SM: Next up here on CyberSlam IV we have the triple threat hardcore match between Kris Kandy, The Crow and X.

DK: This one all started when The Crow and Kris Kandy’s match ended up turning into a Pier 6 brawl and heading into the backstage area. They got a little “hardcore”, using weapons and walls to beat each other up with.

SM: And then X came along and taught them the real meaning of hardcore by destroying both of them… he put one of them head first through a door!

DK: X is the definition of Hardcore fighting. He doesn’t use weapons much but he works well against them and can take one hell of a beating before getting his second wind and winning the match!

SM: Let’s see if that happens again tonight as referee Mark Peters gets ready to start the match.


SM: And here we go….

The match starts in the ring, a trolley full of weapons awaits on the outside for any who wish to use them. The match starts with the three men all standing toe-to-toe and slugging it out with one another. They move, after a few minutes, to proper wrestling moves and Kris Kandy takes out both of his opponents with swift DDT’s.

DK: Kandy gaining the upper hand… and he’s going for the weapons, this is where things get a mite more interesting!

Kris Kandy throws a chair into the ring, followed by a trash can and a singapore cane. He slides back into the ring and is instantly set upon by The Crow with the chair. Kandy cannot get back to his feet as his arch rival is going mad with the chair, not letting up on his brutal attack. X stands back and watches The Crow attack Kandy, laughing at the fact that he could well be making the match easier for him. The Crow, however, has seen X on the huge X-Tron screen. The Crow spins around and nails X with the chair, and again, and a third shot. X falls to the mat and Crow makes a cover, but X kicks out on two.

SM: The Crow is really going mad here tonight, and he could well walk away with what would be a big win for him.

DK: True, Mayo. But have you forgotten what we just said about X?

X pushes The Crow away from him and Kris Kandy is also back up to his feet. Kandy grabs The Crow and nails a reverse DDT before picking up the trash can and smashing it on Crow’s head. Kandy then grabs the Singapore cane and begins to his the trash can with it, driving it more into the head of The Crow. X grabs Kandy from behind and looks for a German Suplex until the KandyMan swings back with the cane and knocks X down. Kandy nails a few shots to the head of X before making a cover.

SM: Cover…. One,


DK: And a kickout from X.

X fights his way back to his feet and grabs Kandy. Standing head scissors applied…


DK: And Kris Kandy landed hard, right on the trash can and The Crow!

X pulls Kandy off Crow and props him up in one corner. He then pulls The Crow back to his feet and whips him into the same corner, his two opponents crashing into each other. The Crow falls backwards to the mat and Kandy too falls, accidentily headbutting Crow in the groin! X laughs as he makes a cover on The Crow…



Count stopped as Kandy breaks up the cover with an elbow to the back of X’s head. Kris Kandy grabs hold of X and looks for a Belly-to-Belly, but X reverses it and nails a Belly-to-Belly of his own on the KandyMan. The Crow is also back up and rushes for X, who has just picked up the chair. The Crow looks for a spear but X nails a chair shot and he falls to the mat, clutching his head. X surveys the damage as he goes to hook up with Kandy. He grabs the throat of Kandy….


DK: And now he’s grabbed Crow… CHALK OUTLINE!!

SM: A cover on Crow…



DK: Broken up by Kris Kandy, who’s somehow managed to get back to his feet.

SM: And he’s grabbed a sledgehammer!



SM: And now he covers X…





DK: MY GOD! Kris Kandy comes away with a huge win!

SM: We’ve been saying about X’s ability to come back, and it was the KandyMan who went and did it tonight!