And then it was time for our main event of the evening, the match that the whole show is named after. Jones vs. Hardaway II!!!

Jones was out first, a decent reception from the crowd here in Liverpool. Jones has a big support in FRONTIER and there’s a lot of people who are expecting, or wanting, him to win tonight. Hardaway came out to a true champions reception from the crowd, his fans getting behind him to get revenge on Jones’ win in their first match and come out of Liverpool with two title defences under his belt.

They start off with a slow feeling out process. Jones goes after the arm and takes it down to the canvas. Hardaway headscissors out to show he can wrestle too. They go to standing counters and Jones takes him down again with a headlock this time but Hardaway headscissors out again. Jones backs up and Hardaway smiles. Jones goes back to the arm and demonstrates persistence and patience. He takes Hardaway back down and quickly pins for two. Hardaway switches out looking for a submission move but Jones gets away from him with his speed. Jones goes back to the headlock, Hardaway throws him off and gets a drop toehold looking for an ankle lock. Jones gets away from him again. Hardaway takes a moment to assess the crowd and taps his head suggesting he thinks he’s got Jones’ game down. Jones with a waistlock and he holds on blocking the usual reversal and making Hardaway earn it. Hardaway gets out and picks off Jones’s leg looking again for the ankle lock, a new strategy from Hardaway here, maybe he’s trying to throw AJ off?

Jones says something that we couldn’t hear and Hardaway punches him onto his ass. Jones looks riled and is ready to fist fight! But they lock up instead. Hardaway uses the headlock to get control and Jones can’t counter out. Interesting little psychological battle going on here. Jones gets it back to standing but can’t throw Hardaway off because he’s too strong. So it’s back to the mat and Hardaway leans in to pin for one only. Now Jones is having to waste energy kicking out of a headlock. He gets back to standing but gets whipped back over. Jones tries the headscissors but can’t get anywhere near to it. Back to standing and Jones opts for striking kicks into the ribs to break it up. Hardaway runs through him with a shoulderblock and goes back to the headlock.

Crowd gets the duelling chants going, to be honest I think the crowd is more pro Jones here in Liverpool. Jones tries to wristlock out. Hardaway counters it and headlocks Jones back down. Jones realises striking is the way to go and kicks his way out but Hardaway cuts him down with a short clothesline for two. Back to the headlock. Jones elbows Hardaway in the jaw and finally gets some distance away from Hardaway’s control. Jones forces Hardaway into the corner and chops at him. Jones runs into a boot though and Hardaway powers up into the Decapitation Lariat for a good two count.

Back to the headlock again and Hardaway takes him down with it. Hardaway with a few shoulderblocks and he nearly runs into an AJ-guri but dodges it. Hardaway hauls AJ up looking for the Angelina’s Crossing but Jones grabs the ropes to escape and bails to the ring apron. An interesting opening to this match, a slower paced affair than I was expecting. Maybe these two know it’s going to be a long night?

Alex is back in and Hardaway is working the headlock again. Jones gets out with kicks again and chops at Hardaway in the corner. He back elbows him as well so show he means business, it was a vicious looking elbow. Hardaway is rattled and drops to a knee. Jones snap mares him over and stamps on his face. Crowd reacts positively suggesting that they’re wanting to see a brutal fight here tonight. He chops away some more but Hardaway punches his way out. Jones gets caught and Hardaway nails a Spinebuster for two. Hardaway then busts out the Tiger suplex for another two count. The pace is quickening. The crowd is getting hotter too, this match is building nicely!

Hardaway stalks Jones wanting something. He nails the German Suplex for two. Jones chops away but gets backdropped. Jones counters out and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Both guys stay down for some time. Jones comes back with kicks but Hardaway battles back with punches. Jones’s kicks win out. Spear! Both guys down. Hardaway up first, Jones pulls off the nip up ‘rana!

Jones heads up top. Spiral Tap! Jones seems energised after connecting with that one. He plays to the crowd, thinking this is his chance to finish it. Hardaway is up, Jones moves him into a backslide for a two count. Hardaway charges but misses with a flying elbow and slides out under the ropes. He’s down and hurt. Jones is tired and beat up. He doesn’t want the count out though and goes for a summersault plancha over the top rope. Hardaway catches him and goes to run him into the post. Jones squirms out and runs Hardaway into the steps. Both guys down again as we approach the half hour mark!

After a few moments of recovery Jones is in better shape and the two move back into the ring. Hardaway is holding his arm after sliding out of the ring and that’s now Jones’ focus. Hardaway gets thrown into the turnbuckle. Jones looks to be happier now, he has a target. Jones hangs up the arm on the ropes and then takes it out by pulling down on the shoulder. Hammerlock and Hardaway is grounded. Hardaway retorts to pulling hair. Jones rolls K-Hard up for two. He keeps rolling Hardaway into a pin but can’t get it so he resorts to knees into the arm. Much more focus from Alex now, the crowd getting behind him.

Hardaway manages to power out and slams Jones with his good arm. Elbow drop misses and Hardaway landed on his bad arm. Why the hell did he do that? Jones kicks him in the shoulder but Hardaway uses his good arm for several clotheslines. Shoulderblocks. KTFO~! Hardaway tries to shake it out while Jones can’t see him. Lionstomp! Hardaway shakes the arm out again. He goes for the Angelina’s Crossing but Jones gets out and looks for the Time to Burn, Hardaway avoids and gets Alex up for the Angelina’s Crossing…for a two count only!

Hardaway begins working the back of the challenger and he tosses Jones outside. Hardaway follows out and ring-posts Jones, back first. Back inside Hardaway pins for a casual looking two. Hardaway clubs away and Jones arches his back in pain. Hardaway clubs at the back more as Jones blocks a suplex attempt. Hardaway tries again and powers him up into a suplex for another two count. Jones looks in pain big time after the impact. Hardaway sees it as a huge target and hooks up for a German. Jones battles back and elbows out. Jones with kicks, again, as desperation. Not much on these now though, he’s tiring. Jones gets reversed on a whip though and takes a huge corner bump to the floor at speed. Hardaway doesn’t follow out intially but then realises this might end in a count out and goes to get Jones. He goes up top and hits an elbow …for ANOTHER two count. Lots of pins here, but not enough damage done yet.

Hardaway looks bewildered after that didn’t get the job done. He has to power Jones up and goes to the ropes looking for a superplex. He switches to an Angelina’s Crossing from off the top but Jones fights out into a A hiptoss from the top rope, followed by a jumping fist drop, a nip up and a stiff kick to the Champ’s back as he sits up. Both guys worn out after that Xtreme Combo. Jones gets moving first. Hardaway trips him up looking for the ankle lock again but Jones turns quickly in it and kicks him off. Hardaway ends up on the apron and Jones charges him off. Hardaway bounces off the guard rail as fans get to their feet, slapping the champ on his back. Jones hasn’t done enough damage for his liking though and goes for a piledriver on the arena floor! Hardaway realises what’s going on though and backdrops Jones off. Jones lands hard and has a lot of back pain. Both men take a moment to recover as we have passed the 45 minute mark!

After a moment of recovery we have a brawl at ringside! Hardaway gets on top and wails away on Jones. After much discussion with the referee the two men are persuaded to take it back inside the ring. As soon as they’re in Hardaway trips Jones, AJ Lock! Hardaway trying to end this with one of Jones’ own moves. Hardaway looks tired though and doesn’t have it all that well because of his injured arm. Jones is able to bend his arm, holding it with his other hand, thus denying Hardaway a lot of his torque. Jones is able to turn and get the ropes. Big cheer from the crowd for that.

Hardaway is slow to break though. He knows that took a lot out of Jones and stalks him. Jones is barely moving. Hardaway thinks he has this, the confidence is evident. He nearly gets caught with a superkick, goes for the Angelina’s Crossing again but Jones slips out and connects with the TIME TO BURN! Hardaway is down. Jones is slow into the cover but drapes an arm over. Hardaway KICKS OUT at two!!

They’ve been out there for 55 minutes now. Jones pulls Hardaway back up for some kicks. Hardaway fights back with punches. None of the strikes have anything on them due to fatigue. Jones takes a corner bump again but rolls back into the ring. Hardaway charges for the Decapitation Lariat but Jones moves quickly to grab the arm and drag him to the mat. AJ-LOCK!! On Hardaway’s already injured arm!

The crowd have been whipped into a frenzy and the roof is about to come off this place. Hardaway is in a world of pain and surely couldn’t last long in this hold. He tries not to tap, his face bright red as a primal scream comes from deep within him. With his free arm he’s trying to reach the ropes, just a few inches away from him. His fingertips are agonizingly close to the rope but he can’t grab them. And then AJ manages to find an extra something and pulls back even harder! A few short moments later Kevin Hardaway taps out!

Your winner, and NEW GFC Heavyweight Champion, Alex Jones!

Wow, what can I say. I thought that the 60 minute time limit was about to expire. Having checked with the timekeeper the end came at 58:30!! That was a match that shows the very best that FRONTIER has to offer and while Hardaway may have dropped the belt here tonight he’s shown just how much he can go through.

But it’s Alex Jones who takes over the reigns as the new GFC Heavyweight Champion. His celebrations will go on long into the night here in Liverpool and I’m sure he’ll be quick to point out this is his second FRONTIER win over Hardaway and his second submission victory to boot.