This match is from EXPRO On FX #16, the EXODUS Pro TV Show and is reproduced with permission. The full original show is available here.

David Zinkus: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the GFC Tag Team Championships. Introducing first, the challengers, representing Pro Wrestling Frontier, they are the “Welsh Dragon” Michael Hopkins and The Betamix Kid!

Suddenly “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons hits the speakers to a chorus of boos. The curtains suddenly split, as Hopkins and Kid make their way into the arena. They ignore the heat being thrown their way, the duo gleaming arrogantly and with a noticeable swagger despite being outsiders. They slowly begin sauntering down to the ring, looking completely focused as they hope to pry the GFC Tag Titles from the clutches of the Godfathers of Wrestling.

Dick Morosi: These two are looking to do what DESTROY ALL HUMANS failed to do months ago, and that’s beat Chandler Scott and Jonathan Collins.

Seth Ericson: Frontier desperately wants those belts back in their camp. You’ve got to believe these two will try to win at all costs.

The lights in the RIMAC fade out as the opening riffs to Slash’s guitar version of the Godfather theme hits the PA system at full blast. The crowd immediately begin to cheer gratefully as they realize the song signifies the arrival of the honorable super group that the world has grown to love in recent memory in the business of professional wrestling. A lone spotlight shines down on the stage as two silhouettes emerge from behind the curtain.

David Zinkus: And now their opponents, at a combined weight of four hundred and and sixty-seven pounds… they are the defending, GFC Tag Team Champions! The team of Chandler Scott and “The Saint of Violence” Jonathan Collins… THE GODFATHERS OF WRESTLING!

As the song hits its crescendo, the lights turn back on to reveal two members of the Godfathers of Wrestling standing beside each other in a short line across the stage. The Director of EXODUS Pro itself, Jon Collins, stands beside Chandler Scott, the music picking up steam as the lights flickered back on at full force, two of the most recognizable fighters in the industry making their way down the ramp side by side, the GFC Tag Team Championships over both their shoulders.

Seth Ericson: These two have been a well oiled machine. Jon has agreed to defend the belts, but on his turf, in our backyard. I doubt he and Chandler will let these guys come in here and take them out on their turf.

Dick Morosi: That’s why they wrestle the match, Seth. GOW doesn’t back down from any challenge. They’re looking to maintain their grip of those GFC Tag Titles, so to think they’d be on their game tonight would be an understatement. I don’t know much about Hopkins and Kid, but they’ve got their work cutout for them.

Seth Ericson: But doesn’t the fact that they’re unknown to Jon and even the EXODUS crowd give them the element of surprise and a great advantage.

Dick Morosi: Chandler Scott knows these guys, Seth. I’m sure he and Jon have talked strategy. All that aside, it’s going to come down to who can limit their mistakes and capitalize on those of the other team.

The camera cuts back to matter at hand, Chandler Scott wearing a GoW T-shirt while Jon Collins himself wears a customized sleeveless GoW brand hoodie, their eyes focused on the ring as they make their stride slowly. Jon Collins, sliding under the bottom rope, stands on one corner’s turnbuckle and looks out to the adoring crowd as Chandler steps onto the mat and steps over the second rope, his arms outstretched as he spins in a circular motion, basking in the mixed reactions of the crowd. As Scott lowers his arms, Jon Collins flips his head backwards so his hood falls backwards in tandem, still surveying the crowd before hopping off and making his way to his corner.

Dick Morosi: Looks like Collins and Hopkins are going to start things off, Seth.

Seth Ericson: After what happened two weeks ago in that comedy match, I’m sure the Director will be taking things much more seriously. That’s the bell, let’s do this!


Both legal men in the match raise their fists and approach other while their counterparts look on. When Michael feels that Jonathan is within striking distance, he throws a right hand, but the adept Saint of Violence jumps back to avoid it. Hopkins doesn’t let up, though, and follows through with a quick kick to the Californian’s thigh. Collins shakes off his leg as the challenger suddenly lunges at him, driving a shoulder into his solar plexus, which in part, allows him to shove Jon into the nearby corner. The effective maneuver causes the referee to count quickly as Collins holds onto the ropes, looking for some separation. At four, Hopkins backs away to avoid a disqualification. Jonathan takes a breath, composing himself whilst Chris Dawson lectures the Frontier outsider.

Dawson finally backs off and allows Hopkins to continue his offense. The Welshman does just that, cocking back his right arm and shooting it forward. The punch, however, is batted away by the vet’s left hand, who then turns his right hand so that the palm faces Hopkins, then swings that arm at his chest. The palm of The Saint of Violence creates a huge slapping sound and causes Michael to gasp and stumble back in shocked pain. Collins allows him no space at all, and immediately grabs the Welshman by the hair and throws a forearm into his countenance. Arm collides with skull with a crack that momentarily dazes Hopkins, allowing Jonathan to quickly grab his arm and sling him toward the ropes with an Irish Whip. The Welsh Dragon bounces off the ropes as the two competitors on the apron watch patiently, and barrels toward Collins. The Californian jumps up when Hopkins nears him, putting his hands on the shoulders of his fellow middleweight to push him down to the mat with a Lou Thesz Press. The instant that Hopkins hits the canvas, the taped fists from the well traveled and respected vet begin raining down on the challenger’s face. Dawson drops down and orders Jon to stop.

Collins: Oh right, the fists are illegal.

Dawson: Yeah, watch it, boss.

Collins looks both ways, thinking for a moment, before his synapses acts like lightning, sparking the lightbulb in his head to illuminate brightly. The left hand of the Saint of Violence cups behind Hopkins’ head, then his right elbow swings right into the Welshman’s face. Multiple elbow strikes begin hitting the Welsh Dragon’s face as the irritated Betamax Kid steps through the ropes. Dawson now pays attention to the distraction that TBK creates, demanding that he get back on the apron. Collins now pays attention to the him, getting up and approaching the illegal man in the match who steps back as the Chris keeps admonishing him, then he finally goes back onto the apron as Hopkins shakes off the pain from the strikes he received and gets up. Jon steps back into the Michael’s waiting arms, who wraps them around Jon’s waist, lifts him, then throws him to the mat with a Belly to Belly Suplex. The Welshman immediately performs a lateral press, going for the first cover of the match.



Dick Morosi: Kid’s distraction almost paid off for Frontier, but Jonathan is able to get a shoulder over.

Seth Ericson: If they’re smart, these Frontier guys will isolate Collins in their corner and keep him as far from Chandler as possible. He’s got the body of an old man, Dick. Considering how many battles he’s been through in his storied career, he’d be the one to focus on, don’t you think.

Dick Morosi: That sounds like it makes a ton of sense, until you see the Saint of Violence overcome the odds, which we’ve seen too many times to count.

Seth Ericson: That must be where Fiona gets it from.

Unable to get the victory, Hopkins quickly climbs to his feet and commences to stomp a mudhole on the Director of EXPRO, Collins rolling on his back in response to the assault. The Welshman then drops onto the Californian’s back and sinks his right arm under the tag champ’s chin, with the other hand now resting on the back of JC’s head. Collins growls due to the the increasing pain of the textbook Sleeper Hold, then plants his hand into the canvas to try to push himself up to a vertical base. Proving to be very astute, the Welshman lifts Jon’s head up some before viciously driving his face into the mat whilst maintaining the hold he’s applying, then tightens the legal choke some more. Jonathan grabs Hopkins’ arm with both hands, desperately trying to pry it off his neck, and eventually manages to alleviate some of the pressure by doing so. Anaheim’s favorite son pulls his upperbody up some more, and gradually maneuvers to an angle where he can get his stature to one knee. Collins’ foot plant into the canvas and he pushes up, managing to stand himself and his opponent up simultaneously. Jon then shifts his position slightly behind Hopkins, before lifting him up to bring him down with an Atomic Drop, which he follows up with an Inverted DDT.

Dick Morosi: Collins with a good combination that gets him out of that predicament. That Inverted DDT if anything, will by him enough time to shake a couple cobwebs loose from that Sleeper Hold.

Seth Ericson: In the long term, Hopkins has taken a lot out of the Saint of Violence with that submission. The rush of blood to your head when the hold is released is like a numbing, could of pain to your brain. It’s difficult to fight with your head unscrewed, Dick.

Hopkins sits up and the two competitors in the match begin getting up around the same time, as the crowd sees it as a fitting time to begin a “Let’s go GOW!” chant. Amidst the five claps following the incantation, both superstars get to a vertical base, albeit somewhat wobbly, before approaching one another. Thinking alike just as they did at the commencement of the bout, they lunge at one another and begin to lock down, starting to test one another’s strength and fortitude. A second long struggle ensues, quickly broken up by the head of the Saint of Violence lunging forward, striking that of Hopkins’ to cause a very unorthodox break to a very traditional hold. Collins then grabs him by the right arm and ducks under it, emerging behind his fellow grappler with a twisted arm in his clutches. Matthews executes a standard hammerlock, then walks backward to get closer to his corner. Chandler prepares to tag in, and Jon nods before his shoulder is slapped. Scott comes through the ropes as the Californian kicks the inside of Michael’s right knee, forcing him to drop onto it. Collins then turns around, his foe’s arm still in his possession, extending the aforementioned limb with a straight elbow facing the patient Scott. The Harvard graduate jumps up and kicks out his feet, delivering a low dropkick straight to the vulnerable arm. Collins releases the captured limb and goes to the apron as Michael Hopkins immediately rolls on the canvas, clutching at his afflicted elbow.

Seth Ericson: And we see the Godfathers of Wrestling working like the well oiled machine that they are.

Dick Morosi: Michael Hopkins has been in there a long while. If he and the Betamax Kid have any hopes of emerging victorious he’s gotta somehow find a way to make a tag.

Scott pulls Hopkins to his feet in order to build on the GOW’s momentum. TBK finds this to be a perfect opportunity to step in, as he walks along the apron, immediately gaining the attention of the Ivy Leaguer. The momentary lapse in judgement allows Hopkins to score with a thumb to the eye. The booing of the crowd kicks as Kid returns to his corner, the damage already done. A frustrated Collins only look on in annoyance as Hopkins lifts Scott onto his shoulders. The Welsh Dragon walks toward the center of the ring with the longest reigning GFC Heavyweight Champion on his shoulders, then reclines back to deposit him on the mat with a Samoan Drop. The challenger hailing from Cardiff quickly climbs back to his feet, then scores with an Elbow Drop to Scott’s sternum. Afterward he drops a knee onto the Heavyweight’s throat, keeping it across his windpipe as referee Chris Dawson counts and the crowd shows their disapproval. At four, Hopkins relents and climbs to his feet. The official provides another warning for the underhanded tactic, which the Welshman simply ignores – though an honorable wrestler on any other night, he could care less about the rules in this environment, considering the fact that as an outsider, he’s seen as the enemy anyway. Michael steps forward and leaps into the air, stomping right onto Chandler’s chest with all two hundred forty pounds of his weight, then quickly hooks his leg for the cover.



Chandler throws a shoulder up to break the pinfall attempt, breathing heavily as Hopkins gets up.

Dick Morosi: Hopkins has turned this match around, Seth. Chandler is reeling.

Seth Ericson: Frontier-on-Frontier crime right here, Dick.

The Welsh Dragon steps over his fallen opponent with eyes on The Betamax Kid, who is eager to be tagged in and officially become a legal participant in the match. Approach the corner, while his grounded opponent tries to stand, Hopkins finally makes the tag. Chandler gets to his feet as Dawson acknowledges said tag – the new legal man on the side of the challengers climbs the turnbuckle the Harvard Grad stumbling toward him. TBK takes a deep breath, then leaps from his perch at the top of the mountain with an outstretched right arm, but the wary Chandler manages to pull him down with a well timed Rib Breaker, dropping his assailant right over his raised knee. From there, Scott stands him up, trapping him in an Abdominal Stretch to follow up with the move that just affected Kid’s abdominal region. Michael Hopkins has to get back into the ring as quickly as he exited, the drops Chandler with a clubbing shot to the back of the head to break the hold amidst screams from a panicking, suffering Betamax Kid. Jonathan Collins begins to step through the ropes, but stops himself when he sees the illegal man return to where he’s supposed to be.

Seth Ericson: These Frontier guys are bending the rules with reckless abandon. It’s almost a three on two affair, and that’s an uphill battle for the champs.

Dick Morosi: Dawson has to restore order, and get these guys in check.

On all fours, The Betamax Kid gets up. Chandler marches away from him, trying to get away from the opposing corner, but the quick Betamax Kid grabs him around the tights before he can get too far. TBK pulls himself toward Scott and jumps, putting a leg on each side of the GFC Tag champ’s midsection upon rolling back. The Rolling Clutch Pin is completed and flawlessly executed when the Massachusetts native is pulled over the body of Kid, then the challenger flips back to place his hands on the mat and bridge for a cover. Dawson slides into position as Kid grabs the bottom rope with both hands.


Dawson notices the illegal tactic employed by the challenger and stops his count, pointing at the hand clasping the rope ropes. Chandler rolls to his stomach and grabs the ropes, desperately pulling himself, meanwhile the ref rebukes Kid for his actions. Scott doesn’t notice Hopkins creeping charging across the apron, and as soon as he turns around he’s leveled by a Clothesline from the Welshman who steps back innocently as Kid turns his attention to Collins, immediately charging forward to knock him off the apron with a forearm. Turning around, Kid focuses on Scott who pulls himself up in the corner, and quickly charges at him. He throws up a knee, striking Chandler in the and chest, then Kid puts his feet on the middle ropes for a moment to gain balance. He turn drops down, tucks Chandler’s head under his arm, and drags him overhead before slamming him down with a Snap Suplex.

Dick Morosi: Kid capitalizes on Hopkins’ distraction earlier, and unleashes a deadly combination!

Seth Ericson: Textbook Snap Suplex. The challenger’s have worked great, and with Collins knocked out on the outside, they look like they’re about to bring the GFC Tag Team Titles back home.

While Hopkins pursues Jon on the outside, Betamax Kid goes for the cover.



Scott throws a shoulder up, still defiant of the challenger’s as the crowd cheers. Kid’s grin quickly turns to a look of frustration as he and his partner debate the count, wondering if EXODUS bias is afoot. Dawson holds two fingers up in the face of the stubborn challenger, whilst Hopkins makes his way back to the corner, albeit reluctantly, with an audible protest. Kid sets his sights on the recovering Chandler, and instantly kicks him in the stomach. The bent over Scott then receives a clubbing blow to the back of the neck that plants him face first into the canvas. Kid hoists his arms high with pride in a show of dominance, the ire of the crowd only swells his ego to an even higher level as he reaches down to pull the weakened champion up. Scott gets to his feet and stands there on spaghetti legs as Kid runs the ropes. TBK bounces off of them and charges forward on his return trip, sticking an arm out for what seems to be the easiest Clothesline he’s ever delivered. When he draws near, Chandler comes to life and lifts him up into a Tilt-A-Whirl before dropping him with a Sidewalk Slam, immediately hooking his near leg for the cover.

Dick Morosi: Chandler with the slam, and the cover!



Seth Ericson: Hopkins with the save!

The count is brought to an abrupt halt as Hopkins steps in to stomp on Scott’s back, providing enough of a distraction before returning his corner. Scott, tired and worn down, desperately rolls into his corner and makes the hot tag. Jonathan Collins quickly steps through the ropes, giving his partner a much deserved, much needed break. The crowd explodes into applause as the Saint of Violence hastily stomps toward the legal challenger, then grabs him and pulls him to a vertical base. The vet takes a breath in preparation to deliver to OMEGA- 16, but as he leaps for the Complete Shot he’s tossed back by the challenger. Betamax Kid responds with punches to the ribs, then a knee to the gut. He then grabs Jonathan’s head and falls backward, driving him into the mat with a DDT. Kid rolls his opponent over and covers him, hooking a leg for good measure as Dawson in to make the count.



Jon kicks out. Kid gets up, then looks down at Collins and kicks him in the head, more intent on insult than injury. The crowd boos, so Kid smirks and does it again, but his foot is caught this time. The enraged Saint of Violence gets up whilst holding his foe’s right ankle, then turns so that his back is to closest turnbuckles. Jon then pulls Kid in, sweeping the leg, and upon grabbing the other, he catapults his foe into the nearest corner. TBK lands chin first on the top turnbuckle, then staggers into the center of the ring before dropping to a knee. The Saint of Violence himself springs to his feet and makes a mad dash for the ropes, before rebounding, charging, and connecting with a violent Shining Wizard to Kid’s face, sending him to the canvas.

Dick Morosi: Parallax Shock!!!

Collins looks over at the opposing corner, then charges in the direction of Michael Hopkins. When he gets in range, Jon turns and sticks an elbow out, slamming it straight into his foe’s face, knocking him off the apron. The adrenaline filled legend walks a few steps toward Kid, gesturing for him to get up as the crowd goes crazy. Noticing they have the advantage, Chandler climbs into the ring, with Scott immediately scoring with a toe kick to Kid, before lifting him up onto his shoulders. Collins then leaps up, and Scott Powerbombs The Betamax Kid right onto Jon’s knees!

Seth Ericson: Broke Back Mountain, if I’ve ever seen it. Damn, that hurt my spine.

Dick Morosi: Didn’t know you had one, Seth.

Seth Ericson: From the looks of it, Betamax Kid doesn’t have one either!

As Hopkins climbs onto the apron, Chandler charges forward and cracks him in the cranium with the Harvard Hammer, knocking him to the floor for his troubles. Meanwhile, Collins has Kid on his feet, and immediately takes him down with a Leaping Reverse STO. The entire arena knows what’s next.

Seth Ericson: OMEGA – 16! The OMEGA – 16 is locked in! The Betamax Kid has no where to go.

Dick Morosi: He tapped out!

Indeed, Kid slaps the canvas thrice, prompting “The Godfather Theme” as Scott and Chandler successfully retrain their titles.

WINNER (and STILL GFC Tag Team Champions): The Godfathers of Wrestling

“The Godfather Theme” continues to play as Jonathan and Chandler watch the FRONTIER challengers leave the ring.