The three men came out to get the show underway. Hawthorne was victorious over Rose last month and with the rejig he suddenly found himself with a shot at payback, poor newcomer Robbie Stein found himself caught in the crossfire as Josh & Jackson went hell for leather in the early stages of this one.

Hawthorne clotheslined Stein hard and, not to be out-done, Rose took Stein down with a clothesline of his own. Suplex from Hawthorne on Stein. Suplex from Rose on Stein. DDT from Hawthorne on Stein. DDT from Rose on Stein!

Hawthorne and Rose stare at each other, concentration etched on their faces and they stand chest to chest. After a long stand off the two finally launch into a brutal exchange of chops, right hands and kicks. Stein is recovering in the corner, watching the other two men go at it for a while.

Eventually, with Hawthorne and Rose still going toe-to-toe, Stein takes an opportunity. He connects with a jumping roundhouse kick to the head of Rose, when Rose drops Stein looks out at the crowd and shouts “ROADHOUSE!” He then turns his attentions to Hawthorne and repeats the move, shouting “ROADHOUSE!” again to the delight of the fans.

Stein continues to stay on top in this match until Rose nails a Suicide Cutter out of nowhere for a two count. Rose then battled away with Hawthorne once more and the big man took Jackson down with a leg lariat and follows up with a Sitout Powerbomb. He looks to go for the Lambeau Leap but Stein is back up and jumps up onto the turnbuckle, taking Hawthorne down with a Frankensteiner. He tries for a cover but Rose breaks up the count at two.

Stein manages to get the advantage over Rose but a T-Bone Suplex turns the tide. Rose turns his attentions back to Hawthorne again and attempts the Suicide Cutter once more, Hawthorne pushes Rose away and nails a boot to the gut. Hawthorne gets Rose up and nails the NGN Driver. A cover is made… but Robbie Stein pulls Hawthorne off at two!

Hawthorne is furious and charges at Stein. Stein holds his hand out and yells “STOP!” Hawthorne stop and Stein smacks him in the face and shouts “BITCH!” Hawthorne charges again, Stein ducks down and hits the ropes before nailing a roaring lariat. Stein had the momentum as he nailed a series of massive moves; Backdrop Suplex. Backbreaker. German Suplex. Jumping Spike Piledriver. An amazing combo he calls the Ballad of Zangief!

Robbie Stein goes for a cover but Jackson Rose is back to his feet having shaken off the NGN Driver. He charges at Stein and nails The Brain Cracker at the count of two! Stein rolls off Hawthorn and Rose hooks the leg of Stein for the pinfall victory!

Your winner, Jackson Rose!

A great opening match here, Rose breaking up that pin with a vicious looking punt to the head. Any one of these three men could have won that match, and each will be looking to push on and make a name for themselves in 2012. With these men on board the future looks bright for Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER!