Bear Cave 2022 Podcast

THE bear cave

A little podcast about a lot of things

The Bear Cave is a collection of audio creations from the shows creator, Al “Bear” Galpin. It’s an always evolving show with no set topic, style or schedule.

It’s a place for trying things out, whether it’s a tale told as a personal journal, an interview with a guest, or some amateur reporting. There will always be something different, and hopefully entertaining, whenever you step into the Bear Cave.


The podcast was first conceived in mid-2020 as "The Bear Cave and other Podcasts", a "Channel-Hopping Multi-Podcast Experience". It was a unique magazine-style podcast that featured highlights from other podcasts, interviews with podcasters, sketches from fictional podcasts and more. 


Al "Bear" Galpin has been podcasting since 2007, and is the founder of Southampton Podcast Festival. He is also an internationally syndicated radio host, with his cover version based show "SecondHandSongs" being broadcast on over 50 stations in 9 different countries.


Here is our most recent episode, which is hosted on You can also find our episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Google and wherever you get your podcasts.



The Bear Cave is a Bear Cave Studios Production. 

Written and Presented by Al Galpin.

Music (Eps 5+) by Silverman Sound (CC BY 4.0) and Pixabay.

Sound Effects from Zapsplat.

Theme Music (Eps 1-4) “One Shot” by HookSounds.

Dead Piett Society theme by Anamanaguchi (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).

Ministry of Swooping Theme, “News Logo Intro” by Fabio Music (AudioJungle)

Sucking Eggs Theme performed by Richard Johnson 

Other Music (Eps 1-4) by Adam Vitovsky (CC BY 3.0)