DK: Talking of what’s to come, this next match could well be one of the most important for it’s two competitors. Phenom and “Da Man”, Scott Cairns, will battle it out for the right to face Vindicator for the BWA Championship at CyberSlam V, one month from now.

SM: That is if Vinnie can retain the title here tonight.

DK: Good point, and we still haven’t seen any sign of DC Matrix, which has to be good news!

“Sandstorm” by Darude plays to accompany Phenom, along with Alicia, to ringside.

SM: Here comes the first competitor, the man who holds the record for the shortes title reign in the BWA. He defeated Vindicator for the BWA Title and promptly lost it, to Vindicator again, just two minutes later!

DK: Not a record that he wants to be remembered for. He wants another shot at Vinnie, he’s got a good record against the big man but Vindicator has really beaten the crap out of Phenom over recent weeks.

Black Sanbbath’s “Iron Man” plays as “Da Man” makes his way to the ring.

SM: And what about Scott Cairns, he’s been on this so called “spiritual journey” since losing the BWA Title to Vindicator at CyberSlam II.

DK: And tonight is a huge step in that journey. The jouney could end if Phenom came out with the win, but if Cairns wins then the journey will lead right into CyberSlam V, three months since Cairns lost the belt.


Referee Baz Collins starts the match. Phenom rushes for Cairns and Cairns connects with a dropkick which sends the Phenominal One out through the ropes and to the arena floor. Cairns runs at the ropes and connects with a baseball slide. Da Man picks him up and drops him over the guard railings. Phenom is cut open and when he realises this he lashes out at Cairns. He connects with a series of big punches and then smashes Cairns’ head into the turnbuckle. Phenom then rolls Cairns back into the ring and heads for the top rope. Scott Cairns begins to get back to his feet before Phenom connects with a Missile Dropkick! He makes a cover,



Shoulder up from Cairns.

SM: Fantastic start to this match-up, DK.

DK: I expected nothing less from Cairns and Phenom.

Phenom pulls Cairns to his feet and backs him up into the corner. He sits Cairns on the turnbuckle as he gets set for a Frankensteiner. He goes for the move but Cairns reverses it into a spinebomb slam variation! Phenom hits hard and Cairns follows up with a few boots to the face before he locks on a Sharpshooter but Phenom is already in the ropes. Cairns pulls Phenom to his feet and applies a side headlock. He runs at the turnbuckle and rams Phenom’s head right into thee top turnbuckle. Phenom crashes to the mat as Cairns makes a cover…

SM: One…


DK: And a kickout from Phenom. Nice idea from Cairns, just ramming Phenom’s head right into the turnbuckle like that.

Cairns drags Phenom into the middle of the ring and attempts a second Sharpshooter. Phenom manages to kick Cairns away and bounces back to his feet. He charges for Cairns but he gets a foot up and kicks him in the gut. Cairns applies a standing head scissors and looks out at the crowd. He pulls up Phenom and looks for Da Bomb, but Phenom blocks it by grabbing the legs of Cairns, who instead nails a piledriver. He locks on the Sharpshooter for the third time as Phenom reaches out for the ropes. Phenom can’t reach the ropes as Da Man tightens the hold to try and get Phenom to tap out. Phenom refuses to tap and Cairns eventually releases the hold. Cairns pulls Phenom back to his feet and slides behind him, nailing a Full Nelson Slam. Cairns is about to pull Phenom back to his feet when Phenom connects with a Low Blow and rolls Cairns up…

SM: One…


And a kickout from Cairns.

DK: Phenom just turned this match around with a low blow to Da Man.

SM: And Phenom grabs Cairns… REVOLUTION!!

DK: He just nailed the Phenom’s Revolution!

Phenom is about to make the cover when DC Matrix appears!


DK: NO, So far through the show before he shows up, we nearly made it!

Matirx pulls the referee out of the ring and drills his head into the ring post. He slides into the ring and grabs Phenom, tossing him nito the corner. Matrix hangs Phenom upside down off the turnbuckle and then nails a spear! Phenom manages to wriggle free from the corner and looks to fight back, hooking up with Matrix. Matrix blocks a suplex attempt and smashes Phenom’s head into his knee. Phenom crashes to the mat and Matrix locks on an ankle lock, Phenom yelling out in pain. After a little while Matrix releases the hold and then locks in an Elevated Crab!

SM: Matrix trying to send a message to everyone here, that he can actually wrestle!

DK: And Phenom is getting the worst of this display, Cairns and the referee are still down and can’t do anything!

SM: Actually Cairns is getting back up again now… and he’s pulling DC Matrix away from Phenom.

DK: Matrix has finished his little display, he’s outta here!

Matrix slides out of the ring, and tosses Baz Collins back in before leaving ringside. Cairns looks out at Matrix, and then the fallen Phenom. Da Man pulls Phenom to his feet, standing head scissors…. DA BOMB!!

SM: Cairns nails his move, and makes a cover…

DK: The referee is just about conscious…

SM: One…



DK: He’s done it! The journey continues for Da Man, Scott Cairns!