A bit of a wrestling kick…

It’s no secret that I seem to go through phases of being really into something and then loosing track or drifting away; often through just not having the time to stay up to date with whatever that thing is. Lately I’ve been rediscovering my love of wrestling, and expanding my viewing habits into new areas. […]

Dragon Gate Invasion

Sunday started in lethargic fashion but I soon had to get on the go. I’d been out with Kat and friends for someone’s birthday on Saturday night and I was still feeling it in the morning. Kat had to get up for work and, due to the torrential rain, I had to get up and give her a lift to the train station. Then it was straight home to put some washing on and do a lot of washing up. Next I had to drop my friend’s gift round to him, stopping for a cup of tea before heading off to get a new tyre. I’d driven over a screw on Friday and had to drive to Oxford this Sunday so needed to make sure my car was up for the trip!