DS: Invasion? I’d hardly call it an invasion, Mayo. Four former ESW guys have found it here to the BWA, that’s not an invasion. These guys are gonna get demolished by the likes of the MoA and IoD unless they stick together!

SM: We’ve already seen Jonny Storm in action tonight, narrowly missing out on a shot at the Internet Title. And now two more of them go at it against each other, in the T-Hell-C Match!!

DS: Blue Moon and Acid get the chance to prove themselves to the BWA fans, and get an opportunity to go to AoWF4 while they’re at it!

SM: Blue Moon calls himself The Descending Angel, and was the last person to hold the ESW World Title!

DS: Great, just what we need, another Angel! We’ve got Angel, The Fallen Angel, and now The Descending Angel!! When do we get a Rising Angel?

JS: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall. It is the T-Hell-C Match for a shot at the AoWF InterContinental Championship at AoWF4!! Making his way to the ring at this time, from Miami, Florida, USA. He weighs in at 230lbs and stands 5’9″ tall. He is…. ACID!!

The lights in the Arena as the intro to Coma America begins to play. Strobe lighting begins to flash in time with the drums as they kick in. As Casey Chaos shouts Coma America fire works begin to fly from the stage as Acid appears on the ramp. He stands still on the stage for a few moments before charging towards the ring and sliding under the bottom rope. He gets up and climbs onto the ropes opposite him and raises a hand into the air. The music finally dies down as Acid waits for the match to begin.

JS: And the opponent. Hailing from Saint Cloud, Florida, USA. He stands at 6’4″ and weighs in at 240lbs. He is The Descending Angel… BLUE MOON!!

The arena is soon bathed in a blue light, and a light hum rings through the crowd. On the video screen, a blue moon is seen, sitting above a cliff. A wolf is standing at the top of the cliff, and it howls at the moon, the howl echoing throughout the arena. Suddenly, the pyros around the ramp way EXPLODE, and “I Stand Alone” By Godsmack hits. The crowd explodes as the lights flash on, and Blue Moon rushes out onto the ramp way. He smiles slightly, looking out at the crowd, before running down to the ring and sliding in. Blue Moon

stands up, walking to a turnbuckle and ascending it, raising his arms in the air to evoke more cheers from the crowd, before hopping off the turnbuckle and turning around, leaning against it, waiting for the match to start.

SM: Well here they are. Both from ESW. Both from Florida. Both ready to tear each other a new one in order to make their mark on the community, and get that IC Title shot at AoWF4!


The match is started and Blue Moon gets the upper hand, pushing Acid back into the corner. He lays in some chops to the chest of his fellow Florida native, until Acid slips his way out, pushing Blue Moon back into the corner. Now Acid reigns in those chops, and follows up with a nice spin kick to the face of his opponent. Blue Moon drops down, slumped into the corner, and Acid grabs a chair. Acid runs at Blue Moon, throwing the chair at him. Blue Moon grabs the chair, just as Acid connects with a dropkick to it, smashing it back into the face of his opponent. Acid pulls Blue Moon to his feet, and whips him into the ropes. He looks for a drop toe hold onto the chair, but Blue Moon sidesteps and avoids him. Blue Moon then grabs the back of Acid’s neck and nails a Reverse DDT onto the chair!

DS: Both men making good use of the chair early on in this match… but I’m more interested in those tables, Mayo!

SM: You bloody would be!

Both men are up again and grappling away in the corner. Blue Moon makes the most of his height and weight advantage to get the upper hand, suplexing Acid out of the corner and into the middle of the ring. Blue Moon heads to the top rope, with a view to nail the Shooting Star Press! He launches himself, but Acid rolls out of the way. Not only has Acid rolled out of the way, he’s left the chair for Blue Moon to land on!!


SM: That’s gonna leave a mark, Dan!

DS: No shit, Sherlock! Blue Moon is busted wide open after that… his head connected on the end of the chair!

Acid rolls over to Blue Moon and makes a cover,



SM: Thr…. NO!! Amazing! Blue Moon kicks out!

Acid pulls The Descending Angel back to his feet and whips him into the ropes. As he bounces back Acid hoists him up onto his shoulders, looking like he’s going for a Samoan Drop. But he doesn’t fall back. He steadies himself and nails a Death Valley Driver! Acid then rolls out of the ring and grabs a table which was leaning up against the cage wall. He sets it up in the gap between the ring and the cell, before rolling back in to the bloodied Blue Moon. Acid again whips Blue Moon into the ropes, and looks for a belly-to-belly out of the ring and through the table! But Blue Moon is prepared and does not allow Acid to get off the move. Instead the former ESW Champion pushes Acid away, and then nails a Superkick!! Acid goes over the ropes, but has managed to hold on to the top rope. He steadies himself on the ring apron as Blue Moon runs at him and flips his way onto Acid’s shoulders. He then twists as he takes Acid down and through the table with a modified Samurai Driver!!

SM: What a reversal from Blue Moon… and now Acid is hurt too!

DS: Almost suicidal move from Blue Moon. He nails the Samurai Driver to take Acid through the table… but the idiot went through it himself!

Both men are laid out on the floor, pieces of table surrounding their battered bodies. Blue Moon is the first to move as he uses the cell wall to help him to his feet. Acid begins to stir, and Blue Moon drags him up. He smashes his head into the cell wall a few times, and then drags it across the cage… blood beginning to flow from Acid’s forehead. Acid lashes out, grabs Blue Moon and nails a Russian Leg sweep back into the cell wall! Acid pulls Blue Moon up and goes for another leg sweep, but Blue Moon escapes and whips Acid into the ring post! Blue Moon rolls Acid back into the ring, and slides a fresh table in after him. He sets up the table in the corner, and attempts to whip Acid into it. But Acid has managed to gain his second wind, and reverses the Irish whip attempt, sending Blue Moon up against the table. Acid then sets up the chair in the middle of the ring, and steps back a few steps. He runs, leaps off the chair and nails a jumping, diving spear through the table!!

DS: My god, Mayo, these two are good! Acid just doesn’t want to stay down, he just wants to hurt Blue Moon!!

SM: I’m pretty sure the feeling’s mutual, Dan.

Both men are down again, and the referee begins the mandatory ten count.




SM: No sign of movement from either man, Dan. Could they have worn themselves out?




DS: No way, Mayo…. Blue Moon’s getting up!


And Blue Moon is up, albeit by holding onto the turnbuckle. Acid begins to get up too, and the two men stare each other down for a moment. Acid offers Blue Moon a hand, hinting at a test of strength. Blue Moon ponders for a moment, and then accepts the offer. Acid soon nails a kick to the mid-section of Blue Moon and then plants his opponent onto the mat with a nice DDT. Blue Moon pops back up and rushes for Acid. Soon the two are amidst a big punch trading session. Blue Moon seems to be gaining the upper hand until Acid nails a shot to the gut, and quickly nails the Twist of Fate! Rather than make a cover, Acid heads out of the ring to grab yet another table! Acid sets it up in the centre of the ring and goes to put his opponent onto it. Blue Moon is laying out on the table as Acid heads to the turnbuckle. He then reaches up and grabs the ceiling of the cell, and begins to swing from it. He swings back hard and as he swings back forward he lets go, and nails a variation of the Shooting Star Press!

SM: What an innovative move from Acid, using the cell roof to propel himself through the air!

DS: He’s hurt himself, Mayo, but he’s going for the pin…



SM: Thre… NO!! Blue Moon kicks out again!

Acid can’t believe it, and he yells across at the referee to count quicker. Acid pulls Blue Moon up and looks for a suplex. Blue Moon blocks it, and gains the upper hand. He has Acid set for a DDT, and wraps his leg around Acid’s….


SM: That’s his move! Pinning predicament….





JS: Your winner, gaining a shot at the AoWF InterContinental Championship…. The Descending Angel… BLUE MOON!!

DS: He’s done it, Mayo. A win on his debut!

SM: And look inside the cell now, Dan. Acid… he’s offering his hand to Blue Moon.

The two competitors shake hands, and Acid holds Blue Moon’s hand in the air as the crowd cheer these two great athletes.

SM: Two great competitors who gave it their all, and who have great respect for each other.

DS: The ESW is here, and they mean business, Mayo!