Hardaway and Kane slug it out in the middle of the ring to start. Hardaway beats Kane into the corner and stomps a mud hole in him. Kane rolls to the outside, but Hardaway knocks him over the barrier and into the crowd. Hardaway hurls two steel chairs into the ring and rolls Kane in after them. Hardaway is looking riled up as he retrieves a cricket bat from under the ring and climbs into the ring. Hardaway connects with a brutal shot to the back, and that’s enough to draw a “SIX!!” call from the crowd. Kane again rolls to the outside and tries to back away, but Hardaway chases him back into the ring and levels him with a clothesline. Hardaway goes back to work with the cricket bat before wedging one of the chairs in the corner. Kane hides behind the referee and sneaks in a thumb to the eye before tossing K-Hard over the top rope. Hardaway gets back to his feet on the ring apron, but Kane connects with a cricket bat shot to the gut. Kane hits a springboard dropkick to the skull that knocks Hardaway off the apron. Kane heads to the outside and beats Hardaway right in front of the fans here in Nottingham.

Kane whips Hardaway into the barrier before rolling Hardaway back into the ring. He then climbs back in himself. Kane removes a turnbuckle cover and uses one of the cables to choke Hardaway. Hardaway regains control and goes for a high running knee in the corner, but Kane evades and Hardaway again tumbles to the outside. Kane rolls Hardaway back into the ring and gets a two count. Kane locks in a chin lock with his knee in K-Hard’s back, but Hardaway breaks the hold. Hardaway goes for a springboard clothesline, but Kane catches him with a cricket bat in mid-air. That was one hell of a shot, but Kane only gets a two count!

Hardaway pops back to his feet, a look of hatred in his eyes. Hardaway connects with a swinging neckbreaker and a the running high knee in the corner. Hardaway goes for the Asylum Bomb, but Kane counters and escapes. Hardaway grabs him again and gets a quick roll up for a two count. Hardaway heads up top, but Kane knocks the ropes to crotch Hardaway on the top turnbuckle. Kane heads up top and beats on Hardaway, but Hardaway fights back and knocks Kane back down to the mat. Hardaway hits a Diving Elbow Drop for a looong two count. Hardaway goes for the Asylum Bomb, but Kane sneaks out and connects with a DDT. Kane goes for the BK Backfist, but Hardaway ducks and goes for the Williams Driver, but Kane counters again. These two know how to avoid each others moves, they’ve known each other so long.

Kane whips Hardaway head-first into the chair that is still wedged in the corner for a looong two count of his own. Hardaway struggles back to his feet, but Kane catches him with a AMG Driver. Kane locks in the Your Last Serenade right in the middle of the ring. Hardaway makes it to the ropes, but ropes don’t cause a break in this match! Hardaway uses the ropes to pull himself out of the hold, sliding to the ring apron and safety. Kane looks for a baseball slide, but Hardaway leaps up, springboards off the top rope and connects with a legdrop on Kane. He pulls Kane up, whips into the ropes and looks for the Decap Lariat. Brad Kane ducks, gets K-Hard up onto his shoulders and looks for the Go 2 Pele, but Hardaway slides off his shoulders after connecting with elbows to the head. KTFO~! connects. Hardaway sets up a chair in the middle of the ring. He signals for the Asylum Bomb, onto the chair? KANE ESCAPES! Kane grabs the Cricket bat, strikes… and Hardaway catches the bat! K-Hard pulls the bat out of his opponents hands… DECAP LARIAT WITH THE CRICKET BAT!!!! One… Two… Three!!!

Your winner, Kevin Hardaway!