The Fake News Podcast

A podcast taking a light hearted approach to fact checking unbelievable news stories and memes being shared online. We tell you what’s true, what’s bull and we have a little fun along the way.

And yes, we know, it is a stupid name. But then so is Tokyo Sexwale.

Check out the most recent episode:

Meet your Secretary of State for Nonsense...

Taking up hosting duties for the Ministry of Swooping is Al “Bear” Galpin, the self-appointed Secretary of State for Nonsense.

The Under-Secretaries

Joining Al on the podcast are a series of guest co-hosts, including comedian Tiernan Douieb, Singer-Songwriter Matt Lees, Jack & Ada from Totally Unprepared Politics, podcaster Doctor Squee, political commentator Karin Robinson, teacher Lloyd Collins, author Jim Cliff, and Wife Kitty Galpin.

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