Kendra- Ladies and gentlemen… The following contest is a Fatal 4-Way Match and it is scheduled for one fall… Introducing first…

The house lights go down as the Millennium Scope flickers into life. The image of a cloud-shrouded graveyard is seen, the camera weaving through headstones until it comes to one with two lines of glowing green letters. As the camera zooms in, we’re able to see that those lines of letters spell out a name- “Sadistic Insanity” Damian Payne. The camera zooms out seconds before a bolt of lightning strikes the ground before the headstone. A fist pushes its way through the dirt where the lightning bolt struck, then opens. Payne’s name flashes across the screen as Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie (Androids vs Las Putas remix)” begins to play over the PA system. Images of Payne in various matches over his career are shown.

Kendra- Representing the UKWA… He hails from Denver, Colorado and weighs in at 295 pounds…

The 6’9″ Denver native steps out onto the entrance ramp wearing a pair of black boots, knee-length denim shorts, a pair of black elbow pants and a black t-shirt, “Sadistic Insanity” in bright orange letters on the front. His shoulder-length brown hair is curly and he has a goatee.

Kendra- Here is DAMIAN PAYNE!

Payne stands onstage, glaring at the crowd, who’s booing him mercilessly. He walks down to the ring and stands there for a moment, glaring at Kendra. From this vantage point, we can see that the back of his t-shirt has “ChokeBomb Central – Hell Has Relocated!!” captioned on the back. He slides into the ring, runs over to the nearest corner and takes his shirt off, throwing it into the crowd. Moments later, his shirt is thrown back into the ring.

Dan- Here we are again, Mayo. And the UKWA and MWA are currently ties 2-2!

Mayo- An unbelievable night here in Madison. Can this man, Damian Payne, notch up another win for the UKWA?

Kendra- His first opponent also represents the UKWA…

Without fanfare, Ed Sharples steps out onto the stage, the UKWA Internet Championship slung over his shoulder. A pair of shades on his face, a pair of black wrestling tights and a pair of boots serves as his ring attire. His wrists are taped as he heads to the ring. Hair disheveled, generally looking a bit unkempt, Sharples seems to care less about the fans jeering him as he walks to the ring.

Kendra- He hails from Rugeley, England and weighs in at 271 pounds… He is the UKWA Internet Champion… ED SHARPLES!

Sharples makes it to the ring area, makes a show of walking up the ring steps. He stops on the apron, walks to the center of the apron with his back to the inside of the ring, and mugs for the crowd, holding the Internet Championship in the air for all to see before actually entering the ring between the second and top ropes.

Mayo- Or could The Man prove himself and pull out the win here.

Dan- Our Internet Champion is one tough son of a gun, Mayo. I wouldn’t bet against him.

Kendra- Their opponent is no stranger to the MWA… A former MWA Champion… 3-time former MWA Heritage Champion… Ladies and gentlemen, here is STEVE HUGHES!

Dan- But then I wouldn’t want to bet against Hughes, either. I’ve seen this guy wrestle, Mayo, he’s good.

Hughes makes his way to the ring, eyes locked on Sharples and Payne. He stands on the outside, glaring at the two men as Kendra makes her final announcement.

Kendra- The final participant in this match…

Seether’s “Out of My Way” begins to play over the PA system.

Kendra- From Silver City and weighing in at 275 pounds, here is JNC!

Dan- And then there’s JNC. He’s no slouch either, Mayo.

JNC heads to the ring, stops alongside Hughes. The two seem to be talking with each other for a moment as Payne and Sharples stand side by side in the ring. JNC and Hughes rush the ring, where Sharples and Payne greet them with a series of boots to the back.


Mayo- Looks like we’re underway here, folks!

Payne and JNC have paired up, as have Sharples and Hughes. Payne whips Hughes into the nearest corner, charges in for a clothesline, only to have Hughes plant a right foot into his face. Payne charges once again, this time falling victim to a well-timed elbow to the jaw. Hughes scores with a swinging neckbreaker, then straddles Payne and connects with a series of right fists to the face. Sharples is faring a bit better against JNC in the opening moments, having him backed in a corner and pummeling him with a series of fists to the face. Sharples scoops JNC up and drops him face-first on the top turnbuckle. As JNC reels from the blow, Sharples applies a waistlock from behind, tosses him with a released German suplex. Sharples runs against the ropes, drops a quick leg across JNC’s sternum, then goes for a lateral press.


Mayo- Kickout by JNC.

Dan- And an easy one too, Mayo. It’s too early for that…

Sharples gets JNC to his feet, whips him into the ropes. JNC ducks underneath a clothesline, but falls victim for a well-placed knee to the midsection. Sharples rocks JNC with a right to the jaw, then picks him up and slams him hard to the mat. Sharples drops a knee to JNC’s head, then goes for a lateral press. Hughes, seeing the cover, runs over and drops an elbow to the back of Sharples’ head. Hughes backs Sharples against the ropes, whips, Sharples, only to hold on to the arm and bury his knee into Sharples’ midsection. Hughes picks Sharples up and slams him, then comes off the ropes with an elbow drop.

Dan- This match really is going to be a tough one to call.

Mayo- All four men capable, and the MWA twosome needing a win to put their team in front on the night!

Hughes and JNC begin a double-team on Sharples, using their familiarity as tag-team partners in the past to get the upper hand. A double Irish whip results in a high back drop, which is followed up by a double clothesline. As Payne gets to his feet in the corner, Hughes whips JNC into the corner, Payne being rocked by a clothesline. JNC moves out of the way, allowing Hughes to connect with a shoulder barge to Payne’s midsection. JNC rocks Payne with a blow to the jaw, then applies a reverse chinlock. JNC sits Payne up on the top turnbuckle, then superplexes him, which is followed by a running elbow from Hughes. As Hughes makes a cover, JNC immediately grabs him by the leg, pulling him off Payne. JNC shoves, Hughes. Hughes shoves JNC, and they start trading blows. JNC whips Hughes into the ropes, nails him in the face with a boot to the face. JNC bounces off the ropes, falls thanks to a forearm shot to the side of the head from Sharples. Sharples grabs JNC and tosses him out of the ring, over the top rope. As Hughes gets to his feet, Sharples gets a running start and rocks him with a clothesline. Hughes gets back to his feet again, gets dropped by another Sharples clothesline.

Mayo- The Man is doing well here tonight, Dan.

Dan- Yeah, he’s a new man. Not like the Sharples we’ve seen recently in the UKWA!

JNC is favoring his back on the outside, Payne is shaking off the cobwebs after the superplex/running elbow combo. Sharples whips Hughes into the ropes, backs against the ropes closest to him (where JNC is standing), and gets tripped up by JNC. JNC pulls Sharples out to the ringside area and nails him with an uppercut. JNC whips Sharples toward the barricade, has it reversed and goes crashing into the barricade himself. Sharples walks up to him, picks him up and drops him throat-first across the barricade. Sharples continually rams JNC’s head against the barricade as Hughes and Payne trade fists inside the ring. Payne whips Hughes into the ropes and scores with a spinebuster slam. He picks Hughes up, applies a waistlock and throws him with a released Northern Lights suplex. Payne seems to be building momentum, picks Hughes up and whips him into the ropes. Payne scores with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then covers Hughes. Hughes kicks out at 2. Payne whips Hughes hard into the corner, Hughes crumples to the mat on all fours. Payne walks over to Hughes and applies a Camel Clutch.

Dan- Nice work from Payne.

Mayo- Working on the back of Steve Hughes at the moment.

Back on the outside, Sharples is trying to choke JNC out with a mic cord when he notices that Payne has the Camel Clutch applied. Sharples slides into the ring from behind and nails Payne in the back of the head with a good, stiff kick. Sharples rolls Payne over for a cover, has a near-fall broken up by Hughes. Hughes and Sharples trade knife-edge chops, with Sharples getting the upper hand, Sharples nails Hughes with a jawbreaker, follows it up with an inverted atomic drop. Sharples gets a head of steam and nails Hughes with a HARD clothesline, Hughes’ momentum forcing him out of the ring. Sharples, feeling like he’s got the match well in hand, walks over to Payne and grabs him by the hair, pulling him up to his knees. Sharples applies a standing head scissors, wraps his arms around Payne’s waist. Sharples hoists Payne into the air, planting him with a snap powerbomb. Before Sharples can even attempt a cover, he gets a taste of Sweet Cherry Pie.

Dan- JNC makes a cover!

Mayo- 1…! 2…! Thr…! NO…!

Dan- Sharples just BARELY manages to kick out!!!

JNC sees his spot, applies a standing head scissors to Sharples and hoists him in the air. As soon as he’s got Sharples at the highest point, he gets clipped from behind by Hughes. Sharples falls right on top of JNC, which prompts the referee to get into position.



JNC kicks out. Hughes was going for a double axe-handle to break up the count, resulting in him nailing JNC instead of Sharples. Sharples is trying to shake off the cobwebs as Hughes goes for a cover on JNC.


JNC kicks out with a vengeance. Payne is crawling to a corner, Sharples is crawling toward the opposite corner and Hughes and JNC are both getting to their feet near the center of the ring. Hughes and JNC run against the ropes… Hughes ducks under a clothesline attempt… Hughes and JNC appear to crack heads.

Seeing their opening, both Sharples and Payne attempt covers. The referee is somewhat confused as to what to do. Positions himself in the center and counts with both hands.



Dan- Both Hughes and JNC kick out!!!

Mayo- This is madness, Dan. Utter madness!

Dan- Yeah. Don’t you just love it?

Payne picks JNC up and whips him into the corner. Payne gets a head of steam… And nails a shoulder into the corner post, thanks to JNC moving out of the way in the nick of time. Meanwhile, Sharples attempts to whip Hughes into the ropes… Hughes reverses… Hughes charges after Sharples, who pulls the top rope down, sending Hughes tumbling over the top rope. Hughes’ head bounces precariously off the ring apron before he hits the floor. Hughes seems to be out cold on the outside. JNC is standing in wait for Payne to stand up in the corner… SWEET CHERRY PIE! We get a cover…!



Mayo- Sharples breaks up the count with a leg drop to the back of JNC’s head.

Dan- The end is near, Mayo, I can sense it!

Sharples rolls Payne out of the ring, then goes for a cover on JNC.



JNC kicks out once again. Sharples is frustrated now and he moves over to the nearest corner. He starts unraveling the rope for the top turnbuckle pad. As he does so, JNC reaches into his trunks for something with his right hand. The referee sees Ed trying to remove the turnbuckle pad and admonishes him. As he does so, Ed pulls a pair of brass knucks out of his pants. Ed picks JNC up and takes a swing, which JNC blocks. JNC connects with his punch, which knocks Ed flat to the mat. JNC falls onto Sharples, his right hand between his body and Sharples. Referee gets into position.

Mayo- 1…!

Payne sees the lateral press and slides into the ring as quickly as he can muster (considering he’s trying to shake off the effects of Sweet Cherry Pie).

Mayo- 2…!

Dan- 3…!

Payne drops a double axe-handle on JNC, but too late.


Kendra- Ladies and gentlemen… Here is your winner… Jonah N Cherry!!!!!

Dan- No, damn it! The MWA gets the win!

Mayo- And with things as they are, the MWA lead by 3-2!