Kendra Wing- This match is one fall to a finish, from Wrexham, Wales at 6’5″ and 257 lbs, his is the Clafftastic one and one strange guy, Nick Claffey!

[Inside the arena, the lights dim out and a slight drum beat can be heard and a un-recognizable video begins to play on the screen. Suddenly, the song “Watch Your Back” by Benny Cassette begins to pump through the PA System. Two spot lights hit center stage, and a well built Man with Blonde hair which comes down just over his ears, clad out in a pair of blue cut off jeans and a T-shirt which reads “Whos Your Daddy?” The crowd begins to get a little louder as some begin to realize just who this man is. Suddenly, the lights come back on fully and the outlet finishes, and the crowd roars its aproval as Nick Claffey is fully revealed on top of the ramp. he makes his way to the ring, alongside his hotter than hot grilfriend, Amber, as the gobsmacked crowd lets out its aproval]

Kendra Wing- And his opponent From parts unknown, weighing in at 145 pounds… Mister E!

“The words Mister E flash in a twisting-like sequence across the Shockwave. Fireworks erupt as Mister E is shot up from under the stage. He flies up and lands as the crowd erupts in cheers. Heading for the ring, he slaps hands with the fans on his way down. He leaps over the top rope and climbs to the top turnbuckle, raising his hand to the cheering crowd. The name Mister E flashes in a twisting-like sequence across the (whatever Tron you guys are using lol). Fireworks erupt as Mister E is shot up from under the stage. He flies up and lands as the crowd erupts in cheers. Heading for the ring, he slaps hands with the fans on his way down. He leaps over the top rope and climbs to the top turnbuckle, raising his hand to the cheering crowd.

Claffey is on the move in an instant, charging toward Mr. E. He leaps into the air, looking for a roaring elbow. Mr. E sidesteps and Claffey hits the turnbuckles with force. He turns and Mr. E takes him down with an arm drag into a seated arm-bar. Claffey kips up and takes Mr. E down with a head scissors. Both men get back to their feet. Claffey leaps with a wild clothesline, nearly connecting but Mr. E swipes it away. Mr. E goes for a clothesline, Claffey ducks under. Both men throw the same punch, colliding knuckles in the center of the ring. They stare at each other momentarily as the fans are in a frenzy. Claffey nods his head and begins circling around the ring.

Goodman- I think the luchadore has gotten under Claffey’s skin from the get-go.

Poe- Well Claffey is kind of a headcase to begin with.

Claffey asks for a clean lockup and gets it. They jockey for position. Mr. E powers Nick into a standing side headlock. Claffey elbows his way to freedom and attempts a back suplex. Mr. E lands on his feet and runs Claffey into the ropes, scoring with a roll-up.



No! Claffey kicks out easily.

Goodman- Yep, this one isn’t going to end like that, I assure you. Claffey is way too experienced.

Mr. E now asks for a lockup and Claffey suckers him in to a knee to the gut. Mr. E doubles over and Nick scores with a flurry of elbows to the back of the head, putting the masked man to the mat. Claffey springs to the ropes and comes off looking for a kick but Mr. E sweeps his legs out. Claffey crashes down inches away from the luchadore’s head. Mr. E mounts him, firing away with hard right hands. Claffey shields with one hand and gets into the guard, flipping him over. Now Claffey exerting himself with closed fists. Mr. E shoves free and both men get back to their feet in a clean sweep.

Poe- These moflickie got a lot riding on this match. Mr. E was a replacement and Claffey has a chance to prove himself to the MWA. If he doesn’t do it here, he may never do it.

Mr. E calls Claffey on who answers the challenge with a mad dash. Claffey picks him up on his shoulder, slamming him into the turnbuckles. They batter each other with closed fists in the ropes and eventually fall through to ring side. They hit the concrete hard but seem not to notice as they continue to pummel each other. Mr. E is up first with his hands gripped around Claffey’s head. He jerks him up and fires a stiff right that rocks him in place. Mr. E lunges forward with a lariat that drops Claffey hard to the concrete. Claffey kicks his legs, selling the pain of the move. The referee drops to the outside, telling Mr. E to get it back in the ring. Mr. E ignores him and pulls Claffey back up.

Goodman- Why isn’t the referee counting them?!

Poe- Because the profile of this match is that large, Wally. If he counted either of them out I think the fans in this arena would riot!

Mr. E tries for an Irish whip but Claffey reverses on the hot step sending Mr. E head first into the guard rail. Claffey grabs Mr. E by his hair and pulls him up. He lifts and drops to a seated position laying Mr. E throat first across the railing with a hot shot! Mr. E falls to the concrete holding his chest and throat as Claffey gets back up wiping the sweat from his face. Mr. E rolls over onto his stomach and Claffey pulls him to his feet. Nick lifts and slams him hard to the concrete then ventures to the apron

Goodman- What the hell is Claffey doing!?

Poe- We’ve seen him do this before!

Claffey takes off down the apron, leaping off with an elbow right across the sternum of Mr. E. The fans are to their feet, both cheering for one or the other. Nick crawls over to the guardrail, using it to get back up. The referee yells at Claffey warning him to get back into the ring. Claffey grabs Mr. E and tosses him back in, following but veering to the top rope. Claffey calculates the move, measuring Mr. E as he gets back to his feet. Mr. E staggers back into the ropes inadvertently, knocking Claffey from his perch and into an unenthusiastic landing.

Goodman- Man! Talk about testicular fortitude.

Poe- Snap! I’d be crying right now if I were in that position! But i got a lot to lose down there.

Mr. E climbs up with Claffey, throwing two hard punches to the cranium before setting up for a superplex. Claffey comes to life as soon as he’s lifted, hammering Mr. E’s ribs with a series of forearms. Mr. E’s arms waver as he loses his balance. Claffey shoves him and Mr. E crashes hard to the mat. Claffey leaps off, landing across Mr. E’s throat yet again with a guillotine leg drop! Claffey drapes himself across Mr. E, hooking the near leg.



No! Mr. E with a kick out.

Poe- I thought Claffey had it, I really did.

Goodman- Mr. E is still breathing, this one isn’t over!

Claffey is up, standing in the corner with his arms craned. Mr. E staggers up and Claffey springs forward, applying his choke setup for the Tiger Clutch. Mr. E fights it, throwing whirlwind like elbows. He connects with one on Claffey’s jaw sending him into the ropes. Claffey comes off and Mr. E nails him with a beautiful standing dropkick. The fans begin cheering as Mr. E feels the warm breeze of a second wind. Mr. E is up, calling Claffey on. Claffey gets up and Mr. E plants him with a high impact spine buster into a cover.



NO! Claffey with his left shoulder up at the last possible second! Mr. E staggers Claffey with a right hand then sends him to the ropes. He catches him on the rebound with a Hurrancuranaand hooks for the cover.



3!!! Mr. E with the win.

Goodman- Claffey is upset by the young man we know so little about.

Poe- Claffey may never live this one down.