“Anarchy” kicks in as The Wretched One, Abu Zabi, makes hs way to ringside.

SM: The Wretched One is eager to get going in this next matchup of CyberSlam IV, LIVE from Earls Court in London. And over the past few days TWO has been saying that he is getting a little fed up with events in the BWA, DK.

DK: In what respect?

SM: I think that he feels the BWA has moved too far away from what the industry is all about. He’s not happy with the likes of Malice, taking wrestling to an extreme level that he wants to move away from. It seems as if TWO has turned into a more traditional wrestler. It’ll be interesting to see if that comes accross in the ring.

“Therapy” by Full System Purge kicks in as Sean “Mayhem” Huguet makes his way ringside.

DK: Here he comes, the Canadian Crackpot!

SM: The what?

DK: The Canadian Crackpot, come on Mayo, don’t tell me that you like this guy!

SM: Mayhem’s a great wrestler, he’s proven that on several occaisions. And on both sides of the Atlantic, winning BWA and AXE gold.

DK: Sure, he’s a FORMER European Champion over here. But recently he’s become a grade A ass, you saw what he did at REBELLiON with the referee thing…

SM: Speaking of referee’s….

DK: What?

SM: We don’t have one!

DK: Hey, we don’t….

“Know Your Enemy” by Rage Against the Machine hits.

SM: What’s going on here? That’s Worthington and Montell’s music!

DK: Uh-oh, I can see what’s happening now!

Tim Worthington has stood up at ringside and pulled off his Alliance shirt to reveal a referee’s shirt! He climbs over the guardrail and climbs up onto the ring apron. He signals for the match to start…


SM: Looks like we have our referee now.

DK: And it looks like Mayhem’s none to pleased! In fact The Wretched One looks a little pissed off himself.

SM: It’s another one of the “games” that he says he’s against now, I’m not surprised that he’s pissed!

TWO and Mayhem hook up and Mayhem gets the upper hand right away as he takes TWO down with a swift DDT, and he follows up quickly with an ankle lock submission move. TWO grits his teeth, and tries to reach the ropes. TWO refuses to tap out and eventually Mayhem releases the hold and starts to put the boots to The Wretched One. Mayhem whips TWO into the ropes and takes him down with a spinning heel kick. He follows it up with a senton splash and a cover, but Worthington takes a long time getting down to count and TWO kicks out for one.

SM: Sean Huguet not happy with Tim Worthington for that slow count!

DK: Ah, he should know better than to argue with the referee.

TWO gets back to his feet and grabs Mayhem, taking the Canadian down with a snap suplex. He holds onto the former European Champ and pulls him back up, getting a second snap suplex, and then a third. Mayhem is struggling all of a sudden and TWO connects with an elbow drop. He then tries to go for an ankle lock of his own but Mayhem gets a foot on the ropes. TWO breaks the hold, even though Worthington didn’t seem too bothered. Just as Mayhem is getting back to his feet the ring shakes a little, all three men in the ring stop for a moment.

SM: What the hell was that?

DK: I have no idea, Mayo, maybe someone didn’t put the ring together properly!

The men eventually continue the match and TWO backs off Mayhem as he gets back to his feet. TWO attempts to whip Mayhem into the corner but the AXE Television and Up ‘n Comers Champion reverses it and it’s the Outcast that ends up in the corner. Mayhem sends in a knife edge chop to the chest of TWO, getting a mild “Whooo!” from the fans. Mayhem sends in another, this time harder and faster. The crowd again “Whoo!” the chop, and Mayhem sends in a series of five or six more chops before one final, huge and hard chop to the now red chest of The Wretched One.

SM: Mayhem sending in some very big chops to Zabi here, and the Wretched One looks to be in a little pain!

DK: Those chops have made his chest red raw!

Mayhem sits TWO on the turnbuckle, looking for a Superplex, but TWO fights it off and pushes Mayhem away before nailing a cross body block into a pinning combination…



Kickout from the extremely quick count. Mayhem verbally abuses Worthington, who warns Huguet on his language and threatens disqualification. Just then the ring shakes again, and Worthington almost loses his balance. The three men steady themselves and eventually carry on the match.

SM: This is very strange, DK.

DK: Indeed it is, Mayo. I don’t quite know what to make of it, London can’t be having an earthquake or something, can it?

TWO grabs Mayhem and whips him into the turnbuckle, he charges at him but Mayhem gets a boot up into his face. While he is dazed he climbs onto the middle rope and jumps at him, taking him down with a Tornado DDT. Mayhem makes a cover,



Kickout from The Wretched One.

DK: Mayhem complaining about the count again!

SM: I’m not surprised, it was a bit slow from Worthington!

Mayhem is getting really annoyed with Worthington and he is at the end of his tether. He suddenly snaps…. LAST BREATH!! Mayhem nails Worthington with his move! The ring shakes again, and this time we find out why as Armageddon crawls out from under the ring! TWO’s fellow Outast climbs into the ring and grabs Mayhem as he’s leaning over Worthington and trash talking him. Armageddon spins him around…. WORLD ENDER!!


DK: This is crazy!

Armageddon isn’t finished, he pulls Tim Worthington to his feet… WORLD ENDER!!


DK: And here comes Montell!

Matt Montell has leapt into the ring and goes for TWO, taking him down with the AXE InterContinental Title belt. He goes after Armageddon but the big man escapes the ring and he, together with TWO, heads backstage.

SM: I guess that this match is technically a no contest!?

DK: That’s up to the referee!

SM: But the referee is out in the middle of the ring, along with one of the fighters!


Matt Montell has called for the bell.

DK: What’s this? Worthington has told Montell to call for the bell….

JM: The referee for this match has decided that your winner, by way of disqualification, is…. THE WRETCHED ONE!


DK: Well he did nail the referee with the Last Breath! Never question a referee, Mayo!