Tag Team Championship Match:

Hell, Fire & Brimstone Vs. Fire ‘N Ice (champs)

MB: This match is set for one fall. It is a regular match for the EWF Tag Team Titles! Making their way to the ring at this time, they are the challengers. From the Gravediggaz come Antikryst and Drew Id, better known as Hell, Fire and Brimstone!

The duo make their way to the ring accompanied by the woman’s champion, Vamp.

MB: And now, the current EWF Tag Team Champions, Joey Inferno and Evan DeGreggor, better know to the world as Fire ‘N Ice!

Limp Bizkit once again blares from the PA as Joey, Evan and Aphrodite make thier way to the ring.

Scott: The referee for this match is Trevor Peckham and he’s asking who’s going to start for each team.

Font: It looks like it’ll be Joey and Drew Id.

Joey started brightly against fellow cruiserweight, Drew Id. But he soon began to feel the toll of his match with Pob. Drew Id took Joey down with a Hurricanranna and headed for the top rope. He landed on Joey with a top rope leg drop and made a quick cover, 1…NO! Joey kicked out easily. Drew tagged in Antikryst and the two double-teamed Joey, taking him down with a double powerbomb and then landing a double elbow drop.

Font: Double teaming like that is the secret to Tag Team Wrestling!

Eventually Trevor Peckham made Drew Id leave the ring. Meanwhile on the outside Vamp and Aphrodite were cat-fighting in the aisle! After a few moments security seperated the two and took them away. Back in the ring Antikryst was getting the better of Joey, mainly through the use of dirty tricks. The crowd began to chant for Evan and Joey and Joey responded, hitting Anti with a low blow. This gave him the chance to tag in Evan. Evan came in and clotheslined Anti and then drop-kicked Drew, who was trying to get back into the ring.

Scott: Evan DeGreggor is in, and Drew Id is out!

Font: But he needs to keep an eye on Anti.

Anti had snuck up behind Evan and rolled him up, 1…2…No! Evan kicked out on two and a half. Evan took Anti down with a Frostbite and tagged out to Joey. The champs both worked over Antikryst while Drew Id was complaining to the referee. Joey inferno landed the Hot Flash, and DeGreggor came crashing down with the Absolute Zero.

Scott: That’s what they call “Extreme Measures”!

Evan hooked Antikryst’s leg, Trevor Peckham began the count. 1…2…3!

MB: Your winners, and still EWF Tag Team Champions, Fiiire ‘N Iceee!

Font: A solid display from the deadly duo of Joey Inferno and Evan DeGreggor.