“Midnight” by Ice-T kicks in as Gogaan makes his way to ringside.

SM: Well lets put the talking aside for a moment as we get ready for our opening match here at CyberSlam IV, it’s the Cruiserweight title on the line as Gogaan challenges Atomikana for the belt.

DK: Gogaan yet to gain a clear victory here in the BWA, although his performances have really improved since his debut.

SM: The sad thing is that we hear Gogaan was upset at loosing to Atomikana last week in their previous title match, so much so that he blasted The Major saying that he was too good to lose to Atomikana!

Crazytown’s “Butterfly” hits and the crowd cheer the arrival of BWA Cruiserweight Champion, Atomikana.

DK: I have to go with my father on this one. Gogaan is a good competitor, and maybe one who could catch Atomikana off guard an win the belt. But you never talk like that to your boss, especially the mood The Major must be in right now. Atomikana is, without doubt, the best Cruiserweight in the BWA right now. It’s going to take a lot to beat him and take away his title. The only wrestlers that I can see taking that belt away from Atomikana are Angel, Faith Landri or possibly Alicia. And Alicia isn’t competing at the minute, she’s concentrating on other things.


SM: There’s the bell, referee Walt Hannigan has started the match. The two hook up right away… hip toss from Atomikana is followed up with an elbow drop.

The two men hook up again and this time it’s Gogaan who executes the hip-toss and an elbow drop. Gogaan then goes for an arm-bar but Atomikana puts a foot on the ropes and Walt Hannigan forces the break.

SM: Break forced by the referee, although Gogaan cannot win by submission.

DK: This is a ladder match, the Cruiserweight Title hanging about twenty-five feet in the air!

Gogaan has now pushed Atomikana into the corner and is putting the boots to the champion. He goes for a spinning heel kick but Atomikana catches the foot of Gogaan. Gogaan land on his other leg and hops while Atomikana walks out to the middle of the ring. Gogaan goes for an Enzighuri but Atomikana ducks it and Gogaan falls, face first, to the mat. Atomikana still has hold of Gogaan’s foot…

SM: Atomikana thinking about something here…. STF!

DK: Gogaan stuck right in the middle of the ring!

SM: But there’s no Submissions!

DK: No, but there is “wear your opponent out so much that he couldn’t climb a ladder!”

SM: Oh yeah.

Atomikana eventually releases Gogaan, pulls him to his feet and clotheslines him out of the ring. Atomikana climbs out the other side of the ring and goes to get the ladder, which is part way up the aisle. Atomikana picks up the ladder and turns around to be met by a Spear from Gogaan as he flies off the guardrail! Both men are left laying on the arena floor.

DK: Gogaan must have hit the ladder, he looks like he’s almost knocked himself out here!

Gogaan is first to his feet and he grabs the ladder, sliding it into the ring. Instead of trying to climb he sets the ladder up in the corner. Little does Gogaan know but Atomikana has now joined him back in the ring and he runs up behind Gogaan, grabs his head and Bulldogs him into the ladder!

SM: MY GOD! Gogaan is cut open after that move onto the ladder!

DK: He’s taken a few big knocks in this match already, can he hold on? Can he last much longer at this pace?

Atomikana pulls Gogaan off the ladder and sets him up in the corner. He then stands the ladder up in the middle of the ring. He begins to climb the ladder, Gogaan still dazed in the corner. Gogaan stumbles out of the corner in time to baseball slide the ladder, knocking it out from under Atomikana. The ladder flies into the corner of the ring and Atomikana, who had made it to the top, finds himself hurtling toward the mat. Fortunately, for the Champion, Gogaan breaks his fall!

SM: OOPH! Gogaan’s plan backfired a little!

DK: A little? You call you opponent dropping down on top of you from nearly thirty feet a little backfire? I call that a match loosing mistake!

The match isn’t over though as Atomikana did land fairly badly and now finds himself hobbling a little. Atomikana goes to grab the ladder and Gogaan tries to stop him. Gogaan pushes Atomikana into the ladder and then tosses him out of the ring. Gogaan grabs the ladder but instead of standing it up in the centre of the ring he props it up against the ropes. Gogaan moves to the opposite side of the ring and runs at the ladder….

SM: Gogaan runs at the ladder…. He’s running up it!

DK: WOAH! Plancha! He just floored Atomikana with a ladder assisted plancha!

Atomikana looks out and Gogaan awkwardly gets back to his feet. Gogaan slides back into the ring and grabs the ladder, but it’s broken!

SM: The ladder has broken! The two sides have been broken apart!

DK: So now what? How does Gogaan climb to reach the belt on half a ladder? It won’t stand up will it!

Gogaan takes half the ladder and climbs the turnbuckle. He rests the ladder in the corner while he climbs up a couple of steps. He pushes away from the corner and the ladder falls ringwards. Gogaan tries to reach out for the belt but he is too far away for his plan to work. Gogaan stands in the ring, thinking, as Atomikana gets back up and onto the ring apron. Gogaan has had an idea, he holds one half of the ladder in the air and tries to use it to unhook the belt.

SM: Nice idea from Gogaan, using the ladder to unhook the belt rather than to climb!

DK: Perfectly legal, and highly original!

Gogaan has got the belt off the hook, all he needs to do now is get his hands on it! Hang on… ULTIMA 87!!!

SM: Atomikana gets back into the ring, Gogaan didn’t see him and BAM, Ultima 87!

DK: And the belt falls right into Atomikana’s hands!


SM: Your winner, and still BWA Cruiserweight Champion, Atomikana!

DK: Smart move to win the match when it looked like Gogaan had it wrapped up!