This match was originally aired on the Independent PPV, “Unsanctioned: Night Two”.

BB: “It’s time for a rematch of the GFC World Heavyweight Championship for Frontiers most recent iPPV a few weeks back.”

WC: “I see the outcome being the same.”

BB: “yeah, but your a FGA guy anyway.”

JS: “The follow match is set for one fall. Introducing first from Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. Weighing in at 255 pounds. He is the FGA Pride Champion AND the GFC World Heavyweight Champion, Chandler Scott!”

(The classic beginning notes of “Ride of the Valkyries” plays over the PA as the fans in attendance know who is about to grace them with their presence. Out through the curtain steps Chandler Scott, wearing his Harvard letterman jacket. Walking down the ring with him is Madison Scott, who walks arm and arm with him. The two lovebirds ignore the boos, jeers and catcalls of the crowd, shooing them away like the trash that they are. After Chandler hops onto the apron, he helps Madison up onto the apron. Chandler then sits down on the bottom rope while holding the top rope up for Madison. After Madison makes her way into the ring, Chandler steps into the ring. He slowly turns around in a circular motion with his arms outstretched, basking in his glory while the crowd continues to boo.)

JS: “His opponent, from Dallas, Texas. Weighing in at 215 pounds, Alex Jones!”

(The two men test their strength until Scott pushes Jones back into the ropes and knees him in the gut. Scott pulls Jones up but a knee to the gut is delivered by Jones. Irish whip by Jones. He goes for a hip toss but Scott reverses it into his own hip toss. Joes moves toward Scott, but is taken down with a drop toe hold by Scott. Jones is quickly to his feet, but he is taken down by a picture perfect dropkick.)

BB: “A lot of people may not like Chandler Scott, but you can’t question his skill in the ring.”

WC: “There is a reason he holds two championships in two different companies.”

(Both men are back up. Jones goes for an Irish Whip but it is reversed by Scott. Scott catches Jones on the rebound with a powerslam. Scott hooks the leg.

ONE… TWO… Jones gets a shoulder up in time. Scott pulls Jones up and Irish whips him into the ropes. As Jones rebounds Scott grabs him by the neck and hits a modified rear naked choke drop. Scott then climbs to the top rope and doesn’t waste any time, coming off the ropes with a diving elbow drop. He covers

ONE….. TWO….. and another kick out.)

BB: “I thought it was over there!”

(Scott now waits for Jones to get up to his feet again. As he does Scott comes from behind and goes for a German suplex. Jones wraps his own leg around Scott’s and avoids the German suplex. He elbows out of the waist lock, turns around and is nailed with Harvard Hammer [Polish Hammer] Scott drops down for the pin.


WC: “That came out of nowhere!”

BB: “ Chandler Scott continues his winning ways here tonight.”