A bit of a wrestling kick…

It’s no secret that I seem to go through phases of being really into something and then loosing track or drifting away; often through just not having the time to stay up to date with whatever that thing is. Lately I’ve been rediscovering my love of wrestling, and expanding my viewing habits into new areas. […]

Rebuilding Southampton – In 2027

The Idea A few years ago I was playing Football Manager and decided to start a game as unemployed and put myself on manager holiday for a few years, which turned out to be until 2028. My original post about it can be found here. I recently was reminded of this and thought it’d be fun […]

Milwall and Lambert

Went to the Saints vs. Milwall game on Saturday, opening game of the League 1 season for Southampton. (Typing League 1 and Southampton in the same sentence is still going to take a bit of getting used to) It was also my first game as a season ticket holder, having fulfilled a lifelong dream in getting my ST a few weeks ago, along with my brother.

Fulfilling a Dream: Part II

Last Saturday was an interesting day. Kat and I awoke at a reasonable hour, having planned to go into Southampton to do a little shopping for the day. She needed some new jeans and a pair of shoes for her mums wedding that match her bridesmaid dress. I needed some new work trousers and a shirt for Kat’s mums wedding. We then proceeded to waste away the morning…

The Southampton Bake to Perfection Fish Conundrum

The main reason for this post, Fish. Not just any old fish, mind, I’m talking Birds Eye’s Fresh stuff. Specifically their Bake to Perfection range. (That’s BAKE to Perfection, not BACK to Perfection. I don’t want my Fish problems confused with the film Tremors 3)

New Saintly Starts

I’m April is over. It’s a new month and a new beginning is on the horizon. April has been full of rubbish work, arguments, disappointments, Southampton being relegated, a very stressed girlfriend and incredibly annoying housemates. Now it’s May and all my housemates have gone. I now officially live in a 4 bed house on my own. Kat’s dissertation hand in date is today so hopefully she’s past the worst of it now.