Zak started off quickly and got the first near fall following an STO. Yamamoto walked into two arm drags and then the two hit a stalemate as they both went for a clothesline. Kenchi then hit a kick followed by a chop from Zak and the two exchanged their strikes for a good thirty seconds before Yamamoto floored Wake for a one count. Kenchi then delivered a belly to belly suplex that followed into an arm breaker but Zak got to the ropes. Wake then used his speed advantage to good effect and hit a couple of kicks of his own which lead to a senton for a two count. Kenchi hits several forearms but Zak again slips his way out followed by a lariat. Kenchi fought back and hit a bridging suplex for a near fall but Wake didn’t let him breathe and got a two with a small package which lead to both competitors getting two counts in quick succession. Yamamoto was beginning to get frustrated and suddenly seemed to move up through the gears.

Sit out powerbomb got him a one count only, Blue Thunder bomb got him a two. Wake tried to fight back but the Grand Crash stopped him in his tracks. A Giant Driver followed for what turned out to be an easy victory for the big Japanese star!

Your winner, Kenchi Yamamoto!

I have to say, I’m impressed with Kenchi’s performance here tonight. Dominant at the end there. That’s got to put him in contention for a big match next month!