SM: Folks, still to come tonight is the BWA Title number one contenders match between Scott Cairns and Phenom and the main event. A streetfight between The Alliance and Los Rudos, where all but one of the BWA’s Title belts will be on the line!

DK: That’s a first for the BWA. Quite possibly a first for Sports Entertainment!

SM: But before we get to any of that we have the three way tag-team match between Evolution Zone, the Allied Powers and the Street Soldierz.

DK: And we still haven’t seen any sign of DC Matrix, which can only be a good thing!

SM: Matrix staying away on the orders of The Major.

DK: Not a man you want to cross, let me tell you. Quite the authoritarian!

Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” kicks in and the Allied Powers make their appearance.

SM: Here come the BWA’s newest Tag-Team. What do you make of their future in the BWA, DK?

DK: It’s good, Mayo. They’ve made a pretty good start to their career here and….

“Symphony of Destruction” kicks in.

SM: What’s this? It can’t be…


The Wrecking Crew have appeared and they attack the Allied Powers duo of Austin Jack and Tank.

SM: What the hell are Billy and George Anderson doing here?

DK: We haven’t seen them in weeks!

The two teams that are meant to be Allied Powers opponents, the Street Soldierz and Evolution Zone all arrive at once and a huge brawl ensues, before anyone has stepped into the ring. They soon seperate into two teams, The Soldierz and Allied Powers battling against E-Zone and the Crew. Referee Matt Jones tries to get things under control but without luck. All four teams eventually clamber into the ring and the bell rings to start the, slightly changed, match.


SM: This match is officially started, and it seems to have turned into the most bizarre of tag-team matches!

DK: We’ve got one extra team and… ans it looks like an eight man tag match now!

SM: An eight man, Tornado tag match that is, all eight men are in the ring at once!

DK: This is madness, and it’s impossible to commentate on!

SM: That’s because it’s not a real wrestling match, it’s a god damn street fight!

DK: Is this what we can expect later on tonight then?

SM: Lord only knows what’ll happen later, or in this match for this matter!

DK: They’re all battling away, they’re not letting up at all.

SM: I would say that the Street Soldierz and Allied Powers are getting the upper hand but I’m not quite sure!

DK: Referee Matt Jones can’t control this much longer, he’s trying to seperate Austin Jack and George Anderson right now….


SM: Matt Jones goes down, and this match has gotten out of control!

DK: These four teams are going at it at full pace still, and no wrestling moves as of yet!

SM: All big punches and kicks from these eight men.

Suddenly two more men appear, rushing to ringside.



DK: And they’re cleaning house!

Psico slides into the ring and clotheslines Austin Jack and George Anderson right out of the ring. Loco does the same with Billy Anderson and Jakked before turning his attentions to E-Motion and Hype. N-Tense and Tank fall victim to Psico and the ring has been cleared!

SM: The BWA Tag-Team Champions have cleaned house of all their competition!

DK: And they’re helping Matt Jones back to his feet, what’s this about.

SM: It’s not a friendly gesture…. CLOWN CUTTER!!

DK: OH GOD NO!! Not to Jonesy, he’s a damn referee not a wrestler!


SM: This match has been thrown out by a second official.

DK: And I’m not at all surprised, Mayo. This one was never a match, it was a bar fight, but without any spilt beer!

SM: The Killer Clowns continue to cause chaos in the BWA, as does their friend and team-mate, Malice. We wait and wonder at what these three might get up to later tonight, and this match was a little taster of what is still to come.