Wallace takes things right to Jay as soon as the bell sounds. Wallace grabs a side headlock and Pride shoots him off into the ropes, leapfrogging him and ducking under him before hitting Wallace with a big dropkick and a pair of armdrags followed up with a dropkick. Wallace rolls to his knees and eventually to his feet, but Pride brings him down to the mat with an armbar and the crowd is chanting his name as Wallace shoves him back into the corner and fakes a clean break before he takes a cheap shot on Pride. More right hands from Wallace and he backs away but Pride pulls him back into the corner and peppers him with rights before hitting a big hip toss out of the corner. Pride over to the other corner to grab Wallace, but Wallace catches him and drops him face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Wallace picks Pride up and sets him up for a vertical suplex, but Pride floats over into a roll-up off of the ropes for a two-count. Wallace misses a clothesline and hits the ropes, but Pride catches him coming of with a Powerslam. Pride calls for Wallace to get up, but Wallace bails out to the floor to catch his breath.

Jay is by the ropes, yelling down to him. Wallace hooks Pride around the ankle and drags him out of the ring, slamming his head into the guard railing before he rams him into the ring steps. Wallace with a handful of hair and he chucks Pride back into the ring. Wallace measures Pride for a stomp to the face. Elbow to the back of the head puts Pride down to his knees and Wallace rakes the back again and tells Pride to get up, with Pride responding with right hands and a dropkick that sends Wallace over the top rope to the floor. Pride right out after him with right hands and Wallace is trying to get away from him and get another breather as the crowd chants to support Pride. Wallace turns the tide with a cheap shot and rams Pride’s head into the barricade before sending him back into the ring. Wallace whips him into the ropes, but Pride reverses and holds on, slipping through Wallace’s legs and knocking him down before picking him up for a german suplex. Wallace rolls to the apron and Pride charges across the ring, hitting a shoulder block to the gut that sends Wallace flying to the floor.

Pride sends Wallace back into the ring before heading up to the top rope. Pride drops Wallace with a pumphandle backbreaker for a two count only. Somehow Wallace powers up to his feet as Pride was climbing up onto the top turnbuckle. Wallace splits his legs and crotches him on the top rope! Wallace climbs up and locks Pride in for a superplex…..cover from Wallace for a two. Wallace to Pride down with a DDT into a cover… hook of the leg… Pride with the kickout at two! Wallace whips Pride into the ropes but Pride reverses and hits an arm drag. Wallace rolls through it and charges at Pride, but Pride takes him over with a big snap powerslam for another two count.

After a moment of recovery we have a brawl! Wallace gets on top and wails away on Pride. Wallace thinks he has this, the confidence is evident. He nearly gets caught with a superkick, goes for the Highland Fling (TKO) but Pride slips out and connects with the PRIDE EATER! Wallace is down. Pride is slow into the cover but drapes an arm over. Wallace KICKS OUT at two!! The fans can’t believe Wallace kicked out of that! Pride pulls Wallace back up for some kicks. Wallace fights back with punches. None of the strikes have anything on them due to fatigue.

Wallace charges for a lariat but Pride moves quickly to grab the arm and drag him to the mat. BICEP SLICER!! The crowd have been whipped into a frenzy and the roof is about to come off this place. Wallace is in a world of pain and surely couldn’t last long in this hold. He tries not to tap, his face bright red as a primal scream comes from deep within him. With his free arm he’s trying to reach the ropes, just a few inches away from him. His fingertips are agonizingly close to the rope but he can’t grab them. And then Jay manages to find an extra something and pulls back even harder! A few short moments later William Wallace taps out!

Your winner, Jay Pride!