The two made their way to the ring in surprisingly good spirits, I guess both of them just glad to have an opponent. Evangelista looked pumped and ready while Wake was laughing with fans and shaking his head. He was heard saying “First Shiek, now Adams… too scared to face me!”

The match starts and they lock up; Leanne turns it into a wrist lock. Wake reverses the move and the two jockey for position. Wake with an armdrag, heads into the ropes and hits a nice flying head scissors, taking down Leanne. The two work for position again, Leanne flips over Wake and then hits a great flying head scissors takedown of her own. Good opening exchange here, neither seems too thrown by the last minute change of opponent.

Leanne and Wake work for position again but Leanne takes down Wake and then hits a dropkick to the back of the head. Leanne continues to pound down Wake and then hits another big dropkick, this one to the face. Two count. Backbreaker by Leanne gets another two. Leanne locks up Wake’s legs and turns him over into a submission move. I don’t know what is was called but it looked like a modified surfboard.

Leanne then pounds away on Wake once more, with some forearms and kicks. She gets two. Leanne with a chin lock. Wake fights out and starts to punch Leanne. Leanne answers with a huge dropkick. She gets another two. They begin to trade blows. Wake sends Leanne into the ropes but Leanne rebounds with a crossbody. Wake into the ropes, Leanne moves, Wake with a leapfrog, Wake comes back with an arm drag, another arm drag and then a third sending Leanne outside the ring. Wake takes advantage with a suicide forearm smash to Leanne outside the ring! That one really got the crowd going!

The two get back into the ring and Leanne nails Zak with a dropkick but Wake responds with a dropkick of his own for two. Leanne with a sunset flip for two but Wake fights back with an elbow. Wake is moving slow now. Leanne with a roundhouse legsweep but Wake fights back with a clothesline. Wake sends Leanne in, misses another clothesline and Leanne hits a palm strike to solar plexus. Leanne takes the advantage. Wake fights back and Leanne hits a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle for two.

Zak heads to the top and leaps again but Leanne nails an amazing neckbreaker after catching Wake in midair! A few “Holy Shit” chants after that one. Leanne tries for a powerbomb but Wake fights back and hits the Blindside for a two count. Wake looks like he is Hulking Up! He’s got a second wind from somewhere as he hits the St-stutter. He only gets two. Wake sets up for the S.I.N. but Leanne blocks it and gets a roll up for two.

Each tries for a move but gets it blocked. Then both explode and start pounding each other. Leanne with a hard forearm. She follows it up with a clothesline. Leanne has Wake in the corner, turns and runs to the other corner but Wake follows her and hits the Blindside again! He follows with a Death Valley Driver, dropping Leanne on her head but only gets a two count. He takes Leanne to her feet and signals for the S.I.N. but Leanne powers out and hits a Northern Lights suplex. Leanne heads up for the Moonsault but misses. Wake sets up for the S.I.N. again but Leanne fights him off and then hits the Moonsault this time! Leanne only gets a two count! Wake up and hits a back suplex, sending Leanne into the corner. Wake wants another Blindside but Leanne dodges and nails Zak with a Filipina Legsweep’ and then hits the Moonaults for the three count and the win.

Your winner: Leanne Evangelista

A great debut showing from Wake, he almost had Evangelista a couple of times but Leanne shows us that resilience once more and walks out of Bournemouth with another win under her belt.