowd explodes as the move connected, and Jinzai slowly rolled over and draped an arm over Sean’s chest as he goes for the pin.

BRIAN MASON: Jinzai Cutter connects! Sands is out of it!


RANDY THE PILOT: I think another “yes” is gimmick infringement.




Jinzai: 2
Sean Sands: 2
6:13 remaining

Once again, both Sean and Jinzai lay motionless in the ring as the crowd loudly cheers the action this match has given them, dueling chants of “LET’S GO JINZAI/LET’S GO SEAN!” echoing off of the walls and becoming louder by the second. The ref slowly looks over at both men and checks on them, making sure they can still go for these last few minutes of this ironman match. Jinzai is the first to get on all fours, asking the ref for a hand to help himself up. The ref doesn’t even attempt to ignore this request as he offers his hand to Jinzai and helps him up to both feet. Jinzai knows exactly what to do once he’s up to both feet as he begins backing up into his corner. Sean then rolls over on all fours and when the ref tries to help him up, he shakes his head, not wanting to really show any weakness. He helps himself up to both feet, letting out a groan of pain while moving over to his designated corner.

The ref makes a quick double check before telling the men to start going at it again. Jinzai launches forward this time, managing to save up some energy while Sean was helping himself up, and kicks Sean (who took about two steps out from his corner) square in the chest, knocking him back into his corner. Jinzai then continues going on the attack by beginning to drive multiple, left footed, sharp kicks to the chest of Sands, the audience groaning in pain along with the GFC World champion. After the sharp kicks to the chest, Jinzai pulls Sean out of the corner, hooking his head before running towards the ropes in front of them, bouncing off of them before spinning Sean around and dropping him on his head with a tornado DDT! The audience explodes in cheers as Jinzai gets to his feet and sees that the time has now fallen underneath five minutes.

BRIAN MASON: We are less than five minutes away from this match ending!

ALEXA CORRA: And it’s all tied up, Mase! ALL…TIED…UP.

RANDY THE PILOT: This shit is exciting!

Jinzai takes a few steps back away from Sean, taking deep breaths after connecting with that tornado DDT. He begins motioning for Sean to get to his feet, even yelling it out, though the audience is drowning him out with their cheers and their anticipation for this match’s score ending. Sean slowly rolls onto all fours, letting out groans of pain before slowly helping himself up to both feet. Sean turns towards Jinzai’s direction, which proves to be a mistake as Jinzai leaps up, does a 540 spin, and kicks Sean right in the face, his boot connecting with Sean’s jaw as Sean drops to the mat with a thud. Jinzai looks at the clock once more, seeing it’s barely less than four minutes left of it, before going for the cover!




Jinzai looks stunned as Sean manages to get his right shoulder up at the last second, breaking up what would have been the tie breaking pinfall. Jinzai looks over at the ref, arms stretched out, and asks him whether that was a three count or not. When the ref tells him that it is only a two, Jinzai shakes his head and holds his head in his hands. Sighing, Jinzai gets up to both feet and looks over at the clock again, seeing that it’s slowly ticking down and that his chance to become a world champion is slipping away. He takes a few steps back from Sean and waits for him to get up so he can hit this next move. Sean rolls over onto all fours and shakes his head, obviously feeling the pain of the last move that hit. Sands rubs his jaw as he gets to the point where he’s on his knees, allowing Jinzai to rush forward…only for Sean to quickly hop to his feet and hit Jinzai with a crossbody, knocking the wind out of the young man!

BRIAN MASON: What a crossbody! That’s 220 pounds that just came crashing into Jinzai!

ALEXA CORRA: Damn, that looked like it hurt like crazy.

RANDY THE PILOT: Hands down, man down!

Sean looks up at the clock and sees that there’s less than three and a half minutes left, so he quickly grabs Jinzai and gets him up to both feet before hooking his head and connecting with a suplex! Sean then makes sure to get to his feet and turn Jinzai around, forcing Jinzai to face the mat before he takes a few steps back and motions for Jinzai to at least get to all fours. Jinzai is still trying to nurse his ribs after taking that crossbody and the following suplex, but slowly gets to all fours around the three minute mark. Sean charges forward and drives his boot into the side of Jinzai’s skull, connecting with a running single leg dropkick! The audience cheers as Sean goes for the cover!




Jinzai shoots his arm up right before the three count, surprising Sands as he looks over at the ref to get the same two fingers he’s flashed many times before in this matchup. Sean shakes his head and slowly gets up to both feet before grabbing Jinzai by the head and slowly getting him up to his. Sean irish whips Jinzai towards the ropes and stands at the center of the ring, ready for Jinzai to bounce back. But, Jinzai doesn’t bounce back as he holds onto the ropes. Sean charges forward, looking to connect with something, but Jinzai drops down and yanks the rope, sending Sean flying over the top ropes. Sean falls to the ground and Jinzai quickly gets to his feet before running to the ropes opposite of where Sean is, bounces off of them, then charges towards the ropes in front of them, leaping through the middle and top ropes and crashing right into Sean that sends him back first into the barricade!

BRIAN MASON: Jinzai with a nasty suicide dive!

ALEXA CORRA: But he’s got less than two and a half minutes left!

RANDY THE PILOT: He needs to get moving, bruh!

Jinzai nails a couple of chops to the chest of Sean as he leans up against the barricade before grabbing his arm and irish whipping towards the apron, forcing Sean’s midsection to hit up against it. Jinzai quickly rolls Sean back into the ring before going for the cover.




BRIAN MASON: About two minutes left and Sean kicks out! We’re all tied up still!

Jinzai quickly gets to his feet and motions for Sean to get to his. Sean seems to really be sporting the effects of the various moves that have been hit on him in the past few minutes as he is slow to get up to both feet. But once he does, Jinzai quickly spins him around and kicks him in the gut before connecting with a Jinzai Cutter that sends Sean through the ropes and out of the ring from the impact!


RANDY THE PILOT: But Sands fell right out of the ring, bruh.

BRIAN MASON: And you know that’s going to be costly as we are now closer to the one minute and a half mark and there’s no time to waste!

Jinzai slowly get to his feet and sees that Sean has fallen out of the ring, The look that follows can only be described as disappointment as Jinzai crawls over towards the ropes and sees Sean on the ground, stirring. Jinzai slowly gets to his feet and sees Sean slowly get to his before running towards the ropes opposite of Sean. Jinzai bounces off of those ropes and attempts to go for a suicide dive again…only for Sean to catch him with a quick roundhouse that knocks Jinzai back into the ring!

RANDY THE PILOT: Roundhouse out of nowhere!

ALEXA CORRA: Shiiiiiit.

Sean slides into the ring around the one minute mark and waits for Jinzai to get to his feet before charging forward and catching him with a boot to the face! Jinzai drops to the mat with a thud and after a few seconds, Sean falls down as well, breathing deeply as he seems to be running out of steam.

BRIAN MASON: That bicycle kick just took Jinzai’s head off!

RANDY THE PILOT: But GM Sands is feeling the effects of this match. Dude’s sweating a bucket!

Sean uses the ropes nearby to get to his feet, letting out a deep breath once he does so. Shaking his head, Sean sees that Jinzai is not moving and is in perfect position and begins to make his way over to the corner. Using all the strength he possibly can have left, Sean pulls himself up to the top turnbuckle and stands on it, taking one last look at the clock, which reads “0:38”. Taking a deep breath, Sean then leaps off, corkscrewing his body before dropping his legs right onto the head/neck area of Jinzai!



At around the thirty second mark, Sean rolls off of Jinzai and holds his leg in pain as the time starts ticking away.

RANDY THE PILOT: The fuck he doin’, bruh? Time ticking!

Around the 20 second mark, Sean leaps forward and drapes an arm over Jinzai, the ref going for the count!




Jinzai: 2
Sean Sands: 3
:17 remaining

Sean rolls off of Jinzai and the two men lie flat on their back as the ref checks on them, the time ticking away until the buzzer sounds and the bell rings, signaling the end of this match with a huge pop from the audience.



The ref gets the GFC World championship from a ring crew member and walks over to Sean, who is on his knees, before handing him the championship. Sean slowly gets to his feet and raises the title in the air to cheers before turning his attention back to Jinzai. He helps the young man up to both feet before the two nod at each other and shake hands. Sean leans in and whispers something to Jinzai that gets him smiling after he leans out. Sean then raises Jinzai’s arm up in the air in a sign of good sportsmanship as the scene closes out.