The two men circled each other for a moment or two until they finally locked up. Max got the better of the early exchange and locked in an abdominal stretch, verbally mocking Osborne in the process. The crowd and Osborne did not appreciate this, both letting Max know about it in no uncertain terms. Osborne retaliated, locking in a triangle choke in the ropes. They spilled to the floor, and Osborne used the barricade to do an armbar variant. Osborne continued to go after Max’s left arm, possibly trying to take the crossface out of his arsenal for the night.

Osborne brought him back to the ring, and he continued to go after Max’s left arm for a while. CJ went for a running kick, but Max caught his leg and hit a dragon screw. Osborne clutched his right knee. Max shook out his left arm, but he was now in control of the match. Osborne managed to come back by getting an arm-drag and arm-lock on the injured arm. Osborne got a cross armbreaker, but he couldn’t fully lock it in. Max managed to make the ropes. Max went right back after Osborne’s leg. Max grapevine the leg, and Osborne writhed in pain. Osborne fought and fought until he finally made it to the ropes. Osborne could barely walk, but he managed to hit a dropkick, which got the crowd excited. They traded slaps to the face. Osborne managed to lock in a sleeper and take his opponent down. It looked like Max had passed out, but he just managed to make it to the ropes. Osborne delivered a HUGE  slap to the face. Max tried for another dragon screw, but Osborne avoided it and got another sleeper.

Max avoided a superkick and hit a dragon screw on the injured knee. Max then kicked at that knee. Max went for a flying elbow drop, but Osborne got his knees up. I’m not sure who that hurt more! Osborne delivered some more slaps, hopping around on his good leg, but Max managed to get a dragon screw once more. SHINING WIZARD!  TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!! Osborne has no choice but to tap out.

Your winner, Maximum Violence!

Well that was one heck of an interesting match, both men looked determine to cause the other an injury. CJ going for Max’s arm, and Max going for Osborne’s knee.