The men lock up a couple of times but neither man can get an advantage. They then both exchange forearms before Kail hits several uppercuts which send Gambino out of the ring. Matt then follows up with a diving somersault to Gambino on the outside. Both men return to the ring and Kail hits a suplex followed by an attempted monkey flip which is reversed by Gambino. Kail backs Gabe into the corner and hits several shoulder thrusts followed by a face wash but Gambino gets back into the contest with a drop toe hold followed by two suplexes. Gambino goes for the third but Kail rolls him into a small package for a two count.

When the men get back to their feet, Gambino hits another suplex, his third. Gambino then goes for a top rope move and hits a diving shoulder block followed by several knees to the back of the head of Matt Kail. Gabe continues to focus his attack on the neck of Kail and delivers a neckbreaker but Matt fights back with some chops. After receiving three earlier, Kail attempts to suplex Gambino out of the ring but it’s reversed and Kail gets bumped out of the ring. Gabe then comes off the ropes and hits a baseball slide just as Kail was trying to get back into the ring.

Kail gets up to the ring apron and goes for a springboard dropkick which Gambino avoids by pulling the referee in front of him! The ref is down and Gabe smirks. Gabe connects with a series of right hands, forcing Kail back into a corner. He charges in for a splash but Kail rolls out of the way, Gabe managing to put on the breaks in time to avoid himself an injury. Gambino manages to grab his opponent and hits an STO but Matt fights back again and nails an exploding suplex. He covers Gabe for what seems like a five count before the referee realises what’s going on and counts. He gets to a slow two when Gambino finally kicks out.

Kail looks frustrated that he didn’t get the three but tries to put it behind him. He launches Gambino over his head for a belly to back suplex. Kail climbs to the top rope and gives Gambino a big elbow drop. Another two count only! Both men then climb to the top rope and after a struggle, Gambino hits a brainbuster followed by a lariat but only gets two. Gambino drags Kail to his feet but gets a near fall with a bridging T-Bone suplex. Kail goes for another top rope move but is cut off by Gambino who then hits a boot into the gut and then nails the Fongul to get the victory!

Your winner, Gabriel Gambino!