Dexter made his way down to the ring to a great reception. The fans have taken to him, despite his lack of victories since arriving in the company. Some people, including K-Hard, have voiced concern that someone without a win would get the first shot at the GFC Title, but the committee are standing by their decision and are adamant that Davis will prove a worthy opponent.

Hardaway also got a good reception, although there were one or two voices in the crowd who seem to have turned against our champion. Whether swayed by K-Hard’s actions or the words of Alex Jones and Dexter Davis, there seems to be a handful of fans who have gone off the champ.

Hardaway and Dexter lock up and circle. The two grapple for control and exchange armbars. Dexter gets a chinlock but Hardaway moves to the ropes. The clean break is broken up with a slap to Hardaway’s face. Hardaway with an armbar but Dexter flips through and locks in his own armbar. Hardaway flips through but Dexter catches him, goes for a bridge but Hardaway reverses through again. Dexter takes down Hardaway in a headlock but Hardaway with a headscissors to get out. Hardaway ducks a Dexter chop and then Dexter ducks a Hardaway kick. Good opening exchange, the crowd applauding.

Hardaway with a headlock but Dexter sends him into the ropes. Hardaway ducks through and wraps up Dexter for a two count. Hardaway with a modified surfboard. Dexter counters it into a stretch submission hold. The two are on their feet and Hardaway locks in an armbar. Hardaway elbows and chops his way out. Dexter launches himself into the ropes but Hardaway is too quick and runs across hitting him with a BIG dropkick. Hardaway goes for an ankle lock but Dexter kicks him outside the ring.

Dexter leaps over the top but Hardaway moves back into the ring. Hardaway sets up a baseball slide to the outside but Dexter moves out of the way. Dexter with a chop but Hardaway hits four hard kicks. Dexter fights back and sends Hardaway into the ring barricade. Dexter with a kick and a chop. Now the two exchange chops but Dexter gets the better, dropping Hardaway. Hardaway back up and throws Dexter into the barricade before charging in with a KTFO~!. That was nasty.

Hardaway tries to get Dexter back in the ring but Dexter drops Hardaway’s neck along the top rope. Back in the ring, Dexter lays in a good six or seven stomps to Hardaway in the corner. Dexter heads up the corner buckle and pulls Hardaway up as well. Hardaway with an enziguri before Dexter can do anything. Dexter falls outside to the floor. Hardaway heads up to the top buckle but Dexter leaps up and hits a big kick to the head to drop him. Hardaway looks like he was knocked out. Dexter rolls back in for the pin attempt but only gets two. I have no clue how Hardaway is still conscious.

Dexter with an inverted Uranage and gets a two count. Dexter is slapping Hardaway, taunting him. Hardaway gets pissed and hits a belly to back suplex, dropping Dexter onto his head. Both men are back up and trade punches, kicks and chops. Finally, Hardaway delivers a big kick to Dexter’s head that takes down Davis. Dexter up first and whips Hardaway into the buckle. He charges but Hardaway blocks it, sending Dexter over and out of the ring once more. Dexter grabs for Hardaway’s foot but gets a kick to the face. Hardaway goes for a running punt along the ring apron but it looks like he misses. Hardaway next hits a GTFO~! onto Dexter.

Soon both men make it back in the ring. Hardaway heads up top and hits a huge missile dropkick for two. Both men are tired and staggering. Hardaway charges for a clothesline but meets a Dexter running Jumping Knee to the face. Dexter moves in but Hardaway tries a gutwrench. Dexter blocks it and the two start trading punches again. K-Hard just beats the living crap out of Dexter and then hits him with a release back suplex. He gets two. Hardaway picks Dexter up but Dexter counters and hits an Enziguri for the two count.

Both men are up. Dexter charges in with a clothesline but Hardaway counters and rolls through with a crucifix for two. Hardaway goes for a kick but Dexter ducks it, leg sweeps Hardaway and hits a superkick of his own for two. Both men move to the outside of the ring ropes. They trade blows and then Dexter hits a big punch. Hardaway’s eyes roll back and he starts to drop but Dexter picks him up and drops to the floor, slamming the small of K-Hard’s back onto the ring apron. Nicely done. Dexter rolls K-Hard back into the ring and gets a two count only.

Dexter sends Hardaway into the ropes and charges with a knee smash. Dexter throws himself into the ropes, K-Hard quickly follows but Dexter sees it, spins around, kicks him and hits a HUGE enziguri. Dexter charges but Hardaway catches him with a decapitation lariat! Both men trade blows and then Hardaway with a spinning lariat. Both men are down once again.

They get back up. Hardaway with a punch. Dexter with a punch. Hardaway with a forearm. Dexter with a chop. Hardaway with a kick. Dexter with a chop. Hardaway with a kick. Dexter chop., Hardaway kick. Hardaway with rapid fire kicks and then Dexter with rapid fire chops. Back to Hardaway with 10 hard kicks. Hardaway walks to the opposite corner but Dexter immediately charges with a blasting enziguiri. Dexter hits the Face Smashed and gets two. The Crowd chanting “This is Awesome.” I agree, a fantastic opening to tonights show!

Dexter gets Hardaway up and sets up for the Double D Plex. Hardaway is on his way up and drives a knee into Dexter’s head to stop the suplex. Very nice counter! Dexter charges but misses Hardaway and Hardaway with the KTFO~! again. Both move to the top buckle and Hardaway hits a suplerplex, doesn’t let go and follows up immediately with a Tiger Suplex for two.

Davis gets back to his feet once more. Springboard Arm Drag followed by a Springboard Legdrop gets two. Davis whips Hardaway into the ropes, goes for a flying head scissors but shifts his body weight mid-move, looking for the Double D Rana! But Hardaway somehow manages to stop Dexter nailing the move and drops to a knee, leaning forward and dropping Dexter face first into the top turnbuckle pad. While stunned K-Hard manages to move Dexter into a torture rack position before nailing the Angelina’s Crossing. A swift three count later and this contest is all over!

Your winner and STILL GFC Heavyweight Champion: Kevin Hardaway

Fantastic end to a great match. Can honestly say I’ve never seen that way to block a ‘rana! Dexter may still be without a win here in FRONTIER but by god he almost had this one!