Internet Championship Tournament Final:

Da Man Vs. The Brahama Bull Vs. Callahan

MB: This match is set for one fall. It is a triangle match for the vacant EWF Internet Title! Making his way to the ring, standing at 5’11” and weighing in at 250 lbs he is the former Heavyweight Champion, he is Da Maaaaan!

Da Man again makes his way to the ring to the sound of Aerosmith’s “Back in the Saddle”

MB: And making his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 270 lbs and standing 6′ 7″ tall, the man known as “The DDT Master”, The Brahaaama Buull!

The Brahama Bull makes his way down the aisle as “Hoody Hoo” by Master P plays out from the PA. The music changes to Megadeth’s “Crush ‘Em” and Callahan makes his way to the ring.

MB: And finally, the third man vying for the Internet Title stands at 6’ 5″ tall and weighs in at 265 lbs. Making a return tonight to his home town of Dublin, Ireland. He is a member of “The Fed” and the master of the Celtic Pride, he is Caallahaaan!

Scott: The referee for this match is Lee Roberts and the bell’s just rung.

Da Man and the Bull went for each other and Da Man took The Bull to the mat with a side slam. Callahan sat in the corner of the ring, letting the other two wear each other down. Da Man continued his attack on The Bull and took him down hard with a piledriver. After a few more minutes of Da Man and The Bull going at each other Callahan got up and went over to The Bull, who was the worst off of the two, and floored him with a Bridged German Suplex. Lee Roberts started the count but Da Man made the save. The Bull came back into the match and started to use some of his trademark DDT’s. He took Da Man down with a reverse DDT before whipping Callahan into the corner and taking him down with a Tornado DDT.

Font: Ryan Singh has tought The Brahama Bull well, some good moves there.

The Bull got both of his opponents mad and he couldn’t cope with the reply. Da Man and Callahan teamed up to double back body drop The Bull and followed that with a double elbow drop. Da Man went to shake Callahan’s hand but Callahan grabbed it and executed an arm-drag into a crippler cross-face. The Bull managed to stop the tap out from Da Man and then he hit his No Bull on Callahan. He didn’t make the cover, instead he went after Da Man. He took Da Man down with an Evenflow DDT and then began to signal to the crowd that it was all over. But Da Man had got back up, and when The Bull turned round he was met by the boot of Da Man. Da Man took The Bull down with a butterfly suplex and then turned to Callahan, who had just got back up. Callahan soon found himself back on the mat after Da Man hit him with a big Spear Tackle. Da Man picked up The Bull and landed Da Bomb, he then picked up Callahan and repeated the move. Da Man put a hand on each man’s chest and Lee Roberts made the count, 1…2…3!

MB: Your winner, and new EWF Internet Champion, Da Maaaaan!

Font: Another solid performance from Da Man.

Scott: A great win for him, he’ll be glad to have gold round his waist once more. And he’s also got a Heavyweight Title Shot tommorrow night. That will either be against Freak or Evan DeGreggor, their match is next!