The show started with a triple threat match. Betamax Kid sends Albright out of the ring quickly but turns around into a big elbow and dropkick from Blood Tiger. Albright returns to the ring only to be clotheslined out by Betamax Kid, who is then clotheslined out by Blood Tiger. Betamax Kid drags Blood Tiger back to the apron and tries for a second rope DDT, but Albright hits a spin kick to Betamax Kid to break it. Betamax Kid dropkicks Albright out of the ring but walks right into a sideslam from the Mexican. Blood Tiger heads to the top rope but Albright hits a step-up enziguri, sending him crashing out to the floor. Blood Tiger quickly returns to the ring and Betamax Kid hands out powerslams to both him and Ethan. Second-rope DDT on Albright from Betamax Kid out of the corner and he sets up for the finish, but Albright fights back. Blood Tiger blocks a cross armbar attempt from Albright and hits him with a superkick, but Albright avoids being pinned by rolling to the ring apron. Tiger walks right into an STO from Betamax Kid, but before Spikey can cover him Albright kicks Betamax Kid right in the head and steals the pin!

Your winner, Ethan Albright!

Another decent win for Albright, he’s improving match by match. But people have questioned his opponents, and he’s going to have to step up to some tougher competition before people start to believe in this kid.