“Toughest SOB” Grudge Match:

Da Man Vs. Jason 3:16 (champ)

MB: This match is set for one fall. It is a steel cage, no DQ match for the EWF Toughest SOB Title! Making his way to the ring at this time, he is tonight’s challenger. Weighing in at 250 lbs and standing 5’11” tall, he is the former Heavyweight Champion and the master of Da Bomb, he is Da Maaaaan!

Da Man made his way to the ring, Aerosmith’s “Back in the Saddle” playing over the PA system. As Da Man entered the cage the sound of broken glass is heard throughout the arena and Jason 3:16 makes his way to ringside to “Hell Frozen Over”.

MB: And his opponent, weighing in at 320 lbs and standing 5’11” tall. He is the self proclaimed “Toughest SOB Alive” and is now the EWF Toughest SOB champion, Jason threeeee-sixteeeeen!

Scott: The referee for this match is Lee Roberts, who’s just called for the bell.

Jason went straight for Da Man with a suplex, which Da Man reversed. Jason then attempted a northern lights suplex, and Da Man reversed it into a DDT. Da Man picked up Jason and whipped him into the cage wall. Da Man went up behind Jason and floored him with a Russian legsweep, followed up with a leg drop and an elbow drop.

Font: Now this is entertainment! Jason is getting the crap pounded out of him! I love it! And Roger Richards must be wathcing at home and laughing his ass off!

Da Man followed up with a swinging neck breaker and then a Boston Crab. Jason wouldn’t tap out and eventually Da Man broke the hold, only to pick him up and lay him out with a piledriver. Da Man picked Jason up, took him over to the turnbuckle and flattened him with Da Bomb from the top rope! From there it was as easy as 1..2…3!

MB: Your winner, and new EWF Toughest SOB, Da Maaaaan!

Scott: And in record time too!

Font: Somebody call Jason’s momma! Da Man just opened up a six pack of Whoop-Ass!

Scott: And now Da Man has the microphone…

Da Man: I don’t believe that Jason 3:16 thought he could actually compete against myself! He’s a no-body, just another of those Steve Austin wannabe’s who thinks they are the toughest SOB alive! Then the EWF decided to give Jason his own trophy, which is worth jack-s***! So I say we scrap it!

Da Man picked up the Toughest SOB trophy and snapped it across his knee before leaving the ring.

Scott: Wow, Da Man just destroyed the Toughest SOB Trophy! And it’s time for the Tag Team Title match!