JS: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is the Escape from Hell Match for the BWA Euro-Xtreme Championship! Making his way to the ring at this time is the challenger, from Death Valley, USA. Standing at 5’11” and weighing 226lbs. He is the master of Purgatory… The Fallen Angel… DANTE!!

Lights in the arena cut off. A few sparks flicker from the entrance way as “Something Wicked This Way Comes!” scrolls across the Big Screen. Then, a huge fireball blasts up from the ramp igniting the stage into a fiery inferno. “Before I Die ” by Mushroomhead starts blaring over the PA system. Out from the flames walks Dante. The crowd erupts into a chores of boos as Dante stalks down to ring-side as a single light follows him. Once he slides into the ring, the flames die, the music goes quiet and the flames flicker away.

JS: And the opponent, the reigning and defending BWA Euro-Xtreme Champion! He comes to the ring from Cumbria, England. He weighs in at 220lbs and stands 6’5″ tall. He is NORTHERN SOUL!!

As “Grasshopper” by Ride plays, Northern Soul walks with purpose to the ring. A slight nod to the crowd is all he gives as he prepares

for contest.


SM: This Escape from Hell Match is underway! At last. These two men have been itching to get it on for weeks now, a massive rivalry which comes to a head tonight!

DS: I better explain the rules to all the newbie’s watching… The ring is filled with weapons, and all important tables. To win you must haul your opponent to the top of the cage and drop them through a table. Simple!

The match begins with the two men simply slugging it out in the middle of the ring! Dante gains the upper hand, and has Northern Soul trapped in the corner. Dante nails the Diamond Dust, before sliding out of the ring and grabbing a baseball bat! He slides back into the ring and winds up the bat, sending it crashing down on the back of Soul. Soul rolls around in agony, as Dante uses the bat again and again. Eventually Dante stops the bat attacks and pulls Northern Soul back to his feet, whipping him into the ropes. As the Champion bounces back Dante nails him in the gut with the bat! He hooks the bat around the throat of Northern Soul and pulls off a Russian leg sweep. Dante again uses the bat as he sends more big shots into the back and gut of Northern Soul!

SM: My god, Dan. This is brutal!

DS: Great stuff!!

Dante eventually leaves Northern Soul as he heads back outside to grab a chair and a trash can. Northern Soul is laying by the ropes, and he manages to reach out of the ring and grab a cricket bat! As Dante looks to nail his opponent with the chair, Soul swings the cricket bat and smashes the chair back into the face of The Fallen Angel. Dante goes down, as Northern gets back to his feet. Northern Soul then begins to pay Dante back for the early beating as he sends the cricket bat into his knee again and again. Northern Soul then drops the bat and picks up the trash can, sticking it over Dante’s head. Northern Soul then grabs the baseball bat, and the cricket bat, and begins to smash the trash can repeatedly!

DS: Wow! Northern Soul is out to pay Dante back for that early punishment!

SM: And nothing says payback like a trashcan over the head!

DS: Especially when you then beat the can with a couple of bats!

Northern Soul stops his relentless attack to head back out of the ring and grab a table. He slides it into the ring, and then slides in another… and another!! He sets one up against the turnbuckle, and stands one up right by the ropes. The other he leaves on the mat, still folded up. Northern pulls the trashcan off Dante’s head, revealing a large cut across his forehead. He pulls the challenger to his feet, and pushes him into the corner opposite the one with the table. He goes to whip Dante across the ring, but The Fallen Angel reverses and Northern Soul goes into the corner with the table. He staggers out a little as Dante charges in behind him and puts him through the table with a big face crusher! Now Northern Soul is cut open too.

DS: These men re out to destroy each other, Mayo!

SM: Too true, Dan, too true!

Dante grabs the chair he brought in earlier and heads to the top rope. He looks for a Guillotine Leg drop, with the chair, but Northern Soul manages to roll out of the way and avoid it. Dante lands hard on his rear, and Northern Soul adds to the pain with a dropkick to the face. Northern Soul pulls the chair away from Dante and sets it up by the table near the ropes. He pulls Dante up to his feet and whips him into the ropes. He puts one foot on the chair behind him and as Dante bounces back towards him he lifts him up into a back flip, using the chair to gain extra height. Dante drops down onto the table, but his feet hit the ropes, flinging them back and his knees crash onto the back of the chair!


SM: What a move from Northern Soul… great thinking to do ultimate damage to his opponent! And what the hell did you just say, Dan?

Northern Soul hoists up the dazed Dante and props him up in the corner. He sets up the third table, right in the middle of the ring, and goes back to grab Dante. But Dante has manages to remove the turnbuckle padding and slips out behind Northern Soul, smashing his head into the exposed turnbuckle several times!! Dante then hoists the very dazed Northern Soul onto his shoulders and begins to climb the turnbuckle. He then grabs hold of the top of the cell and throws Northern Soul onto the scaffolding, climbing up soon after him.

DS: This could be it, Mayo. Dante only has to throw Northern Soul off and through that table to win back his title!

SM: Northern Soul had the upper hand, but Dante was sneaky and looks set to gain the win here.

Dante is stood on the scaffold atop the cell, with Northern Soul’s bloodied body by his feet. He taunts the crowd, who begin to boo. But what Dante hasn’t seen is Nemesis. Nemesis has arrived at ringside, and has a ladder… ready for his match. He climbs the ladder and climbs up onto the roof of the cell, but he’s on the opposite side to Dante. He calls out to Dante, who looks across in shock. Nemesis holds on to a cable which supports the cell and begins to jump up and down, shaking the cage and rocking Dante. Dante steadies himself, and yells back to Nemesis. He vows not to let him distract him and cause him to lose again. He pulls Northern Soul to his feet and stands him right on the edge of the roof, the table 20 or so feet below. He puts one finger up against the chest of the Champion, and pushes him back. Northern Soul drops down… but grabs the scaffold with his hands, swinging himself round and back up behind Dante, kicking him in the process. Dante stumbles forward, leaning very close to the edge. Nemesis jumps again, his 325lbs enough to rock the cage again, and Dante falls!


SM: THAT’S IT!! Dante falls through the table… Northern Soul wins!


JS: Your winner, and STILL BWA Euro-Xtreme Champion… NORTHERN SOUL!!

SM: Nemesis again proving the thorn in Dante’s side!

DS: What? Nemesis never touched him! It was Northern Soul who won himself that match, no-one else!

SM: How can you say that? Nemesis blatantly distracted Dante, allowed Northern Soul to recover, and then shook the cage to send The Fallen Angel falling through the table!

DS: Well, we’ll agree to disagree then, Mayo!