Kendra Wing- The next match in the Team Challenge Series pits from Death Valley, California and standing 5’10” and weighing 238 lbs, this is the 3 time MWA Hell Champion, “The Fallen Angel” Dante!

Lights dim low as the Millenium Scope flickers on to static. The Millenium scope goes bright with then fades into the form of SYN’s mask. The mask starts to rotate slowly then picks up speed as flames burst from the bottom of the screen engulfing the mask in a ball of fire. All goes black in the arena.

Psalm 69 by Ministry begins to play over the PA system as a low flames sparks from the entrance way. The flame spreads and engulfs the entire stage and ramp. Dante walks out on stage with a wicked grin on his face. He plays to the crowd as a chorus of boo’s washes over him. As Dante makes his way down the stage and down the ramp, the flames seems to die out under his feet. Dante makes it to ringside and slides into the ring.

Goodman- These men have a long history dating back to their days in the BWA.

Poe- And tonight may be their last chance to settle the score.

The bell rings and they go in and lock up, Worthington locks on a hammerlock, Dante tries to escape, Worthington cinches the hold, Dante in pain, and… he escapes backwards through Worthington’s legs, gets up and scores with a back drop to Worthington

Goodman- Good first steps for Dante. He can’t outwrestle Worthington but he can outfight him.

Poe- He probably should start taking it to the extreme. You’re right about Tim. The guy is a wrestling machine.

Dante brings Worthington to his feet, a knee to the gut, Dante flips to behind Worthington, using Worthingtons back. He sweeps his feet, and off the ropes and flips and a leg drop to the head of Worthington!!

Goodman- Dante really took off with that flip leg drop!

Poe- It’s potential like that which makes his temper such a bad habit. He could go so far if he would just keep his cool. He’s doing a good job so far.

Dante picks up Worthington, chops away, whips Worthington into the ropes and follows up with a Lariat. Worthington goes to the mat, gets back up and runs into a spear from Dante!! Dante picks him up, whips Worthington into the corner. Dante goes over to the corner and delivers an elbow to the head of Worthington, lifts him up onto the turnbuckle, and Dante climbs up their too. He goes for a superplex but Worthington reversed it into a Gourdbuster from the top rope. Tim now comes off with an elbow to the throat of Dante from the top rope!! Rolls him up



No! Dante gets the shoulder up!

Goodman- My God!! I thought it was all over there! I’m surprised that Dante isn’t dead!

Poe- He pulled that one out of his ass! Now he needs to finish this match off before Dante lets loose and turns this into his kind of match.

Worthington brings Dante to his feet, gives him a knee to the gut and then a forearm to the back, locks on a side headlock, holds it tight, Dante moves back to the ropes, pushes Worthington into the ropes, he comes back but Worthington with a shoulder to the head, which knocks Dante to the mat! Worthington goes for an Ankle Lock, but Dante crawls out of it and gets up using the ropes, Worthington runs in and clotheslines Dante over the top rope! Follows him out, whips Dante into the steps hard! And runs in and gives Dante a knee to the gut, picks him up above his head, holds him up there and drops him on that barricade surrounding the ring!

Goodman- Worthington is taking it right to Dante. This match means so much to him and the UKWA!

Poe- You damn right Wally. Dante is coming off a nagging injury and you should expect Worthington to press that advantage.

Tim picks up Dante to take him back to the ring but Dante pushes Tim off into the ringpost!

Goodman- Oh! That could turn the tide of this match.

Poe- Well Tim had it going his way but Dante pulled a surprise outta his ass. I can’t believe that I’m almost cheering against the MWA but I can’t bring myself to respect Dante. Not after the shit he has done in the past.

Dante grabs a TV cable and drags Worthington out into the crowd with it. He grabs a beer from a fan and downs it, then spits it into Worthington’s face. Worthington is insensed and slugs away at Dante. Dante jerks down on the cable and snapmares Worthington onto a chair, doing his already pained back no good at all. He uses the TV cable to choke Worthington, and continues to drag him to the concession area. Security holds the crowd back and Dante slams Worthington against a wall. He places Worthington’s limp body on the merchandise table and begins beating him with the chain. Dante walks away, looking for a new weapon to bludgeon the champ with. Worthington slowly shakes the cobwebs out of his addled head. He plays possum and as Dante comes over with a garbage can, Worthington quickly hops up on the table and delivers a kick, sending the trash can back into the skull of Dante.

Poe- Damn! These crackas won’t be happy until they kill each other. As long as we get a winner I guess that works for me.

Worthington pulls Dante to his feet and whips him into the doors leading out onto the Madison streets. Worthington rams the head of Dante into a fire hydrant, drawing blood. Dante blindly lashes out, crotching Tim. Both men are on their knees trading punches as they wait for their eyes to adjust to the pain. Dante gets the upper hand and pulls Worthington up. He sees a street vendor selling pretzels and rams Worthington into the man’s metal cart. He places Worthington’s head inside the steam cabinet and slams the lid closed several times. Worthington is down and rolling around in pain. Dante covers. Danny Dillon comes out of nowhere with the count



No! Worthington kicks out. Dante pulls him up and rolls him onto a parked Mini-Cooper. Dante climbs on the top of the car and attempts a legdrop on Worthington. He hits it! Cover



No! Worthington and Dante slide off the slick hood of the car before the threecount.

Poe- Well Damn! Now I’ve seen everything! Dante has been awakened!

Worthington claws at the eyes of Dante as they struggle on the pavement. Dante rakes back at the eyes of Worthington. Now Dante pulls Tim back on the car and hooks him for a DDT! But Tim punches Dante in the gut and escapes the move. He doubles Dante over and leaps high for the Hope N Glory! Worthington lands hard on the neck and head of Dante, sending Dante’s head through the windshield of the car!!!

Poe- My God! That may have killed the man!

Dillon rushes over to check it out. Dante is not moving. Worthington pulls him out of the windshield a bloody mess. He drops him to the pavement to go for the pin,



3! Worthington wins the match!

Goodman- Tim holds serve and this one is going to the wire.