Cruiserweight Title Match:

Pob (champ) Vs. Joey Inferno

MB: This opening match for EWF Summer CyberSlam 1999 is set for one fall. It is a steel cage match for the EWF Cruiserweight Title! Making his way to the ring at this time, he is tonight’s challenger. He is one half of the Tag Team Champions, Fire ‘N Ice. Master of the “Hot Flash” he is Joeeey Infeeernoooo!

Joey Makes his way to ringside, alone, played out by “Nookie” by Limp Bizkit, the new Fire ‘N Ice theme.

MB: And his opponent, the current EWF Cruiserweight Champion and master of the Frankenpoddy, Poooob!

The arena is filled with red and white lights and Robbie William’s “Let Me Entertain You” is heard from the PA. Pob makes his way to the ring as the cage is lowered.

Scott: The cage is in place and referee Andrew Woodford rings the bell, this one’s underway!

Pob started quickly, trying various take-downs to wear down Joey. But it wasn’t working, Joey managed to counter most of what Pob threw at him. Joey gained control of the match with a neat flying head scissors followed up with a corkscrew moonsault.

Font: Wow! The fans are gonna love this if they keep up this pace.

The pace did continue and Joey kept on at Pob. Joey took Pob to the mat with a Hurricanranna and headed to the top rope. As Joey launched himself at Pob he was met with a drop-kick to the stomach. Pob took the advantage and whipped Joey into the turnbuckle, following up with a splash and several punches to the head. Joey managed to escape as he short powerbombed Pob back to the mat. Joey began to climb the cage and once at the top he turned to face Pob, launching himself and connecting with a cross body.

Scott: That’s a spectacular move from Joey Inferno.

Font: He’s got to follow it up quickly, or he won’t get the win.

Pob came back, as Joey had hurt himself. Pob jumped, from behind, onto the shoulders of Joey Inferno and stretched backwards, sending Joey to the mat face first.

Font: Argh! What a move from Pob, an inverted Hurricanranna!.

Pob made the cover and Andrew Woodford counted, 1…2…NO! Joey got his shoulder up. Pob followed up with his “London Hand-shake” STF manouvre, but Joey refused to tap out. Eventually Pob released the hold. Joey began to fight his way back into the match and took Pob down with his pattented Flash Burn super-kick. He then headed for the top rope. He stood facing the crowd, then looked over his shoulder to see that Pob was getting to his feet. Joey jumped backwards, grabbing Pob’s head on the way and performing his Hot Flash finisher. He hooked Pobs leg, 1…2…3!

MB: Your winner, and new EWF Cruiserweight Champion, Joeeey Infeeernooooo!

Joey helped Pob back to his feet and the two shook hands, hugged and left the cage together.

Scott: What a match that was, and a great finish from Joey. That jumping Hot Flash from the turnbuckle was enough to put Pob down fro the three count.

Font: And they left together, those two have great respect for each other. Pob showed us all something new tonight, that inverted Hurricanranna for one. He also showed that he learns more each time he fights, he’s showing something new each time.

Scott: That’s what you’ve got to do if you’re going to get anywhere in this sport. So Pob’s one month reign has come to an end courtesy of Joey Inferno. Although something tells me that these two will meet again sometime in the future.