JS: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is the Ladder Hell Match for the BWA Internet Championship! Already in the ring is the current champion, from Chicago, USA. He stands at 6’5″ and weighs in at an impressive 325 lbs. He is one third of the Instruments of Destruction… NEMESIS!!

Nemesis stands in the ring, the ladder in his grasps as he waits for his opponents.

JS: And now, coming to the ring from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He stands at 6’4″ and weighs in at 246 lbs. He is accompanied by his wife, Veronica, he is… SHANE BEST!!

As “Praise” plays, the lights go dim. Then a huge curtain of golden pyros come streaming down from the ceiling above the ramp way. There is a small gap in the middle, and from this gap emerges a limping Shane Best, accompanied by his wife Veronica. The two make their way to the ring, and as they get there, Shane holds down the second rope for Veronica to get in, and follows her in himself. He holds his ribs too as Nemesis stares at him wickedly.

JS: And the second challenger, coming to the ring from Miami, Florida, USA. He stands at 6’4″ and weighs 245 lbs. He is the master of the Gone Platinum… he is… PLATINUM!!

The lights dim and moments later “Skeletons of Society” by Slayer hits the p.a. system, and like clockwork, the entire crowd rises to their feet and awaits the arrival of the veteran. Platinum appears at the entrance with a big smirk on his face as he receives a huge pop from the fans. Platinum makes his way down to the ring and climbs each corner turnbuckle, raising his fists in the air until the music ceases.

DS: This is gonna be good, Mayo. Nemesis will be out to get another win on the board for the IoD.

SM: But Shane and Plat will be out to stop him, that’s a dead cert.

Nemesis suddenly charges and floors both opponents with the ladder!


The match now officially starts, and Nemesis throws the ladder into the corner. He pulls Shane Best up off the mat and nails a back breaker, then a rib breaker… and finally a shoulder breaker. Shane, already hurting from Worthington’s attack, is now really in pain. Plat is up, stood back watching as Nemesis puts the boots to Best. Platinum grabs the ladder and walks up behind Nemesis. He taps him on the shoulder, and the Champion turns around. Plat throws the ladder at Nemesis, who catches it. Platinum then sweeps Nemesis’ legs from under him, sending him falling forwards onto the ladder he is holding! Plat then pulls Nemesis back up and whips him into the corner, charging in after him. Nemesis gets a boot up and Platinum goes down. Nemesis drops an elbow and then locks in a Boston Crab. Being a variation on Hell in a Cell, there are no disqualifications, so Platinum grabbing the ropes does not force Nemesis to break the hold. What does force him to break the hold is a smack round the head with a ladder from Shane Best! Best is out for a bit of revenge after some big moves early on from the Champ, and now Shane is continually bashing the ladder into the ribs of Nemesis!

DS: That’s gonna hurt, Mayo!

SM: Especially Nemesis, remember the attack on his ribs by Kaine and Dante? Those ribs are gonna be sore!

Platinum is back to his feet, walking off the strain on his back from the Boston Crab. He walks up behind Shane Best, who is still reigning down ladder shots on Nemesis, and grabs him into a sleeper hold. Shane tries to fight the hold, but Plat just tightens it even more. Shane is going down, to one knee. Then he drops lower, and eventually Plat releases him as he is seemingly out cold! Plat pulls Nemesis back up, as he’s still holding his ribs, and pushes him back into the corner. Plat shows his strength as he hoists Nemesis into the air, nailing a big Brainbuster DDT! He grabs the ladder and begins to climb, hoping for an early win. But Nemesis gets to the ladder and pushes it, just before Plat can grab the Internet Title belt. Plat jumps off the ladder before he falls, and then runs for Nemesis, connecting with a running forearm to the face. Now Plat locks in a Boston Crab!

SM: Platinum putting in a good show for his BWA debut, and his long awaited return to the ring.

DS: He’s an experienced veteran, Mayo. He has ring smarts. Probably more than most in the BWA!

Shane Best is back up, and sees Plat with the crab on Nemesis. Shane is behind Platinum, and sets up the ladder and begins to climb! Nemesis can see him, but Plat can’t as Shane continues to climb. Nemesis, in pain from the Boston Crab, manages to yell out to Platinum… warning him that Shane is trying to grab the belt. Platinum looks back over his shoulder and sees Shane, at the top of the ladder. Plat releases Nemesis and pushes the ladder, Shane falling awkwardly out of the ring, and hitting the cell wall hard! Nemesis has gotten back to his feet and grabs Platinum from behind, getting him into a sleeper. He moves round so that the ladder is behind him, and then plants Platinum onto it with a Reverse Brainbuster! Platinum is now holding his own ribs as Shane Best re-enters the ring. Nemesis stops him from attacking Platinum as he clotheslines him from behind. Nemesis spots that the ladder is leaning against the ropes, and that Platinum is crouched over one end of it. He whips Shane Best into the ropes and presses him into the air. He throws Best over the top rope, into the ladder, knocking the ladder into the ribs of Platinum!

SM: Nicely done by Nemesis. Platinum may have ring smarts, Dan, but so does Nemesis. And Nemesis has that added power advantage. Platinum is going to have to come up with something special to win this title.

DS: Well all three men have taken a beating. Shane is slowly becoming the whipping boy of this match, while Nemesis and Platinum both have injured ribs!

Nemesis teases a few fans in the front row as Shane and Platinum are down. Nem grabs the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring, climbing towards the belt. He reaches the top and has one hand on the belt, but Shane runs back into the ring and dropkicks the ladder. The ladder falls out from Nemesis, who is now hanging from the belt! Shane bounces off the ropes and jumps, grabbing the legs of Nemesis, pulling him off the belt. Nemesis falls, face first, onto the fallen ladder!! Nemesis rolls around, now bleeding from his nose. Platinum is back up, and grabs Shane Best. The two grapple into the ropes, and Shane Best tries to suplex Plat out of the ring! But the BWA newcomer blocks it, twists Shane round and nails a falling reverse DDT! Plat turns round to be met by a big boot from an irate Nemesis! Nemesis pushes Platinum into a corner, and sets him up on the top rope. He hoists Platinum onto his shoulders and nails a Super DVD onto the ladder!!


SM: Nemesis is pissed, Dan. Shane made the big fella bleed, and now he’s really pissed!

Shane is back up to his feet, and Nem grabs him from behind. He lifts him up and back suplexes him on top of Platinum and the ladder! Nemesis roars loudly as he points to the Internet Title, hanging from the ceiling of the cell. Nemesis pulls the ladder out from under Platinum and Best, setting it up in the middle of the ring. He climbs, and grabs hold of the belt again. As he struggles to release it Platinum manages to get back to his feet, with assistance from the ladder. He begins to climb up the other side of the ladder to Nemesis, until the two men stand facing each other at the top of the ladder. They trade punches, trying not to fall the twenty feet to the mat below. Nemesis still has one hand on the title, and Platinum also gets one hand on the belt. The two then realise that Shane Best is pushing the ladder out from under them. They both fall, and the belt comes untied! They both fall, and land on Shane Best!

DS: The belt’s down, Mayo. But who has hold of it? Who’s won?

SM: Referee Ash Lewis is going over to check which man has the belt in his grasp….

The referee looks down at the three fallen men, as Platinum begins to stir.

SM: No! Tell me the veteran hasn’t just picked up Nemesis’ Internet Title!

Plat rolls over…..

But there’s no title! Nemesis begins to move….



JS: Your winner, and STILL BWA Internet Champion… NEMESIS!!

DS: Hot damn that was close!

SM: Nemesis comes away with his title, after a very tough match!

DS: He’s shown another side to his game tonight, Mayo. He showed none of that mutual respect he usually has for opponents… he just went in there to maim and destroy… and his game plan worked! And you know what else this means?

SM: It means that the IoD pick up another win here tonight. That makes it 2-1 in their favour… with one to go!

DS: And it’s the most important one, Mayo. The BWA Title on the line as Vindicator and Angel go at it in the Hell Squared match, and Dean Kendall is the special referee!