Gambino catches Talbot with a high knee and traps him in the corner, but Talbot fights back with a dragon screw. Talbot hits a drop kick with Gambino in the corner and gets a two count for an early near-fall. Talbot tries to lock in a surfboard, but he can’t get Gambino in it properly, so he stomps on the backs of Gambino’s knees instead. Talbot hits the ropes and connects with a low drop kick to the face for another two count. Good aggression early on from Jason Talbot.

Gambino whips Talbot to the corner, but Talbot runs up the ropes and flips onto his feet. Gambino levels Talbot and locks in a seated chin lock, but Talbot fights back to his feet and levels Gambino with a clothesline. Gambino fights back, traps Talbot between the ropes, delivers a volley of knees to the gut, and then hits Talbot with a massive clothesline that sends Talbot tumbling to the outside. Gambino rolls Talbot back into the ring but only gets a two count. Gambino goes back to the seated chin lock, but Talbot fights back to his feet and retaliates with elbow shots to the head. The fight spills to the ring apron and Gambino sets up Talbot for the Fongul from the ring apron to the floor, but Talbot escapes and gets back into the ring.

Talbot kicks Gambino down to the arena floor and connects with a flying knee shot from the apron to Gambino on the floor. Gambino rolls back into the ring, but Talbot comes off the top rope with a drop kick for a two count. Gabe goes for some sort of tilt-a-whirl slam, but Talbot floats over and chops down Gambino with a volley of kicks to the legs. Gambino gets to his knees, but Talbot goes to work with a vicious volley of kicks to the chest. Talbot connects with a kick to the head and gets a long two count. Talbot misses a kick in the corner, and Gambino finally regains control with a running knee lift. Gambino goes for The Fongul, but Talbot fights out and connects with elbows to the head. Talbot drags Gambino down to the mat and transitions into the figure four, but Gambino just manages to make it to the rope to break the hold.

Talbot takes Gambino up to the top rope, looking for Backdraft, but Gambino shoves Talbot and crotches him on the top rope. He tosses Talbot off the turnbuckle and then comes off the top rope with a flying clothesline than turns Talbot inside out. Gambino whips Talbot into the ropes, Talbot ducks a lariat and boots Gabe in the midsection. He hoists the Champ into the air… HYPNOTWIRL!! Cover… one… two… thre…. NO!!! Gabe out at 2.999!

Talbot looks exhausted; he came so close to getting his first World Title right there! He catches his breath, as does Gabe. The two lock up again. Talbot connects with a European uppercut and looks for a superkick, Gabe dodges and grabs the leg of the challenger, kicking him in the thigh. He moves quickly… FONGUL! FONGUL! Cover…. One… two… three!!!

Your winner, and STILL GFC World Champion, Gabriel Gambino!

My word Jason Talbot came close to becoming the next GFC Champion, but Gabe just did enough to retain the belt here in Wolverhampton. Talbot has been the nearly man of pro-wrestling for such a long time, but this was the first time he’s been up for the GFC World Championship. I have a feeling that it won’t be the last.