This match is from EXPRO On FX #13, the EXODUS Pro TV Show and is reproduced with permission. The full original show is available here.

The lights in the RIMAC fade out as the opening riffs to Slash’s guitar version of the Godfather theme hits the PA system at full blast. The crowd immediately begin to cheer gratefully as they realize the song signifies the arrival of the honorable super group that the world has grown to love in recent memory in the business of professional wrestling. A lone spotlight shines down on the stage as two silhouettes emerge from behind the curtain. As the song hits its crescendo, the lights turn back on to reveal two members of the Godfathers of Wrestling standing beside each other in a short line across the stage. The Director of EXODUS Pro itself, Jon Collins, stands beside Chandler Scott, the music picking up steam as the lights flickered back on at full force, two of the most recognizable fighters in the industry making their way down the ramp side by side, the GFC Tag Team Championships over both their shoulders.

David Zinkus: On their way to the ring, at a combined weight of four hundred sixty-seven pounds, representing The Godfathers of Wrestling, the GFC Tag Team Champions, the one and only director of EXODUS Pro JON COLLINS and the Harvard Superstar CHANDLER SCOTT!

Dick Morosi: Stay on your best behavior, Seth. The fans of Pro Wrestling FRONTIER are glued to their television screens tonight as they watch their illustrious tag team championships get defended here tonight.

Seth Ericson: Please. I’m always on my best behavior. The FRONTIER fans are gonna love me, just you wait and see. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a job offer over there for my talent at the announce table, Dick. That means a bigger paycheck and a bigger pay check means—

Dick Morosi: Watch it. You have a contract with EXODUS Pro, just like everyone else in the back. And you really wanna say that while Jon Collins is not even ten feet away from us, listening to our every word?

Seth Ericson: Uhh… EXODUS Pro rules! It’s the best wrestling company in the whole wide world! Mister Collins, if you’re listening to me, can I have a raise for my loyalty?

As Dick rolls his eyes and facepalms, the camera cuts back to matter at hand, Chandler Scott wearing a GoW T-shirt while Jon Collins himself wears a customized sleeveless GoW brand hoodie, their eyes focused on the ring as they make their stride slowly. Jon Collins, sliding under the bottom rope, stands on one corner’s turnbuckle and looks out to the adoring crowd as Chandler steps onto the mat and steps over the second rope, his arms outstretched as he spins in a circular motion, basking in the mixed reactions of the crowd. As Scott lowers his arms, Jon Collins flips his head backwards so his hood falls backwards in tandem, still surveying the crowd before hopping off and making his way to his corner.

The arena lights fade to black, and soon, the only light in the arena is that of cell phones, small pinpricks of light in the darkness. After a few moments, though, it becomes clear that there’s a clustered concentration of them in the upper deck of the arena.

THAT, of course, only means one thing: the arrival of the band of demons and deities known as Gods & Monsters.

Moments later, the opening lyrics to the theme song of a cartoon from before the lifespans of most of those in the RIMAC begin to play, revealing to all just which Gods & Monsters are on their way to the squared circle.


Before the lame ass part of the song about Godzuki can ruin the mood, the song suddenly shifts, slamming directly into the lyrics of Gods & Monsters’ anthem, “Pulse of the Maggots.”

I fight for the unconventional
My right, and its unconditional

Seth Ericson: So, since they’re not in earshot right now Dick, I just wanted to ask – have I ever mentioned how much these two nutjobs scare the hell outta me sometimes? Not just them, but Gods & Monsters in general.

Dick Morosi: Well, that may be all well and true, but two men who have no fear on their faces are The Godfathers of Wrestling here tonight. It’s gonna be an all out war! Call your friends, call your coworkers, call anyone you know and tell them to watch this match ’cause it’s gonna be one for the ages!

Seth Ericson: What would you know about having friends?

From behind the curtain emerge three figures. Leading the way to the ring is Minoru Ishii, the twenty-year old translator of the beastly woman stomping to the ring behind him. She is, of course, Emi Watanabe, the so-called “Human Kaiju,” dressed for battle in G&M t-shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. Bringing up the rear is the anchor of the trio, one Ryuji Kamigawa, the “G&M” tattooed on his chest making his allegiance clear for all time.

I can only, be as real as I can
The disadvantage is
I never knew the plan

Minoru excepted, they seem to enjoy the hate, welcoming it with open arms while raising fists of solidarity to the upper deck of the RIMAC. With little fanfare, they march towards the squared circle, Ishii taking up his spot at ringside timidly.

David Zinkus: On their way to the ring at this time!

This isn’t the way just to be a martyr
I can”t, walk alone any longer
I fight, for the ones who can’t fight
And if I lose, at least I tried

David Zinkus: Accompanied to the ring by translator Minoru Ishii, they represent GODS & MONSTERS! First, from Nagasaki, Japan, standing six feet, one inches tall, and weighing in at two-hundred nineteen pounds, she is the HUMAN KAIJU, WATANABE EMI! And her partner, from Osaka, Japan, standing six feet, five inches tall, and weighing three-hundred twelve pounds…THE GOD IN WHITE, KAMIGAWA RYUJI! Together, they are…DESTROY! ALL! HUUUUUUUUUUMANS!

The monstrous duo stomp up the ring steps, settling back into their corner with broad, wicked grins on their faces.

We, we are the new diabolic
We, we are the bitter bucolic
If I have to give my life you can have it
We, we are the pulse of the maggots

As the song fades out, Kamigawa and Watanabe exchange a brief moment of strategy, before Ryuji steps out to the ring apron to allow Watanabe to start the contest.


As the match begins, Emi Watanabe and Chandler Scott face off on opposites of the ring, a gap that is quickly eliminated as the Gods & Monsters brute charges at full speed into the Harvard Graduate, a strong running clubbing forearm to the face! With a stumble, Chandler won’t go down that easily, his technical prowess showing as he swiftly moves around the woman with ease and buckles the back of her knees with a sharp kick, a ‘ooh’ from the crowd who are all paying this match an extraordinary deal of attention. Turning around, Watanabe fails to fall and is visibly angry now, a disgusted look on her face that told the whole story. Shouting in Japanese Scott’s way, she corners him into the corner with what can only believed to be venomous insults, leaving Chandler’s back to be pressed up against the turnbuckle. With her pray cornered, she strikes the right side of his face a couple times before resorting to cheap tactics – a hand gripped around Chandler Scott’s throat!

Dick Morosi: Love him or hate him, it can’t be denied that Chandler Scott is fighting for the livelihood of EXODUS Pro and that’s something to be commended. But look at this, Seth! She’s trying to choke the life outta him before this match even really started!

Seth Ericson: You spoke too soon, Dick! Look, Chandler’s already fighting his way out with those punches in return.

Of course, Seth Ericson was right, heavy strikes to Emi’s forearm causing her to release her grip. His eyes shot to the corner across the way, an eager Jon Collins holding out an arm and cheering his friend on to the delight of the crowd, but unfortunately (or fortunately if you’re a G&M fan), that time is not now.

As Chandler Scott fights back, leading to the middle of the ring, his eyes flickering back to Jon Collins, Emi takes advantage of the distraction, the tie-up leading to a harsh kneelift to Scott’s abdomen. With the Godfather hunched, she tries for a vertical suplex – successfully slamming her opponent down to the mat with brute force, a roar of disapproval from the fans! Running at the ropes, she bounces back with a senton on the fallen foe, a taunt to SECTION B as she wildly moves her arms in the direction of Chandler Scott on the mat, her eyes peering at the crowd with pure, unadulterated malice.

Seth Ericson: Is it safe to say these people aren’t exactly fans of this monster yet?

With no hesitation, she plays it smart and tags in her opponent, Gods & Monsters faithful Ryuji Kamigawa! Kamigawa swiftly heads towards his opponent, lifting him up if only to receive punches to the gut as a consolation prize. Chandler lands a devastating backbreaker, his opponent collapsing with a thud. With that, Ryuji in almost the exact position Chandler himself was just in, a couple leg drops for his troubles to the cheers of the crowd as Jon Collins gestured them to get louder, willing his partner on with their booming sound.

Dick Morosi: the twelfth man getting involved here in the RIMAC tonight! SECTION B is really letting it known what they think of the Godfathers of Wrestling.

Seth Ericson: Yeah, yeah. But to DESTROY ALL HUMANS’ credit, cheers will only do so much. This isn’t a popularity contest, it’s a wrestling match, and you better believe that tonight is gonna be solved by wrestling for those tag team belts, not by the crowd reaction.

Dick Morosi: A fair point. Seth, you really are on your best behavior tonight, aren’t you? I would’ve never suspected you—

Seth Ericson: Look at Emi over there in her corner. You know, she’s kinda hot in a ‘I’m gonna tie you to the bed and have my way with you’ kinda way. Kinky.

Dick Morosi: Pfft. Welcome back, Seth…

Another roll of the eyes by Dick as the contest continues, Chandler Scott looking for the early pin!


And a not-so-surprising kickout by Kamigawa before faced with another quick pin attempt to catch him off guard.


Not even a one count and Ryuji’s shoulder is off the mat, surprising absolutely no one and yet the crowd gasps a second time at the utter failure as the referee and the Godfather make their way to their feet. Scott asks the referee something a bit aggressively, his eyes intense before suddenly receiving a big boot against the side of the head by Kamigawa sending the unsuspecting Seikigun member flying between the top two ropes and onto the not-so-padded floor around the outside of the ring with a horrific thwack!

Dick Morosi: Ouch! That hurt just watching it!

Seth Ericson: You hear the sound of disappointment coming from the fans right now, Dick? DESTROY ALL HUMANS! feed off that! It makes them stronger!

Emi Watanabe quickly hops from her post to the outside of the ring, her eyes intently on Chandler Scott as Minoru Ishii reluctantly hopped on the mat in her place, shouting something in the referee’s direction, causing the distraction. An argument ensued as the camera cut back to the outside, Emi picking the man up by the hair before swinging him around and planting him against the floor once again!

Dick Morosi: What a disgusting tactic…

Seth Ericson: It’s all about the gold, Dick. It’s all about the gold. And they’re willing to do whatever it takes to disgrace the FRONTIER and be able to say they beat the Godfathers of Wrestling.

Dick Morosi: Don’t forget, Jon Collins is still fresh in this match. The second Chandler tags him in, this might be all over for DESTROY ALL HUMANS!

Watanabe picks the man up once again by the air after screaming at the crowd a bit in her foreign language. Her eyes reach the corner of the barricade, a slight smirk reaching her face if that’s even possible. Throwing Scott into the corner, her opponent rests with his arms outstretched, nearly unconscious. The motive of Emi is known, she plans to tackle the Godfather through the barricade and finish this once and for all just for her own entertainment but as she breaks for a sprint, she’s suddenly taken down by an eager Jon Collins, taking her down with a running spinning heel kick to knock Watanbe down senseless to the mat!

Dick Morosi: And there he is! Jon Collins fighting fire with fire!

Seth Ericson: You hear that crowd? This is awesome!

A small ‘this is awesome’ chant rises from the crowd before fading to simply a cheer as Jon Collins panders to the San Francisco audience! With his back turned, the director of EXODUS is suddenly slammed into the barricade with an unseen signature two-handed choke beale!!

Dick Morosi: The crowd has just erupted in boos after that M-COMPLEX! This is absolute chaos! The referee needs to put a stop to this!

Seth Ericson: Put a stop to this?! This is for FRONTIER gold! No way is this ending that easy, believe that. As soon as Jon Collins gets to his feet, there’s gonna be hell to pay!

With Jon Collins laying on his side atop the crashed barricade, security makes sure no fan gets near the figurehead, plenty taking pictures of their phones and trying to speak to him in what can only be described as muffled words of encouragement, one Gods & Monsters fan in the fray outspoken about screaming that his title would no longer be his when the bell rang.

Ryuji Kamigawa gains control of the chaos as the referee gets to the count of eight, grabbing Chandler by the tights and by the hair, throwing him inside the ring underneath the ropes before hopping on the mat, stepping over the second rope, and bringing the match almost back to how it started – DESTROY ALL HUMANS still in control. Ryuji stalks Chandler, broken and beaten throughout this painstakingly long match so far before the Harvard fighter stumbles to his feet. Harshly thrown into his own corner, Chandler Scott quickly gains some composure and reaches to his side in an attempt to tag in Jon Collins out of desperation! No, he’s still outside! Jon Collins almost makes it to his feet before slipping on the barricade beneath, falling face first again against the hard material, his hope waning as he tries to fight to his feet once more, the FRONTIER Tag Team Titles almost out of his grasp!

The crowd as well as the announcers look on speechless as they focus on the match at hand, Kamigawa setting himself in his corner as he prepares for the a highly-aggressive Champagne Call that knocks all the wind out out of Chandler Scott! He falls to the mat, unconscious as Ryuji Kamigawa goes for the pin to the crowd’s dismay.




Dick Morosi: No! A dazed Jon Collins for the save! I really thought this match was over!!

Seth Ericson: Not quite, Dick! This match has just picked up!

As Jon Collins rips Kamigawa away and lets him fall to the mat below, the Saint of Violence himself patiently waits as the Gods and Monsters faithful slowly begins to sit back up, a sudden shining wizard to the face sending him into a bloody mess!

Seth Ericson: Parallax Shock!!

The referee gestures Jon Collins to his corner, both men inside the ring – Chandler Scott and Ryuji Kamigawa out cold as Emi Watanabe looks on with sheer anger in her eyes from her own corner, it’s obvious what’s next as Chandler’s eyes suddenly open, on his back before rolling over to his stomach slowly. Kamagawa and Chandler each begin to army crawl to their respective sides, arm stretched out as they try to reach for their respective partners, the crowd on the edge of their seats in excitement!

Dick Morosi: Chandler Scott got the tag! Jon Collins is finally the legal man in this long and grueling matchup!

Seth Ericson: And it looks like he’s running for Kamagawa before he can get the tag!

Jonathon Collins strikes just as soon as Ryuji makes it to his feet, inches away from tagging in his angry partner! Jon spins his opponent around, backs up, and makes a running dash at the prominent Gods & Monsters member. We all know what happens next!

Dick Morosi: OMEGA-16! OMEGA-16!! He’s got Kamagawa trapped between his legs for the koji clutch!

Seth Ericson: But Ryuji’s inches from his corner, Dick! He could reach for the rope at any moment and Collins would be forced to break the hold!

Desperation takes hold as Collins continues to wrench in his submission. At this point, Collins cannot do much more as Kamigawa uses his legs to reach the ropes and the referee starts to count for Collins to break the hold. At that point, Collins starts to back up, starting to remove the tape from his hand and wrist! Watanabe starts to run on the apron toward him, only to eat a backfist for her troubles! Collins charges forward, ZERO H–KAMIGAWA DUCKS! Kamigawa goes for the Tenbatsu, but Collins slides under and runs toward the outside, leaping over the ropes to take out a revived Watanabe with a plancha, Scott blind tagging himself in! As Kamigawa starts to move over to go check the damage, Chandler Scott runs in and rolls him up! The referee counts!



THREE! “The Godfather Theme” starts and Scott & Collins successfully defend their titles! The referee hands the belts to Scott, and Collins goes to meet him as the two of them embrace! Collins gives a shrug toward their rivals as Chandler mockingly looks like he’s crying for them.

WINNERS: The Godfathers of Wrestling

Dick Morosi: The Godfathers did it! Scott and Collins managed to pull off a successful defense, but it looked like they did it by the skin of their teeth.

Seth Ericson: It took a sneaky tag in by Chandler Scott, but they did it. Say what you will about Destroy All Humans, but they keep getting better, and that can’t be good for Trouble when the two teams meet up in two weeks.