A bit of a wrestling kick…

It’s no secret that I seem to go through phases of being really into something and then loosing track or drifting away; often through just not having the time to stay up to date with whatever that thing is. Lately I’ve been rediscovering my love of wrestling, and expanding my viewing habits into new areas. […]

WWE NXT: The Verdict

So, NXT has arrived. The next step in Sports Entertainment? Here are my views on the show, which I watched before work this morning! I thought NXT was supposed to be a reality show. I almost didn’t watch it because of that. Let’s make things clear now… this is NOT a reality show. What it is… is one of the most entertaining WWE shows I’ve seen in a long time.

A lesson in Puroresu

You may, like my girlfriend, be instantly put off by the fact I’ve said I like wrestling in my previous “getting to know me” post. You shouldn’t be. The wrestling I like is not the glitz and glamour and rubbish that the WWE puts out on such a regular basis. The wrestling I like is puroresu, short for purofesshonaru resuringu. That’s Japanese for professional wrestling by the way.