Bushido gives Lasiewicz a clean break during the first contact of the match, and we ease into a feeling-out process. They trade some early pins and look for their trademark submissions, but they just go at it and end up in a standoff. That was a great little sequence that got the Wolverhampton crowd pumped for this one.

Lasiewicz catches Bushido with an enzuigiri to a big roar from the crowd, but Bushido tosses him over the rope and boots him off of the apron. Lasiewicz starts coming back in the ring with a basement dropkick, but Bushido stops all that with a dragon screw and an attempt at the Iron Octopus Hold, which the Silver Eagle gets away from. Lasiewicz eats a couple of chops but begins to trade strikes with Bushido in the middle of the ring. Bushido steps out onto the apron and Lasiewicz SILVER EAGLE SUPLEXES HIM ONTO THE FLOOR!

Lasiewicz throws the Strong Style Warrior into the ring and hits a hurts him with an Implant DDT. Lasiewicz starts building up more momentum, but Bushido stops it with a John Woo Dropkick. That big suplex to the floor gave Bushido a bit of a stinger, but he doesn’t let it faze him as he connects with a springboard roundhouse, stomps Lasiewicz on the back, and heads to the top rope. PHOENIX SPLASH!!! NO!!! Lasiewicz rolled out of the way!

Andreas moves quickly to grab Bushido, connect with a European Uppercut and then a big Polish Hammer! UNFORGETTABLE FIRE!! And this one is over at the count of three!

Your winner, Andreas Lasiewicz!

A good win for the returning Andreas Lasiewicz. Bushido’s been on a great run of form since arriving in FRONTIER and to lose his streak will be a disappointment to him. But Lasiewicz is on a good run himself, that’s sure to be noticed by FRONTIER management.