daddy and hunter 2
a podcast from the brain of a five year old

Hunter & Daddy: Silly Time was conceived by Hunter not long before his sixth birthday.

He would often join daddy in his studio/office and always loved to talk into the microphone, doing silly voices, playing with sound effects, telling jokes and pretending he was on the news. 

One day Daddy said “shall we record this?” And the result is this podcast.


Al "Bear" Galpin has been a podcaster since 2007, and a Dad since 2018.


Hunter "Hunny Bear" Galpin is making his podcasting debut alongside his daddy.


Here is our most recent episode; you can find our episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Google and wherever else you might get your podcasts.



Hunter & Daddy: Silly Time is a Bear Cave Studios Production. 

Written and Presented by Al Galpin & Hunter Galpin.


Podcast Art based on vector by Freepik.

Music by Pixabay.

Sound Effects from Zapsplat.

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