Kendra Wing- This next match. Introducing first from Kingstown, Alabama… Weighing in at 487 pounds… Here is Sutton Riggsley… MOUSE!

As Dream Theatre’s “Overture” kicks into higher gear, Vindicator stands so that he can get a closer look at the Dojo’s super-heavyweight. The crowd stands at attention as well as the near-seven-footer walks out onto the stage, his mouse mask highly evident, a grin on his face as he wrings his hands together. Following closely behind is Loman Kael.

Goodman- Great googily moogilies. That isn’t a man it’s a house that walks.

Poe- Snap! That is one big mothafucka!

Kendra Wing- His tag-team partner hails from Dublin, Ireland and weighs in at 219 pounds… He is “The Irish Warrior,” LOMAN KAEL!

Kendra Wing- And their opponents, first from Southampton, England at 6’3″ and 229 lbs, this is the Loving Legend and a proud member of the Prime Time Payers, “Playboy” Al Galpin!

Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band play “Express Yourself” as Al comes down on the rampway arm in arm with the lovely ladies, Ebony and Ivory. He hops up on the apron and flips over the ropes and throws his arms in the air! The ladies help him take off his ring jacket and each places a kiss on his cheeks.

Kendra Wing- And his partner, now entering the ring from Madison, Wisconsin at 6’1″ and 229 lbs, the former owner of the MWA, “El Presidente” Brian Dunkel. Along with BellaBlue!

The crash of the symbol and the guitar riff opening “Killing in the Name Of” by Rage Against the Machine roars through the stadium as the lights grow dim. The crowd seated in the bowl of the arena goes quiet as the lead singer screams out, “Killing in the Name Of!” as silver bursts of pyro erupt from the stage. The curtain is pushed aside and “El Presidente” purposefully strides out onto the staging. Once on the cusp of the ramp, Brian stops, his chin held high as he raises his arms out to the side, prompting another eruption of silver sparks that reflects off his dark wire-rimmed Oakley’s. A confident smile on his face, Dunkel heads down the ramp, paying no attention to the jeering of the crowd.

And it looks like Mouse and Al Galpin are going to start off the match here. OH!! Mouse blindsiding Al, coming down hard on Al’s back with a right hand. Now he’s knocking Dunkel off the apron!!

Poe- Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy Wally. Dunkel had it coming. It shows you how much of an asshole he is when we don’t even pull for the moflickie when he’s representing the Fed.

Mouse quickly takes hold of Al Galpin, whipping him into the ropes as Kael watches on bored. Mouse comes back hard on Al with a huge big boot, taking him out momentarily. Following the big boot, Mouse quickly goes back to work with a vile look on his face, bringing Al to his feet.

Goodman- Mouse sure looks vicious out there tonight. Not showing any remorse for two of the superstars of the MWA.

Poe- From what I here this Mouse is like this at every show. No compassion, no mercy. Serious bad mothafucka.

Goodman- I don’t think Dunkel and Al need any compassion or mercy from Mouse and Kael, but they will need to be at the top of their game.

Mouse with a standing suplex, as Al goes crashing into the canvas. Dunkel is back up on the apron now as he looks on, not too happy. Mouse comes down on Al with a standing leg drop, right across his chest. Al cringes on impact, rolling around momentarily. Mouse sits up, looking around evilly at the booing crowd. He begins to pick up Al again, this time Loman Kael shouts at him for a tag.

Poe- Here’s another badass. Kael’s definitely going to inflict some pain on the Playboy.

Mouse tags Kael in, here comes the double team. They are stomping the life out of Al G here, and finally the ref gets control of Mouse, sending him back outside. Kael poses cockily for a moment, thrusting his hands up in the air, grinning momentarily. A frown quickly replaces the grin as he sends another kick to Al G, before lifting him to his feet. Kael lifts Al up by the side, with little or no trouble at all. He quickly brings out his knee, bringing Al down upon it hard delivering a backbreaker. Afterwards, he holds onto it, shaking his head in a no fashion before coming down with one more, this time letting Al’s lifeless body fall the canvas.

Goodman- This is just sick!! So far all Mouse and Kael have done is beat the living hell out of Al Galpin!!!

Poe- They are taking it to the Playboy. He used to be close with the Kendall clan. I think they see him as a traitor. He needs to tag Dunkel, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the ring, getting his ass kicked.

Kael laughs to himself at how easily he is destroying this man. Al begins to struggle to get up, but is quickly halted by a kick to the back by Kael. Kael then lets out a roar of anger, signaling for his finishing maneuver, but a counter by Al G as he brings him down into a REVERSE DDT!!!

Poe- Snap!!! Galpin is blowin my mind tonight.

Al now trying to get a Tag, still in pain after that combination of moves from Kael and Mouse. Dunkel. Kael is also struggling to his feet. Can Al get the tag….??


Dunkel comes in and immediately comes off the top rope with a huge elbow drop to the Infinity Dojo member. Immediately following, Dunkel hops to his feet as he charges over, returning the favor to Mouse as he knocks him off of the apron. Kael begins to rise to his feet, but the momentum of Dunkel is just too strong as he quickly puts a stop to it as he nails a huge missile dropkick to the kneeling Loman, sending Kael to the canvas.

Goodman- Dunkel is on fire here, really giving it to the Infinity Dojo!

Poe- Surprised Wally? Kael may be one of the baddest Moflickie’s on the planet, but Dunkel isn’t half bad.

Goodman- Your right, he is a very talented wrestler Porkchop, which makes his attitude all the more sad and pathetic. He is definitely more experienced then Kael as well.

Dunkel now locking his arms around Kael’s waist. Perfectly executed belly to belly suplex by “El Presidente” Brian Dunkel. What an amazing use of leverage!

Kael arches up in pain after the suplex, cringing in pain. Dunkel begins to lower the pace a little bit afterwards, slowly making his way to the fallen Loman. Kael begins to rise to his feet once more, but is again halted by Dunkel, he sends a hard right hand down on his back before whipping him into the ropes.

Poe- Mouse needs to help out his partner, he’s getting murdered out there!!

Goodman- Though I’m not sure Kael need’s help, he sure is taking a beating. Ever since Dunkel stepped in the ring, Kael definitely needs a break. Kael and Dunkel both coming hard off the ropes, Dunkel preparing to inflict some more damage on the member of the Infinity Dojo! But oh my Stars and Garters! Kael pulls a spinebuster out of no where, taking Dunkel out cold!!!

Goodman- Both men are down, and they both need to make a tag, the only question is who is going to get there first!!

Both men begin to slowly crawl towards each others corner. And…Kael TAGS Mouse!!! Mouse viciously climbs over the top rope, as he chasing the now scrambling Dunkel, he quickly tags in his partner Al. Dunkel rolls out of the bottom rope, still in pain as Mouse takes a swing at him. Al climbs in the ring and surprises Mouse whilst Mouse is swinging at Dunkel, delivering one hell of a german suplex to the monster known as Mouse!!

Goodman- Al G, now taking down Mouse with a beautiful german suplex.

Poe- Hmm so Al DOES know what he’s doing out there. Go figure.

Goodman- Oh please Jack, Al is a well respected wrestler. He just had a rough start, who wouldn’t have trouble with two men as monstrous as Kael and Mouse?!?

Poe- I’ll give ya that Wally. You are a master of the understatement.

Al is already up after the huge german, now back on the offense, sending some kicks to Mouse. Al now goes and and begins to lock in a boston crab as the crowd fills with mixed reactions. Once locked in, Mouse begins to scream in pain, in a low, almost scary voice. Kael quickly comes in and puts a stop to the painful maneuver by kicking Al in the back. The ref quickly sends Kael back to the outside but he keeps the ref distracted. Dunkel sneaks in and nails Mouse with the bulldog!!Al now picking Mouse back up, and a DDT by Al Galpin, and there’s the tag to Dunkel. Dunkel immediately hops into the ring with a cocky look and grin on his face. Now he begins to send a few chops to the chest of Mouse. Now Dunkel whips him into the ropes, and comes back with a huge flying lariat then brings them both into the ground, but Dunkel quickly climbs back up without hesitation.

Goodman- Dunkel is a house afire here. Kael and Mouse need to figure out a way to slow this veteran down. Dunkel now lifting Mouse up into a Veto! Mouse’s down. Cover



No! Mouse powerfully kicks out.

Dunkel now attempting a submission maneuver. Dunkel messes around with a legs for a second before locking in….A FIGURE FOUR!!! The crowd begins to go nuts as Mouse immediately pops up, cringing in pain. Kael tries to come in to stop the maneuver, but this time the ref stops him leaving Mouse helpless. Mouse finally gets a foot loose and sends a kick to the arse of Dunkel, sending Dunkel stumbling to his feet. He catches onto the rope as Mouse struggles to get up. Dunkel immediately attempts to go back to work on the big man. And Mouse grabs El Prez’s trunks and throws Dunkel to the outside!!! Mouse quickly makes the tag to Loman, who comes in only to meet an already recovered Dunkel!. Loman Kael with the clothesline. He picks him up and hits a Full nelson suplex, sending Dunkel crashing into the mat!!! Kael now lifts up Dunkel, with his same old cocky but yet angry look as he begins to lock in a dragon sleeper. Before long Dunkel begins to pass out, just where Kael wanted him as he now lets go of the dragon sleeper to attempt another maneuver. A body press slam!!! He lifts Dunkel up into his arms into the body press position. Once up there, Kael begins to raise and lower him as he does a few sets of Dunkel then drops him to the mat with a thud.

Goodman- Mouse is taking over here!

Kael quickly rushes over to where Dunkel is laying. He bends over and grabs Dunkel by the head to haul him up to his feet. The wiley veteran Dunkel pulls a trick from his old bag of tricks by raking the eyes of Kael. With Kael blinded, this gives Dunkel enough time to stagger to his corner and tag in the fresh Al Galpin. Al quickly enters while Dunkel exits and takes the breather he so desperately needs. Al grabs onto the blinded Kael’s head and drags him to the nearest corner. Al smashes Kael’s head onto the top turnbuckle.

Goodman- Agressive tactic by the Playboy but this match has gone on quite awhile. Do you think either of these teams can keep up the pace?

Poe- Dunkel I know can. I gots to plead ignorance on the Dojo guys.

Kael is dazed for a moment and Al realizes it and quickly takes advantage of it. Al grabs onto Kael’s left arm and whips him across to the opposite side turnbuckle. Kael Darquiel’s back crash onto the turnbuckle hard. Al rushes for the corner that Kael is at and hits Kael with a splash. The force sends Kael sitting on his rear end on the corner, looking out of breath. Galpin doesn’t take a minute to pause. He continues his offense on Kael. Galpin bends over to grab Kael by the head to haul him up to his feet. With Kael still at the corner, Al chops Kael with authority on his chest. Al Galpin chops Kael again on his chest. Al grabs Kael by the head to drag him out of the corner and back to the middle of the ring. Al Galpin spins Darquiel around so his back is facing him. Al applies a waistlock on Kael and hooks Kael’s left leg with his left arm. Al then lifts Kael up onto his shoulder and falls backwards. Al quickly goes for the cover…



Mouse quickly enters the ring to break the count. The referee orders Mouse back to his corner, Mouse complies. Al stands up while grabbing onto Kael’s head. They are both up on their feet. Al drags Kael to his corner and tags in Dunkel.

Goodman- Uh oh, a fresh Dunkel in now to take on a weary Loman Kael.

Dunkel quickly enters the ring. The first thing he does is walk close enough to Mouse’s corner and flips him the bird. Mouse angered by Dunkel’s gesture quickly ducks between the top and middle rope to enter the ring. The Referee quickly spots Mouse and quickly goes over to order him and hold him back from attacking Dunkel. Meanwhile this distraction allows Al to re-enter the ring and do the double team on Kael. Both Dunkel and Al begin punching Kael, who is stuck in the enemy corner.

Poe- Finally some good old fashioned teamwork.

Goodman- Don’t you mean cheating?

Poe- Winning means a bigger paycheck. That’s what it’s all about.

Mouse reluctantly exits the ring back to his corner. Al exits the ring too and is back to his corner. Mouse decides to retaliate by dropping off the apron and onto the mat outside. He rushes to Al Galpin and Dunkel’s corner. Mouse grabs Al by his legs and pulls him off the apron. Al lands on the mat on his feet. The two begin to brawl outside. Meanwhile, Dunkel grabs onto Kael’s left arm and drags him to the middle of the ring. Dunkel whips Kael to the ropes. Dunkel extends his arm out. Kael bounces off the ropes and spots Dunkel’s arm. Kael ducks underneath the arm and comes to a halt behind Dunkel. Dunkel spins around and is greeted by a boot to the gut by Kael. This causes Dunkel to bend over. Kael grabs Dunkel’s head and shoves it underneath his left arm. Kael nails a monstrous DDT on Dunkel. Both men are down.

Poe- What a DDT! Kael really took a lot out of Dunkel there!

With the referee distracted with the brawl between Mouse and Al on the outside, both Dunkel and Kael clamber back to their feet, where Kael swings for a clothesline. However, Dunkel ducks the shot and then waits for Kael to spin around before catching him with a stiff kick right to the family jewels! Kael falls backwards against the ropes, as El Presidente arrogantly raises his arms into the air, taunting the fans. However, Kael bounces off the ropes and then staggers forwards, driving his head straight into Dunkel’s groin! Dunkel bends over, about to drop to his knees, but then he is hooked up into a small package by his opponent, just as the referee turns around to see the cover being made…



No! Dunkel kicks out. Dunkel is furious and throws Kael between the ropes and to the outside. he follows him out by Loman is ready and fights back, taking it into the Mad City crowd. Al and Mouse rush out to seperate their partners and within moments all hell has broken loose.

Goodman- My god! It’s a Pier 6 Brawl in the crowd.

Poe- I just hope no one breaks a bottle over any wrestlers. You might spill some good beer.

The referee tries to get the match under control and goes back to the ring and begins the count. He hits 20 and neither team has made any attempt to bring it inside so he calls for the bell.

Goodman- It’s a double countout! How will this affect the Team Challenge Series?

Poe- A tie I guess. Should have known we couldn’t trust Dunkel.