Nickelback’s “Slow Motion” kicks in.

Jenny Starr- The next match is a one-on-one match, scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Reno, Nevada… representing the UKWA, JORDAN BLAKE!!

The jumbo-tron begins to flash with blue lasers as the name “Jordan Blake” appears…his video begins as he steps out looking as cocky as ever, arms pressed to his side, smiling smuggly at the fans, shrugging them off then stepping down the aisle and into the ring.

Dan- This guy confuses me, Mayo.

Mayo- In what way?

Dan- I’ve seen official papers calling him Jordan Blake, and I’ve seen official papers calling him Blake Jordan. Which the hell is it?

Mayo- Well, he’s been announced by Jenny Starr as Jordan Blake… so we’ll go with that!

Jenny Starr- And his opponent, from right here in Madison, Wisconsin. At 5’10” and 222 lbs, he is the former MWA World Champion, the “Dreamlover” Jackie Sweets. And with him is the most desirable woman in the universe, Starlett!

Suddenly the MilleniumScope lights up once again and an eerie purple light descends on the arena. Silver lightning effects strike the top of the rampway and light up the building. The words “This is Life” sound and the MilleniumScope comes to life with a video and the song “Dreamlover” by Mariah Carey plays through the arena. At the top of the rampway appears Jackie Sweets and Starlett! Sweets wears his trademark purple robe and tights with a silver heart on the rear. Starlett and he come down to the ring, shaking hands with fans on the way. Once inside, Starlett removes Jackie’s robe to show off his chiseled abdomen. She kisses him softly and hops out of the ring. Sweets grabs her as she departs and kisses her tenderly one more time.

Mayo- Jackie Sweets can only be described as a legend, Dan.

Dan- Well he’s going to have to fight like one tonight, here in his hometown. His MWA are down 4-3 to the UKWA at the moment, and that’s not good news for Sweets!


Mayo- The match is underway! Ben Smith is your referee for this one…

Sweets and Jordan hook up and Jordan gets the upper hand right away as he takes Sweets down with a swift DDT, and he follows up quickly with an ankle lock submission move. Sweets grits his teeth, and tries to reach the ropes. Sweets refuses to tap out and eventually Jordan releases the hold and starts to put the boots to Jackie. Jordan whips Sweets into the ropes and takes him down with a spinning heel kick. He follows it up with a senton splash and a cover, but Ben Smith takes a long time getting down to count and Sweets kicks out for one.

Mayo- Blake Jordan not happy with Ben Smith for that slow count!

Dan- Ah, he should know better than to argue with the referee.

Sweets gets back to his feet and grabs Jordan, taking the Infinity Dojo man down with a snap suplex. He holds onto Blake and pulls him back up, getting a second snap suplex, and then a third. Jordan is struggling all of a sudden and Sweets connects with an elbow drop. He then tries to go for an ankle lock of his own but Jordan gets a foot on the ropes. Sweets breaks the hold, even though Ben Smith didn’t seem too bothered. Just as Jordan is getting back to his feet the ring shakes a little, all three men in the ring stop for a moment.

Mayo- What the hell was that?

Dan- I have no idea, Mayo, maybe someone didn’t put the ring together properly!

Mayo- Are you questioning the MWA crew?

Dan- Er, no. Our hosts have been great… honest!

The men eventually continue the match and Sweets backs off Jordan as he gets back to his feet. Sweets attempts to whip Jordan into the corner but Blake reverses it and it’s the former MWA World Champion that ends up in the corner. Jordan sends in a knife edge chop to the chest of Sweets, getting a mild “Whooo!” from the fans. Jordan sends in another, this time harder and faster. The crowd again “Whoo!” the chop, and Jordan sends in a series of five or six more chops before one final, huge and hard chop to the now red chest of Jackie.

Mayo- Jordan sending in some very big chops to the Dreamlover here, and Jackie looks to be in a little pain!

Dan- Those chops have made his chest red raw!

Jordan sits Sweets on the turnbuckle, looking for a Superplex, but Sweets fights it off and pushes Jordan away before nailing a cross body block into a pinning combination…



Mayo- Kickout from the extremely quick count.

Dan- What’s with this refereeing? Smith’s a UKWA employee, but he’s siding with Sweets in this match!

Mayo- Ben Smith senses trouble. The MWA is 4-3 down, and the hometown legend is in the ring. He wants to get out of town alive, so he may well be favouring Jackie Sweets!

Jordan verbally abuses Ben Smith, who warns Jordan on his language and threatens disqualification. Just then the ring shakes again, and Smith almost loses his balance. The three men steady themselves and eventually carry on the match.

Mayo- This is very strange, Dan.

Dan- Indeed it is, Mayo. I don’t quite know what to make of it, Madison can’t be having an earthquake or something, can it?

Sweets grabs Jordan and whips him into the turnbuckle, he charges at him but Jordan gets a boot up into his face. While he is dazed he climbs onto the middle rope and jumps at him, taking him down with a Tornado DDT. Jordan makes a cover,



Kickout from Jackie.

Dan- Jordan complaining about the count again!

Blake is getting really annoyed with Ben Smith and he is at the end of his tether. He suddenly snaps…. Sa Sa Sa Sit Down! (3 Punch Combo into Upper-Cut!!) Blake nails Smith with one of his signature moves! The ring shakes again, and this time we find out why as Nick Claffey crawls out from under the ring!

Mayo- What in the hell?

Dan- Nick Claffey? What’s this welsh tosser doing out here?

Mayo- He’s the one who’s been shaking the ring! And he’s headed for Jackie Sweets!

Claffey has a chair in his hand, and nails Sweets with an almighty wallop! SMASH!!

Mayo- My god, what a shot to the face of Jackie Sweets.

Dan- The Dreamlover has been busted open, and Starlet looks on in shock from the outside!

Claffey shouts something down to a bloodied Sweets before leaving the ring again. Jordan just stood back and watched all this unfold, and he sees his opportunity to make a cover.

Dan- But Jordan nailed the referee! He’s out of things!

Mayo- This is insane, Dan!

Claffey slides back into the ring, while Blake is still covering Jackie. Claffey grabs the ref’s hand, and slaps it down on the mat.





Jenny Starr- Your winner, from the UKWA, Jordan Blake!?

Mayo- What the hell kind of ending was that? Nick Claffey just nailed one of his MWA colleagues!

Dan- That puts the UKWA 5-3 up, with only two matches still to come!!!

Mayo- That’s a very interesting point, Dan. What will Brand have to say if Nick Claffey just cost him this event?

Dan- Who the hell cares, Mayo? The UKWA are up by two, with two to go. Surely we can’t screw this up now?!