We start with Max going for the legs and Jones missing a kick, then a lockup. Maximum Violence turns it into a headlock but Jones breaks out of it and reverses it into an armlock which is reversed into a go behind then a pin by Max for 1. The crowd is cheering heavily for the returning Alex Jones as both men lock up again. Jones with a go behind then a take down and a pin for one. He locks in an armbar but Max rises out of it then tosses Jones to the ropes. Jones with a slide under Max and hits a Japanese arm drag turned arm bar…nice! Again, Max fights to stand but Jones continues working the arm with some twist and torques before driving some knees to the arm and a pin for 1. Jones won’t let go of the arm, however. Max fights Jones into the corner and the ref breaks the hold, allowing Max to hits some rights and toss Jones to the opposite corner. This is met with an arm drag by Jones and again he keeps the hold locked in! Max goes for the hair and drags Jones to the corner then hits him with a knee but Jones reverses it quickly with some chops! Max hits him with the knee again and reverses Jones to the corner. He whips him but Jones reverses it into another chop! And another! Jones goes for the hat trick but Max telegraphs it with a right, hits the ropes then gets met with a Dropkick!! Max rolls out of the ring but Jones goes out to grab him and toss him back, only for Max to roll out again. Jones follows and tosses him up to the apron. Max is able to hit a neckbreaker on the apron before both men roll in the ring.

Max hits a clothesline and pins for 2! Max slaps Jones in the back of the head before locking on the chinlock with a knee to the back of AJ. Max gets Jones up in a fireman’s carry and drops Jones on the ropes neck first before dropping an axe handle and going for the pin for 2! Max drops elbows to the shoulder of Jones!  Max has a cravat on Jones once again. Jones fights out of it only for Max to slam him down to the mat again. Max still has the hold in but AJ uses the crowd to fight out of it, hits the ropes, we get a crucifix pin for 2 by Jones!! Max with a kick to the gut, but Jones reverses it for an AJ-Guri!!! He’s too tired to pin though. Both men back up, Jones with some chops, then a whip before hitting one final chop. He lays in the kicks then some knees and a spinning round house. Shining Wizard from Jones…but only gets a 2!! Jones goes up top…  PHOENIX SPLASH!!! And the three count puts an end to this contest.

Your winner, Alex Jones!

A solid win for AJ, who seems to be a changed man from the last time we saw him in a FRONTIER ring. And he’s ended a good run of form for Max Violence. It’ll be interesting to see where both men go from this one.