Rim took the match to Jason in the early stages, a big clothesline was followed by a series of stomps to the head as Jason struggled to cover up. Jason rolled out of the ring to the apron, but was shoulder barged off by Rim who then proceeded to jump off the apron and connect with a flying cross body. He rammed Jason into the safety rail in front of the fans before rolling him back into the ring. He goes for a nonchalant cover which gets a two count.  Rim then went for another clothesline but Jason X ducks it. Rim spins round, straight into a big right hand from Jason. And another. And another. Rim rocked now as Jason takes him up and over with a suplex, maintaining his grip on his opponent and rolling through into an armbar! Rim caught out by that one, but soon makes the ropes to break the hold.

Jason grabs Rim again, going for the Argentine Backbreaker and following up with a textbook Flying X Attack (Corkscrew 450 Splash). He tries a cover, but Rim kicks out easily. Rim fights his way back to his feet, connecting with some big blows that rock JX. He nails a DDT, a jumping elbow drop and locks in a half crab, but Jason is quick to grab the ropes and break the hold. Rim then drags Jason to the corner, connecting with some raising knee strikes before stepping back, charging in and connecting with a big back elbow! Jason crumples to the canvas, Rim heads to the top rope and lands a guillotine leg drop! Cover for two.

Rim looks angered by not getting the three and goes straight back to work on JX. A T-Bone Suplex is followed by a slingshot elbow drop and another two count. He slaps the mat in frustration before taking Jason down again, this time with a swinging neckbreaker. Rim climbs to the top and steadies himself as Jason starts to get back to his feet. Jason stands, turns and Rim leaps through the air, landing on Jason for a hurricanrana – a move he likes to call Cruiserweight Glory. BUT JASON CATCHES HIM INTO A POWERBOMB!! X-DRIVER (Front Flip Piledriver/Canadian Destroyer)!!! 1…2…3!!! NO!! NO!!! Rim’s foot was on the ropes!!

Now it’s Jason’s turn to get angry, slapping the canvas. He argues with the referee, allowing Rim valuable time to get back to his feet. Jason turns, small package!! 1..2..3!!!

Your winner, Rim!