The match starts with an explosive offense of PKA who cleans the house, kicking both Lasiewicz and Lorraine in the gut and tossing Lasiewicz out of the ring. He then goes right after a doubled over Allison, dropping her with Headscissors into a DDT. Crowd goes wild as PKA poses in the ring and shows off, but suddenly Andreas Lasiewicz slides back to the ring and catches The Ultraviolent Perfectionist with a Schoolboy. One… Two… PKA kicks out and rolls backwards into a standing position, ready to fight the Silver Eagle. The duo exchanges punches and kicks, but Andreas then catches one of PKA’s kicks and elbows his leg, hitting a stiff Discus Forearm Smash right after. Lasiewicz takes control of him, going for Implant DDT, but by that moment, Allison Lorraine is on top rope and performs a beautiful Missile Dropkick to the face of The Polish Spirit. Lasiewicz is rocked, laying by a corner, and Allison hits a Standing Moonsault into a pin. One… Two… and yet again PKA kicks out.

Lorraine sets her sights on Lasiewicz now. The Polish star is on his feet and is Irish Whipped towards the ropes. Just as he comes back, he receives another Dropkick to the face, which Allison follows with locking in the Texas Cloverleaf on the staggered opponent. Lasiewicz is on the verge of tapping out, but PKA is up again and breaks Allison’s submission when he hits her with a Superkick. PKA is now in control again, grabbing both of his opponents. Lorraine is in the Russian Legsweep position, while Lasiewicz is placed in perfect position for Flatliner. The “Grade A” hits both moves at once to a chorus of cheers, and then locks in the Octopus Stretch on Lorraine.

Now it’s Allison that’s in a world of pain and a world of trouble, but Andreas recovers quickly and kicks PKA, breaking the hold. Andreas goes to Irish Whip PKA, but the move is reversed and it’s Lasiewicz who comes off the ropes. But The Gambit takes advantage of the situation and hits a huge Polish Hammer on PKA, going for the cover. One… Two… Lorraine breaks up the pin, Lasiewicz Irish Whips her this time, but the high flyer from San Francisco takes advantage of that as well and nails Lasiewicz with a Bicycle Kick. She goes for the cover on the Polish wrestler. One… Two…

This time PKA breaks the pin. He Irish Whips Allison to the corner and lays her out with a Dropkick to the head. He goes for Andreas right after, going for Pain Buster, but Lasiewicz block the move and rolls PKA into a Small Package. One… Two… PKA kicks out, Lasiewicz stands up quickly but Lorraine surprises him with a Spinning Heel Kick. One.. Two… Lasiewicz kicks out.

PKA has climbed the turnbuckle and flies, taking out both opponents with a crossbody. He celebrates and that gives Lorraine time to get to her feet. PKA turns round, FEROCIOUS FATE (twist of fate)! She pauses a moment before making a cover and that gives Andreas time to grab her, UNFORGETTABLE FIRE (Argentine Backbreaker into Falling Reverse DDT)!! He raises his arm in expected victory, but hasn’t noticed that PKA is somehow back up! P-KRUSHER III (flipping DDT)!! THIS IS INSANE! PKA covers… and Lorraine breaks the count at two! PKA grabs Allison, tossing her over the top rope. He turns back to Lasiewicz… UNFORGETTABLE FIRE!! Cover, 1…2..3!!

Your winner, Andreas Lasiewicz!