JS: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is the three way Highway to Hell match for a shot at the BWA Internet Title! Coming to the ring at this time…

#Nicotine, Valium, Vicatin, Marijuana, Exstacy, and Alcohol#

#Nicotine, Valium, Vicatin, Marijuana, Exstacy, and Alcohol#

#Nicotine, Valium, Vicatin, Marijuana, Exstacy, and Alcohol#

#Ohhh…. Nicotine, Valium, Vicatin, Marijuana, Exstacy, and Alcohol#

#C – C – C – C – Cocaine!!!#

“Feel Good Hit of the Summer” by the Queens of the Stone Age begins to pump through the arena at obnoxiously loud levels as the fans rise to their feet and erupt into a hardcore frenzy for the man about to step through the curtains.

JS: Hailing from Long Beach, North Carolina, he stands 5’10” and weighs in tonight at 190lbs… He is the man known as Hellboy…. REMY!!!

Thick grey smoke begins to billow from the entryway as the lights gently fade away and flashbulbs go off all around the arena. A lone man steps forward, his silhouette bathed in the soft glow of a lone spotlight that shines down on his form. He turns and faces the

crowd, arms stretched out to the side, a cigarette hanging loosely from his lips. He observes the crowd for a few minutes and then begins to make his way to the ring.

#Nicotine, Valium, Vicatin, Marijuana, Exstacy, and Alcohol#

#Nicotine, Valium, Vicatin, Marijuana, Exstacy, and Alcohol#

#Nicotine, Valium, Vicatin, Marijuana, Exstacy, and Alcohol#

#Ohhh…. Nicotine, Valium, Vicatin, Marijuana, Exstacy, and Alcohol#

#C – C – C – C – Cocaine!!!#

Dressed in his usual ring attire, he slowly, calmly makes his way down the aisle, ignoring the grasping hands of the masses. He quickly stomps up the steps, disposing of his cigarette as he does. Stepping through the ropes, he quickly mounts the nearest turnbuckle and extends his arms to the side again, a gesture mimicked by the fans. He hops down as the lights come back on and awaits the start of the match.

SM: Here’s Remy, the first competitor to enter the Cell for this match. And after the IoD got the first win of the night, the MoA and Remy will be out to pick up the win in this match!

DS: Too true, Mayo.

The lights go down, followed by a few flashes of white lighting and then Never gonna Stop hits.

JS: And coming to the ring from Belfast, Northern Ireland. This prick weighs in at 219lbs and stands at 5’11”. He is the twat who has almost perfected the Perfect Storm…. JONNY STORM!!

Storm emerges at the top of the ramp as the fans boo his appearance. He sprints to the ring and slides in before mounting the turnbuckle and pointing out to the crowd. He flashes Jenny Star an evil look, before returning his attention to the booing fans.

DS: What’s with that intro, Mayo?

SM: I have no idea! Jenny Star obviously doesn’t like Storm, and from his look, he doesn’t seem so keen on her either!

JS: And, coming to the ring from Salem, USA. He stands at 6’3″ and weighs 245lbs. He is… VIKTOR KAINE!!

Mudvayne hits and as soon as the first primal scream issues Kaine walks out from under the curtain swirling his Kendo around his body.

SM: Here comes Viktor Kaine, the last of the three men involved in this match.

DS: The Highway to Hell Match. Maybe you should explain the rules, Mayo. This is a first for the BWA, is it not?

SM: Yes, you’re right. There are plenty of weapons to keep the wrestlers busy in this one, Dan. Should be your kind of match! The only way to win is to hand-cuff your opponents hands and feet to the side of the cell… and with three men involved it should be pretty brutal!


The match starts as all three men charge for each other. Kaine has his Kendo stick, Storm has his chair and Remy has DA FORK~! Kaine and Storm swing their weapons at each other, and both men go down. Remy managed to stop and back away, laughing at his two opponents as they clattered into each other. Remy drops DA FORK~! and picks up Viktor Kaine. He whips Kaine into the corner and hangs him in a tree of woe. He then proceeds to smash Kaine about with his own Kendo Stick until Jonny Storm grabs him from behind and nails a reverse DDT onto the chair!

DS: Ooph, nice DDT onto the chair… and Kaine is still hanging upside-down! Haha!

Storm grabs Kaine and pulls him out of the corner, the two grappling into the corner until Remy manages to push both of them out of the ring. Kaine is very unlucky, hitting his head on the steel steps.

SM: Not a great start for Viktor Kaine, but he’s the type that will come back from this.

Remy then makes his way over to the downed Kaine and picks him up, but Jonny Storm comes flying off the ring apron with an elbow drop onto both men! All three men are down now as they all struggle to get up. Kaine crawls over to the cage door and tries to push it open, but it’s locked and he is unable to open it in his momentarily weakened state. Remy stumbles over to Kaine and punches him, but Kaine slugs him right back. As they are duking it out, Storm runs at them for a double clothesline! Both men duck however, and Storm crashes into the door! Kaine and Remy then both run back, and hit a double dropkick on Storm! This is enough, as the door finally gives way and Storm goes crashing through it! Remy begins to exit the cage, but Kaine hits a clothesline from behind and runs out himself. He starts to climb the cage, but Storm grabs his leg and pulls him back off. Storm slaps Kaine in the face. Kaine then slaps him back, and goes for a Tiger driver, but Storm reverses it into a back body drop, sending Kaine crashing into the cage wall upside down!

SM: Whoa!

DS: Nice reversal from Jonny Storm!

SM: And again Remy letting his opponents do the hard work… so he doesn’t have to!

Remy then grabs Jonny Storm and smashes his head into the corner of the cell, cutting him open. He goes to do it again, but Storm manages to reverse it and it’s Remy’s head which meets the steel cage wall. Storm heads back into the cell briefly to pick up some of the handcuffs and chains from inside. He heads out again, grabbing the downed Remy. He chokes Hellboy with the chains and holds him up against the cage wall. He gets one hand attached to the cage before Viktor Kaine grabs him from behind and chokes him with his Kendo Stick.

DS: That surprises me, Mayo. Remy is the first man to get locked to the cage!

SM: But just the one hand, both hands and both feet must be tied to the cage for him to be eliminated.

DS: He’s already set about trying to pick the lock of his handcuffs!

Kaine and Storm are brawling away near the announce table now, while Remy is still trying to untie himself. Kaine looks for a big suplex into the cage wall, but Storm floats out and nails a dropkick to the back of Kaine’s knee. Kaine goes down to one knee and Storm rams his head into the side of the announce table!! Storm then attaches a chain to the cage wall, and ties the other end to a pair of handcuffs. He manages to get both of Kaine’s hands behind his back in a modified surfboard, and slaps on the cuffs! Both of Kaine’s hands are now tied to the cage, but the chain means he can walk several feet away from the cage. Jonny Storm leaves Kaine and heads back to Remy, who has not managed to untie himself. Storm has his chair with him and nails a shot to Remy’s knees. Remy stops himself from yelling out in pain, instead grimacing and staring at his opponent. Storm goes for a chair shot to the face of Remy but Hellboy manages to get a boot up and nails Storm in the stomach, doubling him over and forcing him to drop the chair. Remy uses his legs to get Storm into a standing head scissor position. He yells out as he holds onto the cage, pulling himself and Storm up into the air. He gets a foot behind Storm’s head and pushes him out into a powerbomb onto the chair!!!


DS: Amazing move from Remy!

SM: And the weight of him and Storm has broken the handcuffs, he’s free!

Remy grabs Storm, who is very dazed after that innovative move, and ties both feet to the cage wall. He ties his hands together, but doesn’t get time to tie them to the cage, as a newly freed Viktor Kaine nails him from behind with his Kendo stick. Remy drops down momentarily, and then pops right back up again.

SM: Viktor Kaine is free of the cage, but his hands are still in cuffs and the chain is dragging behind him!

DS: Kaine’s managed to pull the chain off the cage somehow, and has enough movement in his hands to hold that stick of his.

Remy grabs the chain which dangles between Kaine’s legs as Viktor is putting the boots to Storm. Remy yanks the chain, and it flicks up into the groin of Kaine!! Kaine goes down, and Remy ties the chain back onto the wall of the cage. While Kaine is down, Storm is getting assistance from a fan! The fan helps Storm out of his cuffs, and puts them on Kaine!! Remy joins in, and soon Kaine’s hands are tied to the cage too!!

SM: That’s it, Kaine is eliminated from this match!

Remy then turns his attentions to the fan, nailing the Shining Wizard before tossing him back into the crowd!! Remy grabs Storm and pulls him up, but Storm rakes Remy’s eyes and then smashes his head into the cage wall. Viktor Kaine, while out of the match, still has enough manoeuvrability in his hands to be able to tie Remy’s feet to the cage!! Now Storm and Remy are stood toe-to-toe, unable to back down even if they wanted to! Three sets of cuffs, a chair and a chain remain on the floor next to them, and both men look down at them… and then back at each other.

DS: Here we go, Mayo, this could get even more brutal as we reach the climax of the match!!

Remy and Storm just trade punches, and keep pushing each other’s head into the cage wall as they both try and claim the advantage. Storm manages to gain the upper hand and tries to reach his chair. While he’s reaching with one hand Remy grabs the cuffs and locks Storm’s other hand to the cage!! Storm manages to reach the chair, and nails Remy in the face! Storm grabs more cuffs and gets one of Remy’s hands locked onto the cage!!

SM: This is it, Dan. Both men have only one free hand!! One more set of cuffs, and that’s it!!

Storm picks up the chair again, while Remy manages to wrap the chain around his fist. Storm tries to hit Remy with the chair again, but Remy punches the chair with his chain-wrapped fist and it smashes back into the face of Jonny Storm! Remy then proceeds to nail Storm again and again with his chained fist, Storm bleeding profusely. Remy picks up the last pair of handcuffs and grabs the flailing arm of Storm, and finally tying it to the cage!!


JS: Your winner, gaining a shot at the Internet Title…. REMY!!!!

DS: My God, Mayo! What a match that was, I love this shit!

SM: First strike went to the IoD… but the MoA just got their first win for the night, Remy getting a shot at the Internet Title!!

DS: And if Nemesis retains his title later tonight we could have another IoD/MoA encounter to look forward to!