This match is from EXPRO On FX #18, the EXODUS Pro TV Show and is reproduced with permission. The full original show is available here.

The lights dim as the opening pulse of “Broken Glass” by The Crystal Method begins as up on the EXOScreen the logo of the Godfathers of Wrestling begins to reveal through a fade. Around the :30 second mark, strobes pulse around the entrance way, and Chandler Scott and Jonathan Collins emerge not long after!

David Zinkus: The following contest is for the GFC Tag Team Titles and is scheduled for one fall! Coming down the aisle, at a total combined weight of 467 pounds, they represent the Godfathers of Wrestling…they are the team of Chandler Scott and Jonathan Collins…DANGEROUS MINDS!

Seth Ericson: Here they are, Dick. I don’t think these guys can ever be beaten for these straps, you realize that?

Dick Morosi: Don’t be so quick to make assumptions, Seth. FRONTIER must be pretty antsy to get back their gold to their own company, and the guy’s they’re up against are far from pushovers.

Chandler continues to march toward the ring, a rather egotistical grin on his face as Collins remains stoic on his walk toward the ring, slapping hands with a couple of fans on the way in. Scott walks up the steps into the ring as Collins takes his traditional hop up, cleaning off his feet on the apron before stepping in. Each man climbs a turnbuckle to gesture to the crowd, the crowd responding depending on whether it’s Chandler or Jon they got with the appropriate reaction. After a moment, the pair head to their corner, leaving the duo to talk some last minute strategy as they wait, each of them removing their entrance attire.

Multicoloured spotlights swirl around the entranceway as the martial-sounding intro to Glass Candy’s “Candy Castle” comes across the PA. As the beat kicks in Laurel Anne Hardy bursts through the curtain, cavorting energetically and twisting a feather boa around like a dancing partner. A moment later Evangelista walks through and stands beside Laurel, placing her hands on her hips as she surveys the auditorium with a smile.

David Zinkus: From the United Kingdom, at a combined weight of two hundred and eighty-one pounds and representing The Asylum…

Seth Ericson: You were right, Dick. These two do look impressive! And the crowd looks to be loving it! I don’t normally trust your judgement, you know. But I made an exception.

The two young women share a good luck hug, then start down the aisle and head in opposite directions when they reach the bottom – Evangelista focused on the task ahead and absently tagging a few outstretched hands, Hardy dancing back and forth and interacting with the fans much more with hugs, high fives and handshakes. After completing a circuit of the ringside area they regroup and Evangelista slides under the bottom rope while Laurel leaps over her onto the apron, and somersaults over the top rope. They run up opposite turnbuckles and pose, then drop and repeat their actions in the other two corners. Hardy throws her boa into the crowd, prompting a scrum to catch it.

David Zinkus: They are “The Prodigal Daughter” Evangelista and “The Living, Breathing Installation Event Of The Millennium” Laurel Anne Hardy… DRAAAAGOOONS… UNLEASHED!

They both moonsault down to standing positions in the centre of the ring. Laurel takes a deep, theatrical bow while Evangelista crosses herself and warms up in her respective corner, her eyes darting at their opponents as the song still continues to play.

Dick Morosi: Wait, what’s this?

Jon Collins approached Dragons Unleashed, the music dying down as he met them both in the middle of the ring. He offered out his hand, good sportsmanship conduct overflowing the Japanese architecture as the crowd went on to cheer. Hardy shook the hand first after a pause, followed by Evangelista, her handshake a bit angrier than the first, her grip firm. A handshake nonetheless, they split up again to their respective sides, the match about to begin.

The bell sounds and Jon Collins circles his opponent, the flashy Laurel Anne Hardy standing her ground. As the director reaches over towards Hardy, she counters the grapple easily with a sudden, unorthodox cartwheel to the side, hitting a pele kick to the side of Collins’ head in a flawless combo that really got people’s attention! The crowd popped for Hardy, watching as Jon quickly got to his feet regardless, more impressed than injured.

Seth Ericson: Whoa, what a move! Did you see that, Dick?

Dick Morosi: We’re starting this match off right, believe me

Jon follows it up with a quicker than light tiger suplex, flipping her over his head with ease. As if trying to show her that a veteran knows how to handle himself, he lifts her up to a seated position and smacks his elbow into her temple, Hardy getting up shortly after. It was a fast paced match already, the two standing opposite each other again as if the match had just begun, both on opposite corners of the ring. On the same wavelength, they both scurried to their own corners, crossing each other’s paths to smack their partner’s hands, a sure fire display of two tag team specialists battling it out for the edge.

The new bout begins with the fresh Chandler Scott going for a textbook dropkick towards Evangelista, yet it was clear she had stepped aside, letting Chandler slip up and get back to his feet quickly again. Before Chandler had time to pick up another move, he was nailed with a powerful chop block followed by a quick European uppercut as he tried to get to his feet, an intense look across her face.

Dick Morosi: This match is definitely fast paced to say the least and it looks like the Dragons Unleashed, to everyone’s surprise, have quickly gotten the upper hand.

Seth Ericson: To everyone’s surprise? You’re forgetting something. Dragons Unleashed are one of the best tag teams in FRONTIER history, dare I say one of the best tag teams still in existence. Their chemistry is right there for everyone to see! No duh they’d have the upper hand!

Dick Morosi: I can’t argue with you there.

With an Irish whip, Chandler tosses Evangelista towards the ropes, bending down to quickly land a catapult, letting her flip over his back and onto the mat, followed by a running forearm smash as she gets back to her feet, planting her onto the mat harshly, her head bouncing on the canvas. Chandler quickly taunts his opponent, generating a response from the crowd before landing a jumping elbow drop from a standing position towards her heart. And again! And again! The crowd pops louder, watching the competitive match play out before their eyes, the Harvard graduate plopping down to the mat to land a pin, Evangelista’s leg in the air.



KICK OUT! She pushes him off of her, quickly managing to land a victory roll to go for the pin without him realizing what was happening!


And a kickout, followed by a roundhouse legsweep to knock her adversary off his feet once more, running towards the ropes and landing an elbow drop of her own. Walking towards her corner, she tags in Hardy once again, slapping her friend’s hand and getting to her position, it was Laurel’s turn to face off against an already tired Chandler Scott, landing an impressive cartwheel roundoff into a sudden dropkick, Chandler’s face getting smashed as he flopped back down and rolling to a prone position, a move that caused the crowd to drop their jaws and look on with awe. She flipped her opponent over once again, landing a rolling thunder onto her opponent and going for the pin.




With that, Chandler tries to reach for his partner, Jon Collins’ hand out, but instead was pulled away by his foot, Chandler landing a heavy kick to Laurel’s face to get her hands off of him, giving him space. With that, he scurried to his side, tagging in Jon Collins to enter the ring, a sudden running motion followed by a harsh spinning heel kick that sent his opponent to the ground, her face to the Japanese rafters. The director of EXODUS measured her up, readying himself for his signature shining wizard, sprinting towards Hardy as she suddenly sat up looking his way – a bad decision!

Dick Morosi: Parallax Shock! It’s done!

Jon Collins smiles for the crowd, the cheers raining down on him heavily as they watch with bated breath, the Sekigun leader taunting his opponent with his hand to try to get her to get to her feet, the crowd all knowing what was next!

Seth Ericson: He’s going for the ZERO Hour! Thanks for playing, Dragons Unleashed! Jon Collins will be happy to give you a nice parting gift!

With Laurel Anne Hardy making her way to her feet in a daze, Jon Collins ran towards her at breakneck speed, spinning with his fist clenched as he waited for the move to connect, the crowd watching in awe. No! Hardy ducked out of the way, sidestepping the move completely before anyone knew what was happening! Already doubled over from the spin, Laurel pulls Jon down, wrapping his arms towards his chest in a straitjacket, preparing him for what would surely call for the end of this match!

Dick Morosi: Flower Plower Mk. III! Terror From—

That’s when Jon Collins used all his strength to flip Hardy over her head for a counter, his arms let free! Unfortunately for him, Laurel landed on her feet! Without any pause or any hesitation, the vet flowed his next movements into landing a powerful OMEGA-16, squeezing her neck with his legs! She tried to break free, tried to push his legs away or reach for the ropes, but lacked the strength needed, finally opting to reluctantly tap out in the middle of that ring, the crowd going wild! “Broken Glass” by The Crystal Method starts again, and Collins slams his hand on the mat, celebrating his victory upon Laurel’s tap out!


WINNERS (and STILL GFC Tag Team Champions): Dangerous Minds

“Broken Glass” continues to play as Chandler grabs both titles from the referee, Jon starting to relinquish the hold on Laurel. Standing up and receiving his prize from Chandler, the two men tap belts and nod, celebrating for a moment as Evangelista starts to check on her partner. With Chandler looking to celebrate, Jon tells his friend to hold up for a second as he goes over to Laurel and Evangelista, nodding. The duo look on at him, and although Chandler has no interest it seems in shaking hands with the pair, Collins has no qualms about showing good sportsmanship, extending his hand to the pair. The two seem apprehensive at first, and Collins raises his eyebrow, assuring them that the gesture is sincere. The duo finally relent and each of them slap Jon’s hand, showing respect before they begin to leave the ring—BUT ONLY TO BE PUSHED OUT OF THE WAY AS THE NINTH GATE COME TO ATTACK JONATHAN COLLINS! HATE is in full force as Akashi, Daisuke, and Kameron come to attack Jonathan Collins with Chandler instantly starting to help his partner out by trying to help fight them off. Noticing the commotion in the ring, Laurel and Evangelista come back into the ring to start pushing Kam, Daisuke, and Akashi away from Jon & Chandler. Evangelista spins Chase round so he’s facing her, then throws up her arms.